2 New World New Guy (CH2)

On Planet Earth March 20th year 736 There is a small cabin hidden within the forest usually within the forest it is usually quiet but today all you can hear is the sound of the crying of a newborn baby)

(Within this small cabin there are 3 people. A woman who is tired and happy that the pain was finally over from giving birth. She had long red hair reaching down to her shoulder. She has bright yellow eyes and she is holding her newborn baby boy. A lean guy standing at 6' 2'' he has 2 thick Caterpillar eyebrows and short black hair which always just stays as a bowl cut no matter how much he cuts it or jells it up it will always return to its natural state. The couple was happy they had a healthy baby boy but they didn't pick a name yet so they started naming off random names

"Um how about Jake for his name?" asks Gus

"Hmmm no not good enough," says Mari

"How about something that strikes fear into anyone that hears it... How about Jiren...?"

" -_- Why would we want to call him that? Strike fear into anyone that hears it? That is the weirdest sounding name I have ever heard"

AN: (Wait till the vegetables arrive to conquer this planet)

"OK how about we use our initials to try and figure out a name? M for might and G for Guy. Might Guy"

"Strangely that is probably the best name you have suggested so far so yeah let's name him Might Guy"

"I am so happy I am going to call my master and tell him the good news," says the excited Gus

"Ok Gus doesn't take too long"

As Gus goes to call his master you can see Mari with the biggest and warmest smile on her face staring at her beautiful baby boy he was an average size baby he had little black spiky hair unlike his father his eye color was yellow the only weird thing about her baby boy was his eyebrows were a little bigger than expected. As she still looks at her son she slowly grows tired and falls asleep

(POV Change)

As Gus dials on the phone to call his master

"Hello? Who is this?"

"Master Roshi it's me"


"Come on Master... you know me... Your 3rd and last disciple... I have a bowl cut."

"Oh hey, Gus how's it going?"

"Pretty good my wife just gave birth and I am now a dad to a healthy baby boy." Says the excited Dad

"Congratulations by the way who does the boy take after?"

'I pray to kami that his son doesn't have his father's bowl cut... or his caterpillar eyebrows..' thinks the hopeful Roshi

"Basically he has my hair color and he has my wife's eyes"

"Oh, that's good... Quick question does he have a bowl cut like you? Or bigger eyebrows?"

"No, but he has spiky black hair and yes he got the bigger eyebrows from me"

"That's good well go back to your wife. I need to go back to training I got this new exercise video which should help me out with my training" Said the very excited Roshi

"Ok bye Master"

Pov change

You can see Gus walking back to check up on his wife and his newborn. He walks into the room and sees his beautiful wife holding there baby while they are both sleeping. He walks up close and kisses both of their heads and gets in the bed with them both to rest as he also goes to bed and gets ready to spend the next day with his new son

(10-year time skip)

AN: Yes that just happened

On a small sandy island in the middle of the ocean, you see a house with the words Kame on it and inside the house, you see a skinny 10-year-old boy with black spiky hair and black Caterpillar like eyebrows. Laying on the sand taking a nap until he slowly opens his eyes and he is looking up towards the sky. That boy is none other than Might Guy

'Whoa, how did I get here? I remember talking to that Batman God and now I'm here... WAIT this must be Dragon Ball?' thinks Guy as he looks around the island

As Guy looks around the island he sees the Kame house and for some reason, he feels like he has lived there his whole life. He slowly walks to the door looks at it. Then he slowly opens it and enters.

"Hey is anyone home?" Says the confused Guy

"Hoo...Hehe haha"

Guy slowly walks into the living room and sees an old man wearing sunglasses watching a workout video laughing while working out.

'Wait... I think I know him..'

Guy gets a sudden influx of memories and now he remembers this is his grandpa Roshi

"Hey Grandpa Roshi"


screamed Roshi as he was so into his workout videos he didn't notice Guy standing right behind him

"Guy doesn't sneak up on me like that!. Do you need anything?"

"Yeah, I want you to train me so I can become strong!" Said the passionate Guy


"Guy is everything OK? I have never seen you so passionate before about training?"

"YES I am fine.! I just want you to train me so I can become stronger."

"Guy... The Turtle Hermit training regime is so intense. You couldn't handle it at your current level of strength. Besides, you haven't trained a day in your life If you want me to train you in the turtle hermit ways... You need to build your foundation first so you can actually do the training"

"I see... How long do you think It will take me to get my foundations enough to do the training?"

"Well, Guy there are a lot of factors to that considering you never trained a day in your life. But for you, I can make a training plan for you can follow to get your foundations up so I can train you in the turtle hermit ways."

"Thanks, Grandpa," says guy with his signature shiny smile with his thumb up


Roshi takes off his glasses to look at Guy's smile

"Is everything ok Grandpa?"

"Yeah... For a second I thought I saw a little sparkle when you smiled I guess I am just seeing things" Said Roshi as he puts his glasses back on

"Well I will go make your schedule Plan now"

Roshi gets up and heads towards his kitchen to get a sheet of paper and a pen and walks back to the living room to start writing up Guy's training

"There Guy I made this plan to let your body foundations get stronger so later on, I can fully teach you the turtle hermit style which should give you the most benefits. As long as you follow through it and don't worry about the food I will make specific food to help your body get more nutrition to compensation all the training you will be doing Guy"

5:00 Am to 5:15 Am: 15 minutes of stretching/breathing exercises (Improve flexibility of the body and calm the mind)

5:45 Am to 7:00 Am: Light Jog around the Island (to improve your endurance for future training)

7:00 Am to 7:15: Breakfast(To eat good food)

7:30 Am to 12:00 Am: Open Training (To improve your overall physical capacities)

12:15 Pm to 1:00 Pm: Lunch(To eat good food)

1:00 Pm to 2:00 Pm: Nap Time(To relax the mind and body)

2:15 Pm: to 5:00: Open Training (To Improve your overall physical capacities)

5:00 Pm: to 5:45 Pm: Dinner(To eat good food)

5:45 Pm: to 6:15 Pm: Rest(To rest the body for the upcoming spar with the turtle hermit)

6:15 Pm to 7:00: Sparring(To improve your battle experience/Reflexes and technique)

"Thanks, Grandpa for helping me," Says the very happy Guy

"Since this will be new for you I will help you for the first day but after that, it is all up to you Guy."

"Got it and when can we start?"

"We will start first thing tomorrow and Guy we will be moving to another island so we can do all your training effectively OK. Now go get some rest you will need it cause the first day is always the worse one."

Time Skip to next morning

"Guy before we begin your foundation training there is something important you must know if you want me to train you."

"What is it, Grandpa?"

"We do not learn martial arts to pick fights or to impress girls who would say

"Oh beefcakes your so strong I want you much," Says Roshi in his girly voice

We must learn the art of peace and war and basically, We learn how to fight so we don't have too. We strive to maintain peace in the universe"

"You will also need a self, Rule Guy. If someone threatens you or any of the good innocent people it is your duty to defend." Says Roshi as he punches out to emphasis on to protect those who you care for.

"OK, Grandpa."

"Ok now let's get started with your foundation training. Are you ready Guy?"

"I was born Ready"

"Ok now try and do the stretches I am about to show you, OK Guy."

"Got it"

Roshi shows Guy all of the stretching techniques he will need to use and tells Guy

"Guy the reason why we have stretching as one of your first foundation training is that this is your first time training so we do these stretches to make the chances of your body getting injured during training less likely for any fighter you need to be decently flexible to dodge/ fight well."

"I understand Grandpa"

Guy does all the stretches he has for 10 minutes

"Ok Guy now for the breathing exercises these are to help you with some of your training."

Roshi shows Guy how to do some of the breathing exercises

5 Minutes later of doing some of these breathing exercises

"I think I get it, Grandpa"

Guy can feel the air slowly enter his lungs and then leave. Over the 5 minutes, he notices he has become calmer and more focused on the task at hand

"Ok that's good now onto the jog Follow me, Guy"

Roshi jogs ahead and Guy follows after 15 minutes of jogging Guy starts to get a little tired. Soon another 15 minutes pass and Guy is starting to slowly lose speed and after it hit the 60-minute point Guy couldn't jog anymore

"OK Guy time for breakfast"

"(pant) Ok...(pant) Grandpa"

After a nice and healthy meal Guy goes to Roshi to ask him how will he do the next exercise

"Hey, Grandpa for the open training what should I do?"

"Guy just do all the basic exercises repeatedly like push-ups, Squats, Situps, Punch and Kick the tree and some jump rope"

"Got it"

Guy starts to do the push-ups but as soon as he barely got passed 20 he could barely do anymore

"21.... If I can't do 50 push-ups then it is 100 squats"

"22... Ah"

Guy falls down onto the ground but slowly gets up to do his 100 squats

"33... 34...35"

' If I can't do 100 squats then it is 100 sit-ups"

Guy continues to train throughout the whole 4 hours and 30 minutes. It was unknown to Guy but Roshi was watching him the whole time and to say Roshi was shocked was an understatement he couldn't believe why his grandson was so motivated to get stronger. By the time Guy finished training for the 4 hours and 30 minutes Roshi walked towards him and asked

"Hey, Guy can you walk back to the house?"

"Yeah... I can"

As they both slowly walk back to the house Roshi starts making the big lunch for Guy

"Ok Guy time for the most important part of your training. Are you ready?


"Ok time for the Nap"

As time passes the nap slowly ends then began Guy's 2nd Open training/mini-lesson on marital arts beings and the part where we have all been waiting for the dinner... then the sparring.

"Ok Guy for your first sparring lets see if you can hit me. Are you ready?"

"Yes I am grandpa"

"Ok come at me whenever you want," Said the nonchalantly Roshi

*As our Hero Might guy starts his Journey to become the Strongest Human Alive how will he fair against the Turtle Hermit. Find out next time on Reborn Might Guy*

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