10 The Next Tourney

After that intense fight between Guy vs Krillin and Yamcha. They all rested for a few days and continued their training. Krillin and Yamcha saw they couldn't beat Guy even together so they trained even harder. While Krillin and Yamcha were more motivated to train harder. Roshi and Guy continued their own training.

Like that over 2 years pass and Guy was able to master the first level of the first gate and was close to mastering the 2nd level to open the full first gate. Now everyone was getting ready for the tournament coming up. Yamcha and Krillin became much stronger after getting motivated after basically losing to Guy when it was 2 on 1. Roshi trained more too to not fall behind his students and grandson.

Over these 2 years, Guy has spent most of this time on mastering his new 8 inner gates formation. Over the first few months of testing it out. He realized the 8 inner gates formation is much stronger than before and much harder to achieve. He realized each gate in his body actually has 2 openings to fully open the gate. When he was in the last tournament he used the first gate.While It did give him a 5 times boost. His body couldn't handle the strain of a 5 times boost to it yet for long.

But he could feel the gate wasn't fully opened. It turns out when Batman God gave him the 8 inner gates he buffed it up. Each gate has 2 levels to fully open a gate. The unmastered level in which the user can open the gate to gain a temporary boost while suffering a severe loss of stamina and damage to the body. While the 2nd level to the gate means the mastered level and where the body is strong enough to handle the gate and its power with less stamina loss and muscle damage. But the 2nd level to the gate can only be achieved when The user has full control over the boost in energy the gates give him.

AN: For those of you that don't wanna read that crap. Basically, the 8 gates have 2 levels for each gate unmastered and mastered. When his body reaches the level to use a gate he can open both levels but as I said up there it will have major stamina loss unless he is able to control the energy and deal with the damage it will do to his body. For example, look at ssj3 for Goku during the Buu saga. He could only hold that form for a few minutes because of the massive stamina loss and lack of control over the form.

Roshi asked his 3 students

"Ok, are you all ready for the tournament?"

They all shouted out


Roshi looks towards all of his students and has seen how they all grown. Guy is now 15 showing some muscle on his figure. Krillin shows a slight height increase with more confidence than before. Yamcha now is rocking a mullet down to his shoulder blades and has some scruffy facial hair.

"Ok everyone time to head to the tournament. I wish you all luck and hope you do your best and remember to never give up!"

Like that they all head towards Roshi's boat and head off towards the tournament. They enjoyed the few hour boat ride just relaxing talking a little bit. Then they arrive at the tournament registration 10 minutes before the deadline closes.

"Wow, we just barely made it but wait where is Goku?"

Krillin asked everyone

Like that everyone began looked around looking for Goku but they couldn't see him. Time started to slowly past until only a minute is left. But in the distance, you can see someone running towards them. The person running towards them had spiky star-shaped black hair, Was wearing animal fur as a robe, and had a monkey tail.

"Goku!! What are you wearing..?"

Krillin asked with some confusion

"Oh, these? My old clothes got ripped so I made some new ones"

"Ok but quick Goku you gotta register"

"Wait it's ok I already did it for Goku"

Roshi says with a thumbs up

*Flashback till then*

Roshi walks up to the registration desk when he saw Goku coming over. He tells them to register Him and Goku

*Flashback end*

It is the day of the tournament Guy, Goku, Yamcha, and Krillin are walking together to the tournament ready to win. Behind them are Roshi, Bulma, Oolong, and Puar

"Goodluck Guys you can do it!"

Screamed Bulma to all 4 of them

They all gave Bulma a thumbs up and kept on walking to the tourney and like with all eyes on them walking away. Roshi then sneaks off to go get changed into his Jackie Chan uniform


Over time everyone drew their lot and began all the fights. The referee called out 2 numbers and Guy and a mysterious man entered the stage. The mysterious man's name was John Ceno he was a well-built man who had short light brown hair and standing at a solid 6 feet.

"The fighters ready? BEGIN!"

As soon as the referee said that John ceno waved his hand in front of his face and said

"You can't see me!"

Then the next thing you know John Ceno vanished into thin air and no one knew what happened. After a few awkward seconds of silence, the referee said Might Guy was the winner and moved onto the next round.

Like that the premieres are done and go on to the Quarterfinals with the 8 people who made it to the finals

Tien: A tall teenager he had some muscle on him. His most defining feature wasn't his height or his 3 eyes but his shiny bald head that just shows off the brightness of his future.

Yamcha: a lean older teenager had some muscle. Is rocking a nice mullet with some scruffy facial hair

Jackie Chan: A old man but possibly one of the strongest contestants here.

Nam: A older man who is starting to understand the way of the buddha and how to be stronger with the buddha

Might Guy: The Main character of this story who has the power of youth and plot on his side

Krillin: A short bald kid with no nose and 6 dots on his forehead

Goku: The former main character of dragon ball

Sherlock: A Robert Downey jr look alike here to fight in the tournament to get more clues to a case he is investigating about the murder of someone.


Yamcha and Sherlock both walk onto the stage. Yamcha is a little cautious because he has never seen him before but he still feels confident in winning. While Sherlock is just there enjoying the views relaxing before the big fight.


As soon as the match started Sherlock started slowly walking to Yamcha while clapping as if he is listening to a good song. Yamcha gets annoyed and throws a punch to his face. Sherlock easily dodges it and slaps his face.

Yamcha is annoyed he got slapped and asked

"HEY, why did you slap me?"

Sherlock just gave a simple response

"Well, I heard you lost because you got slapped by a tail so why not lose to getting slapped by my hand instead?"

It was at this moment Yamcha never felt this much anger in his life. He charged at him like a crazed beast. He Throws a barrage of fast punches but Sherlock dodges them all while slapping his fists away or slapping his face and neck. Yamcha goes and throws a hard kick to Sherlock's side but Sherlock just stepped forwards and punched Yamcha in his solar plexus. Yamcha is paralyzed for a second. But that second is all Sherlock needed to Sparta kicked him out of the ring


Yamcha gets up while holding his gut. He's holding his head down in shame.

' It's just like the last tournament... instead of being humiliated I lost because I was too rash...'

While Yamcha was self-loathing Sherlock came up to him and just said some words that would change his life forever.

"Yamcha you are a great fighter you have potential but you are too rash. You need to always need to keep a clear head. Yes, anger is a great tool to use as long as you use it and not the other way around. Try again next tournament and I hope you are able to make it farther the next time"

Yamcha was surprised and happy. He even forgot how he lost the fight within a minute. Now all that is left in Yamcha is just a flame of determination to get stronger and become better

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