9 The Power of Youth


"Godspeed? Why do you want to call it that Guy?"

"Just like the name to it"

"Well OK then, Well Guy just remember this technique you are about to learn. I tried to use it a long time ago what happened was my body was too old to handle it and I was bedridden for 2 weeks because of the damage it did to my body. But I can help you use it and perfect it as long as you listen to me OK guy. This is a very dangerous technique because although our energy type is lightning it can still hurt us"

"So like a double edge sword?"

"Yes Guy but only if you don't learn control"

"Ok Grandpa"

"Well Guy lets go back and we will begin tomorrow ok?"


Guy and Roshi came back to see Krillin and Yamcha relaxing on the island and they all had a nice meal together. Then like that the next day came and Roshi brought out the boat and sailed to the island for Yamcha and Krillin's' training. Then Roshi told Krillin to make Yamcha do the same training as he did but with a lighter turtle shell to start off with. Finally, Guy and Roshi go back to the island they went too before although it was a little windier today than yesterday.

"Ok Guy to start our training I want you to meditate to clear your head first"

"Got it"

Guy sits down and begins to meditate to clear his mind after a little while he opens his eyes and says

"I'm Ready"

He said with much resolve

"Now Guy I want you just to let out your electric ki. Try and feel it within your body and let it out"

Like that Guy started to focus on the energy within his body it wasn't much but he can feel the energy within his body he couldn't control it well enough yet but with enough time he will get the hang of it.

While Guy was meditating every day for a few hours Time passed quickly for our warrior and Just like that 3 months have passed since Guy started his electric ki control training. Now he has almost perfect energy control

"Ok, Grandpa I have full control over my energy now. What do I do now?"

"Ok Guy now stand up and close your eyes. Now follow my instructions if you want to use this technique correctly"

*Warning epic teaching moment speech coming in*

"Listen to me Guy, breath. Breath... Feel the air.

Feel that wind on your face. Feel the ground.

Your youth lifting you up, pushing you forward,

and lightning. Guy, feel the lightning.

Feel its power. Its energy pumping through your veins. Crackling through you...

traveling to every nerve in your body like a Shock. You're no longer you now.

You're part of something greater. You're part of the turtle hermit school. It's yours. Now do it"


Guy said to himself as he focuses all of his lightning ki in his body to spreading it out to every nerve in his body, To go into his new transformation. His spiky black hair gets a little spikier, He opens his eyes and His yellow eyes get brighter as you can see little streaks of lightning in his eyes. Then all over his body, you can see little sparks of yellow lightning go all over his body.

"Now Run Guy RUN!!"

Like that Guy took off in a flash. He started running around the island. To Roshi, it just looked like his fast grandson. But to every regular person, it would look like a yellow flash. Unknown to Guy and Roshi today is the birth of the Yellow flash.

"Ok Guy that's enough come back"

Guy zoomed right back to where Roshi was standing with little yellow lightning going around his body

"So Guy how does it feel? Your godspeed?"

"Really good when I used this technique I could think a lot faster and my speed and reflexes got a big boost"

"That's good Guy and remember the power you are using for GodSpeed right now is just the tip of the iceberg. This technique is just like You guy. Endless potential to grow."

Like that Guy exits out of his GodSpeed mode pretty tired taking deep breaths.

"Oh yeah, and with your current energy, you can only keep that from activating for hmmm 45 seconds when you're at your peak. So If you do use it Guy end the fight fast. But don't worry Guy as you get stronger and with more energy control you can make the form last much longer. Maybe even to a point, you can keep it on 24/7. Who knows."

As time passes of Guy getting used to his new transformation and understanding his limits. Guy and Roshi soon go back to the house to have a nice dinner with Krillin and Yamcha. After they all go to bed and Guy gets back into the regular training again. For the past 3 months, he has been doing mostly ki control exercises and light workouts to stay in fighting shape.

Another 3 months past and Roshi did something unexpected

"Krillin, Guy, and Yamcha. Today we are not doing the regular training we are going to have a sparring match and to make it more interesting. I will mix up the matches to make it more (Fair)"

"Ok First Match Yamcha and Krillin Vs Guy"


Krillin screamed

"Master, how is that fair to Guy?"

Roshi shook his head left to right

"It's not supposed to be. Today's training will be 2 on 1 fights to let you learn what it feels like facing more than one opponent because there will be a time where you have to fight multiple opponents and you need to learn to adapt to it."

"So I will have to fight Guy and Yamcha...?"

Krillin says completely in shock

Roshi shakes his head up and down

"Most likely Krillin. But for now, let's just see how these matches go first. Remember this is just sparring but I want you to give it your all"

Guy faces Krillin and Yamcha getting into his fighting stance. While Yamcha and Krillin are getting into their stance while standing next to each other side and side. You can hear Krillin whispering to Yamcha.

"Hey, Yamcha Guy is pretty strong. So we gotta use teamwork if we want to beat him."

"Are you sure Krillin? We have gotten much stronger since last time I think we can beat him by ourselves"

Yamcha said with some confidence.

"Yamcha Guy made it to the finals we couldn't even get past the quarter-finals. We need to be a team for this. This is my plan you charge in first and I'll run behind you to provide support and launch attacks when Guy doesn't expect it. If he knows our plan. I will just charge with you and we can take him on together"

"Hmm fine But this better work."

Roshi sees Yamcha and Krillin are done preparing and taking off the turtle shells. But Roshi sees Guy doesn't take off his weights at all but gets ready for the fight

Roshi finally says

"Alright let the match begin"

Yamcha charges towards Guy with Krillin behind him. Yamcha shouts


Yamcha throws countless claw palm attacks most of them get dodged or block by Guy but some land and Yamcha does a roundhouse kick on Guy's left side which he blocks but he counters by throwing a quick punch to Yamcha Gut who backs away. Then Krillin jumps in front of Guy and throws a barrage of attacks which guy mostly blocks but still gets hit.

Like that it became a cycle of Krillin and Yamcha Throwing countless attacks at guy giving him no time to breathe and the injuries started piling up. Although the injuries on Guy weren't small Yamcha and Krillin had it much worse they were exhausted after continuously attacking Guy with no breaks. It almost looked like they were tied but they were dead wrong when they saw Guy look a little annoyed.

It was starting to annoy Guy so he backed away 5 meters and said

"That's it the weights are coming off"

Guy quickly;y takes off all of his weights he felt 150 pounds lighter started jumping in place then quickly charged towards Yamcha and throws a punch to his gut. But Yamcha blocks it with both his arms and he falls back 2 meters then Guy does a 360 and launches a leaf hurricane towards Krillin who ducks under it but Guy doesn't' stop there and puts his hands to the ground and spins again and launches both of his feet towards Krillin who can only barely block it and goes flying into a tree then slowly falls down.

Guy asked

"You guys give up?"

Krillin and Yamcha both kinda wanted too but they still wanted to fight


They both got up and charged towards Guy together. Yamcha threw a kick to Guy's right side Krillin threw a punch to Guy's face He barely blocked them both. This continued on and on till they both separated 5 meters apart from each other. Guy charges towards them until Krillin says to Yamcha



Krillin jumps 3 feet into the air Yamcha makes a volleyball receive with his hands. Then Krillin lands on Yamcha hands and Yamcha launches Krillin towards Guy. Guy didn't see this coming so he is basically about to get superman punched in the face by Krillin. While Krillin was doing this he shouted towards Guy


Guy while he is about to get hit until he only muttered something even Krillin couldn't understand


Inches before Guy was about to get superman punched. His spiky black hair gets a little spikier and his yellow eyes glowed a little. Then He moves his body in a way Krillin just barely misses him. Krillin will never forget the look Guy gave him a smirk with his glowing yellow eyes with some lightning streaks in them. After that Krillin felt a burning pain in his stomach. Guy threw an uppercut into his gut and Krillin flew into the sky. The wind got knocked out of him and before he crashed landed Guy caught him and put him on the ground gently and deactivated GodSpeed. He shakes Krillin a little and asked

"You ok Krillin?"

Krillin was wheezing for air and said

"Yeah... I give up...."

Roshi was surprised and impressed. He was surprised at how fast Guy activated God speed. But mostly he was impressed with how well each of his students did.

'Yamcha got over his fear of the (Tail) and showed better fighting technique. Krillin showed great intelligence and determination for this fight. Lastly, my monster of a grandson was able to use his godspeed very quickly and was able to handle Yamcha and Krillin although the fight was close before Guy needed to use GodSpeed.'

"Well all of you did great we will take a break for a few days so you can all rest and recover from your injuries"

Guy was happy even though he looked not bad he was actually dead tired. Using godspeed when he was this tired was really taxing on him. After using it he probably wouldn't even last another minute so he had to end it there.

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