14 See You Again

An: "It's been a long day... without you, my friend And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again... We've come a long way from where we began Oh I'll tell you all about it when I see you again...When I see you again...."

Guy and Roshi talked a little more about where Guy should go for the start of his journey. Roshi told him about Korin's tower he can travel too for the beginning of his joinery. After that Guy and Roshi end up going into the hotel relaxing then went to bed. Like that morning came and everyone was up eating breakfast, talking, and having a good time. After everyone ate breakfast and let the food digest everyone got up said their goodbyes before heading off their own way. But before anyone could leave you could hear Goku yell.


Everyone was stunned when Goku yelled until they saw Goku's grin and when he said

"Hey Guy before we all go our separate ways can we spar?"

Guy grinned back and said


Everyone ends up going to the backyard of the hotel and sees it's still empty so they decided to spar here. Roshi stepped out and said

"Ok, this is a friendly spar. The fight will continue until one of you gives up or I decide to end the match."

Guy and Goku nod to that as they both get into their own fighting stance. You could just feel the tension in the air. Goku couldn't help but think

'Wow to think me and Guy have never fought before... This should be fun'

While all Guy could think was

'Wow didn't think Goku wanted to fight me. But I will not lose'

Guy was impressed with Goku's own power of youth so to show Goku respect he decided not to hold back too much. Roshi saw they both were ready and said.

"Fighters ready... BEGIN!"

Guy started out the fight by stomping on the ground hard leaving a decent size imprint in the ground and dashed towards Goku. Goku was ready and dashed towards Guy too. They both clashed but Goku got pushed back from the clash. Guy didn't let up and dashed back to Goku. Then sent a fast punch to Goku's face. Goku blocked it. Then it turned into a flurry of blows mostly Goku blocking Guy's attacks and getting hit a good amount. Guy throws a roadhouse kick and it sends Goku aback 2 meters. Goku had a grin on his face and said

"Wow Guy that was interesting. You are very strong... I guess it is ok If I use my full strength here on out and Guy give me everything you got!"

Goku got into his stance with the power of youth burning through his eyes. Guy couldn't help but laugh in joy while thinking.

'If that is what he wants then that is what Goku's going to get.'

Guy gripped his 2 hands together took a deep breath and muttered


As soon as Guy said that he disappeared from the spot he was at before and appeared behind Goku. Goku just barely noticed Guy was behind him but was too slow to block the punch to his liver he just got. Goku coughs up a lot of spit from that blow. But before he could take a breather Guy spins twice and lands a leaf hurricane on Goku sending him flying back ten meters rolling on the ground. While Goku was trying his best to take in deep breaths and get used to the pain he's in. Roshi raised his hands and said.

"The spar is over Guy wins"

Everyone was still stunned that Guy took down Goku in a few moves when he used God speed. Unknown to everyone even though Goku lost badly. What doesn't kill you just makes you stronger. After a little while, Goku got up and said to Guy

"That was a great fight. Let's fight again sometime."

Guy grinned back and said

"Anytime Goku"

Like all good things, there is an ending. Everyone had one last talk before they all went in their separate ways. Roshi went to Guy and handed him some capsules for food and supplies. He gave guy one last hug and said

"I'll miss you, Guy."

Guy had a sad smile as he hugged back and said

"I'll miss you too Grandpa. But don't worry I will be back for the next tournament!"

Like that Guy went on his own journey to explore the world and get more experiences. Goku also continued his journey. While Yamcha and Krillin went back to Master Roshi's to train some more. Bulma, Puar, and Oolong decided to head back to capsule corp. While Guy was exiting the city he couldn't help but think

'Man... I have been in this world for a few years and it feels nice. I remember in my old world I didn't have an ounce of talent but with the power of youth, I became pretty strong. But thanks to that batman god he gave me a new life and a happy family. I will miss the friends and family of the village hidden in the leaf. But I am happy I get another chance at life and I can just enjoy it.'

Guy leaves the city not even looking back as he heads towards Korin's tower where his grandpa said to go to. He couldn't wait to see what awaits him in the future.

*Timeskip to Guy reaching near Korin tower*

Guy looks up to the Korin tower and couldn't help but say


Guy has never seen a tower this big before. So He couldn't help but just stare at it for a good few seconds. After him looking at it he shook his head and got ready to climb the tower. He took out the capsule with some of his supplies. He clicked the capsule and threw it


A big puff of smoke appeared where Guy threw the capsule. When the smoke cleared he saw containers packed with food, Changes of clothes, and some of his weights for his training. Guy takes a quick meal break and opens up 2 of the containers and digs in. After the good light meal Guy stretches and gets ready to climb the tower. Before he climbs it he decides to put his weights back on put increase the weight a little. He put on 15-pound arm wrist bands for each wrist. Then the 30-pound leg weights. Finally, a light 10-pound shirt that goes under his Gi. Guy could feel the weight that was kind of heavy to him but got used to it as he started climbing. At first, it was difficult for him but he got used to it eventually and kept on climbing. It took him a little over 2 days to reach the top of Korin's tower. As soon Guy reaches the entrance to the tower he immediately fell over taking deep breaths and couldn't help but say to himself.

"That was harder… Then I thought… But now I am here"

Guy takes a few more minutes catching his breath and got up. He slowly walked up the stairs and what greeted him just left him surprised. He saw a small white kitty standing on his 2 small legs. While holding a wooden staff. Before Guy could say anything he heard the small white cat said

"Why do you want more strength?"

Guy really thought long and hard about this and looked at the small white cat and said

"I want to protect the people I love and care about…. I want more strength to make sure I am able to protect something so precious enough that I would give my life for."

While Guy was letting out his soul for this answer the cat just said

"Yeah alright alright easy on the speech ok you're hard on the ears"

Guy looked a little annoyed and couldn't help but saying

"Don't talk? But you asked me too."

The cat didn't care and said

"Just lock your jaw for a minute would ya."

After that, it was ten seconds of awkward silence of the cat and Guy staring at each other. Until the cat said

"Ok, so your grandpa Roshi told you to come here first. For the beginning of your journey around the world to get stronger. Is that the gist of it?"

Guy was completely surprised but still said

"Yeah... WAIT how did you know all that when I didn't even say anything about it"

The cat looked at Guy and said

"I Read minds but don't worry kid I didn't read too much. Plus pure-hearted souls like you... It's like looking through glass."

Guy nodded like he understood everything and said

"Ok and who are you?"

The cat just nodded and said

"I am the guardian of this tower. You can just call me Korin. So Guy all you have to do for your training is take a drink from that water jug over there"

Korin motioned by pointing at the stand holding the water jug. But Guy was confused but still asked

"So all I have to do is take a drink from that water jug and that's it?"

Korin just nodded and said

"You are free to drink. Enjoy"

Guy walked to the water jug. He grabs it and is about to take a sip from it. But he gets hit in the gut and goes flying back without the water jug in his hand. Guy was confused when he saw the water jug still on the stand and was even more confused when Korin said

"You are free to drink.. Have a sip of the refreshing water."

Guy was more cautious this time and when he was within 3 feet of the water jug he got hit again. But this time he barely blocked it and still went flying back. Guy was a little mad but Korin said with a more serious tone.

"You are free to drink"

Guy yelled back

"AM I?"

Korin yelled back


Korin spins his staff around a few times and gets into his fighting stance. Guy cracked his hands twice and gets into his fighting stance.

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