Pillow of Hearts: A tale between the warm hug and cold coffee
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Pillow of Hearts: A tale between the warm hug and cold coffee


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What is Pillow of Hearts: A tale between the warm hug and cold coffee

Read Pillow of Hearts: A tale between the warm hug and cold coffee novel written by the author vjey on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is LGBT+ stories, covering r18, weaktostrong, bl, sliceoflife, possessive. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Moon Young Jae’s homophobic family considered him a disgrace and held his freedom in their clutch. Even with being obedient, he was not free from their abuse. Young Jae was almost blinded and crippled by his father when he stood up for himself for the first time. Left to bleed and die, luckily, he did have a family who wanted to save him. It was twin cousins, who were disowned long before him, who saved him. Sad and hopeless, Young Jae became curious when he met his cousins’ friend, who understood him better than anyone, even without words. Curiosity got the best of him, and he ended by handing his heart, love and soul over a plater as a price. Slowly, Young Jae fell in love with everything about and around Min Jun and eventually fell for the man. Calculative Wang Min Jun entered Young Jae’s life accidentally. He challenged Young Jae's belief with a warm smile and flipped Young Jae’s world upside down. Min Jun read Young Jae like an open book. He planned to get over the little crush he had on his seniors' cousin brother but failed miserably. Min Jun did not like the often-visited ‘frown’ between those beautiful eyebrows and even the always singing of ‘sigh’ through those sinful lips. Min Jun made it his mission to change it only to fall for everything about Young Jae. Wang Min Jun carried his share of baggage, but he was well-prepared to meet the demons from the past head-on. But Young Jae became a mess whenever his past demons decided to pay a visit. He realised he did not have to face anything alone as he has a wonderful boyfriend who cherishes everything about him. Both faced their past demons and trauma together. When a person betrayed by a family fell in love with a person who holds his family above everything, sparks flew, and hearts soared in happiness. Will their story has a harmonious bell, or would it be a sea of misery? Teaser: Files were shattered all over Min Jun’s bed, and his laptop was placed on the bedside table. It chimed once in a while, indicating a new email for him to check. The work was piling more and more as he was diligently finishing it. Young Jae walked into his boyfriend’s bedroom to witness his handsome lover working hard. "Jun Jun! Are you busy?" Even though Young Jae did not want to disturb his lover, he knew he needed some help to impress his boss. "Never for you, love. Tell you what you need?" Min Jun did not lift his head from the file he was going through, but the warmth in his voice reached Young Jae's heart without fail. "Do you have a minute to help me in reviewing my monthly internship report? I have to present to our boss tomorrow morning." Young Jae pouted as he asked. Min Ju looked at his adorable tokki and smiled mischievously. "You are brave, asking your superior to help you sneakily. I can't do it for free. I need a huge bribe to help you. What are you planning to offer?" "Be serious. You have too much work to do." Young Jae chided his shameless boyfriend, who never failed to seize every opportunity to make him moan and groan as he takes him to the pleasurable heaven. "Exactly. I have too much work to do. If I am taking my time to help you, I need something in return. Something so tempting that I don’t mind cramping lots of things later." Min Jun smiled like a devil he was as he grabbed Young Jae towards him. The little rabbit who fell into the cunning wolf's lap did not even get a chance to protest as he was devoured breathlessly. Young Jae forgot why he entered the wolf's lair altogether. Min Jun pushed the files away to make space for his little rabbit to lay down comfortably. Young Jae’s report was long forgotten as a treacherous hand started to caress him again under the shirt as a sinful sound filled the room. P.s: The cover belongs to the rightful owner, and it will be removed if the original owner asks to do so. WARNING: THIS IS A GAY LOVE STORY WITH BDSM. IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH IT, SPARE THE NOVEL. Discord: https://discord.gg/jSQxjwPV5s

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This story is really slow paced but i still really enjoyed reading it. Im currently caught up and I am basically fiending for new chapters to come out in abundance. This is such a deep and well written story that it makes me want to dive into the world, the background is superb and the world building is another level; the characters are also all the perfect amount of lovable and enjoyable to read about. I one hundred percent recommend reading this book and having a little bit of patience because its all worth it.


The character arches in this is fantastic - everyone is flawed, they recognise it and are working through their issues. Not shying away from deep, difficult issues makes this very much worth the read. Also the ML's doting and completely unconditional love is so satisfying, even if I do want to smack him sometimes for being too thoughtful towards the MC, assuming what he wants v. asking directly. 10/10 would recommend! Ha ha ha


This novel is good. The storyline is interesting right from the start. The first chapter is already so intense. I can feel the drama and the angsty feeling. The writing is not very majestic but it's on point. Good job, author-nim! 😊😊[img=recommend]


At chapter 143. I'm writing the second review. The author's writing quality has improved to a great extent. Literally craving for more chapters. There's appropriate amount of fluff, warmth, family love, difficulties, suspense. I don't even know how the story has progressed till now. Everything just seems like a movie. You really won't regret reading this book. Happy reading 💓😊


Love how honest and straightforward the ML is about his feelings for the MC! Can't wait for them to interact more and to find out what happens next! 🥰


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im dyingggggggggg, its a cliffy and my fast passes decide they have had enough and decide to get overrrr!!!! arggghhhh, this book is sooo gooood, that ill kneel over n die if the whole boook was unlocked, im actually shook by my perseverence to actually read limited number of chapters for a single book, if it was any other book i would have just dropped it but this..


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