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I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World

After the nuclear war, ruins stretch across the landscape in the apocalypse. If you accidentally survived on the wasteland, then you must be ready to face the endless hunger, ceaseless dangers, the mad zombies at night, and the peculiar mutant creatures that are the aftermath of constant radiation. But for Jiang Chen, this place is heaven. Mansions standing tall, luxurious cars parked on the street, high tech products and gold abandoned everywhere. What? You were the president of a game development company before the war? You were responsible for the development of the 3D virtual reality online multiplayer game? Well, that’s great, why don’t you come work for me. Your salary is two pieces of bread a day. iPhone? Ultra thin design? Don’t you see that the phone I invented is thinner than a condom? Aircraft carrier? Fighter jets? Oh, I have those things as well, but they are designed for space combat. Watch the story of Jiang Chen, who possesses the ability to travel through space and time, as he witnesses the creation of an empire stretched across space and time...

Morning Star LL · Sci-fi
1609 Chs

NEET Receives a Dating Sim System

A 30-year-old Chinese NEET is reincarnated into the body of an otaku that choked to death on instant noodles. As he comes to grips with his new life, he realizes that this world is subtly different from Earth. The denizens of this world are far better looking, and this new world also possesses futuristic technology as well as mysterious Yin Yang masters! After reincarnating, he realized that he was endowed with a miraculous game-like system, which enables him to increase his own stats and transcend the limits of the human body. This system even has a game-breaking ability to save and load in real life! In this new world that’s akin to a 2-D game, he just wants to enjoy life and head for a glorious future... However, he is quickly embroiled in a complex plot. Can he unlock his true potential and utilize his system to break the shackles that confine him and discover the truth about his previous body’s circumstances? Note: This novel have an open ending with multiple possibilities, all fans are welcome to imagine an ending together.

Idle Fish Goes Ashore · Urban
842 Chs

Crazy Duke and Fallen Queen

She's the Queen who lost a war. And he's the man who won. * COMPLETED * Theodora is the Queen of Polis, a city-state that lost the war against the most powerful empire in the continent. She is sure that they'll execute her immediately but, somehow, she survives the meeting with the Emperor, and she finds herself... Married? Tossed in a new world without connections and allies, she has to either accept her fate or lose the chance to help her people once again. She soon finds out that her new husband knows more about her than she does herself, and that his purposes are often far from what she expects. A fallen queen that doesn't know how to be anything else. A handsome Duke who's the cause of her ruin. And their efforts to find some happiness in a marriage that's been forced on them. WARNING: there are contents not suitable for a sensitive audience. The smut scenes are half-censored at the beginning, but the amount and details will increase after a few dozen chapters (according to the Queen's mood .-. ) *** «I'm sorry for lying to you, your grace...» «You're a Duchess. No one will dare to consider your words a lie: if you say that you were painting souls, then it's the truth.» «I will remember it.» «No, you have to understand it, Theodora. You're not a prisoner, but my wife. I'll protect you when you need it, and I'll help you with any issue you have. You're not just a Duchess in the name. You're my Duchess.» «It's hard to believe in such a short amount of time.» «For now, stop shaking like a chicken. I won't hurt you.» *** Cover from Vatarison.art You can chat with me on discord: bit.ly/discordxiaohai Instagram: xiaohai_23 Facebook: Xiao Hai or Xiaohai_23 (FB page) Ko-fi: ko-fi.com/xiaohai_23 (you'll find my short stories here) My other stories on Webnovel: * The Cursed Tyrant and His Reluctant Queen (historical and fantasy romance, ongoing) * Destined: the Vampire's Soulmate (fantasy romance, completed, ~150 chapters expected) * Unexpected Gift (sci-fi romance, ongoing, free to read, 1k chapters expected)

xiaohai_23 · History
364 Chs

Pillow of Hearts: A tale between the warm hug and cold coffee

Moon Young Jae’s homophobic family considered him a disgrace and held his freedom in their clutch. Even with being obedient, he was not free from their abuse. Young Jae was almost blinded and crippled by his father when he stood up for himself for the first time. Left to bleed and die, luckily, he did have a family who wanted to save him. It was twin cousins, who were disowned long before him, who saved him. Sad and hopeless, Young Jae became curious when he met his cousins’ friend, who understood him better than anyone, even without words. Curiosity got the best of him, and he ended by handing his heart, love and soul over a plater as a price. Slowly, Young Jae fell in love with everything about and around Min Jun and eventually fell for the man. Calculative Wang Min Jun entered Young Jae’s life accidentally. He challenged Young Jae's belief with a warm smile and flipped Young Jae’s world upside down. Min Jun read Young Jae like an open book. He planned to get over the little crush he had on his seniors' cousin brother but failed miserably. Min Jun did not like the often-visited ‘frown’ between those beautiful eyebrows and even the always singing of ‘sigh’ through those sinful lips. Min Jun made it his mission to change it only to fall for everything about Young Jae. Wang Min Jun carried his share of baggage, but he was well-prepared to meet the demons from the past head-on. But Young Jae became a mess whenever his past demons decided to pay a visit. He realised he did not have to face anything alone as he has a wonderful boyfriend who cherishes everything about him. Both faced their past demons and trauma together. When a person betrayed by a family fell in love with a person who holds his family above everything, sparks flew, and hearts soared in happiness. Will their story has a harmonious bell, or would it be a sea of misery? Teaser: Files were shattered all over Min Jun’s bed, and his laptop was placed on the bedside table. It chimed once in a while, indicating a new email for him to check. The work was piling more and more as he was diligently finishing it. Young Jae walked into his boyfriend’s bedroom to witness his handsome lover working hard. "Jun Jun! Are you busy?" Even though Young Jae did not want to disturb his lover, he knew he needed some help to impress his boss. "Never for you, love. Tell you what you need?" Min Jun did not lift his head from the file he was going through, but the warmth in his voice reached Young Jae's heart without fail. "Do you have a minute to help me in reviewing my monthly internship report? I have to present to our boss tomorrow morning." Young Jae pouted as he asked. Min Ju looked at his adorable tokki and smiled mischievously. "You are brave, asking your superior to help you sneakily. I can't do it for free. I need a huge bribe to help you. What are you planning to offer?" "Be serious. You have too much work to do." Young Jae chided his shameless boyfriend, who never failed to seize every opportunity to make him moan and groan as he takes him to the pleasurable heaven. "Exactly. I have too much work to do. If I am taking my time to help you, I need something in return. Something so tempting that I don’t mind cramping lots of things later." Min Jun smiled like a devil he was as he grabbed Young Jae towards him. The little rabbit who fell into the cunning wolf's lap did not even get a chance to protest as he was devoured breathlessly. Young Jae forgot why he entered the wolf's lair altogether. Min Jun pushed the files away to make space for his little rabbit to lay down comfortably. Young Jae’s report was long forgotten as a treacherous hand started to caress him again under the shirt as a sinful sound filled the room. P.s: The cover belongs to the rightful owner, and it will be removed if the original owner asks to do so. WARNING: THIS IS A GAY LOVE STORY WITH BDSM. IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH IT, SPARE THE NOVEL. Discord: https://discord.gg/jSQxjwPV5s

vjey · LGBT+
546 Chs

Destined: the Vampire's Soulmate

A human girl full of secrets, a vampire, and a city where both can live free. * COMPLETED * When Julia appears at the city gates, she's tired and scared. All she asks for is shelter, and she's willing to accept anything to avoid going back to the hunters. She brings with her a secret that would cost her her life. Leo is the one that senses her presence, and he doesn't like how all his instincts draw him to her. Yet, he can't resist it. When his urges become invincible, he proposes a contract. In exchange for protection and safety, he wants her everything. In a world where races are at war, two souls meet. Can love bloom from a bond that was forced from fate? Can their feelings become genuine, even if determined by destiny? WARNING: smut Cover from Heather_ANARE *** I caress her arm, reaching her hand. I bring it to my mouth and prick her forefinger with my fang. When a single drop of blood spills out, I pass my tongue on it, healing the wound I made. «Just as I thought,» I whisper. «Delicious.» Julia opens her eyes but soon turns her gaze to the side, light blushing covering her cheeks. Her breath is heavy, but she tries to hide it. It's that excitement from before, that feeling of expectation for something that won't happen. «But I won't bite. You can stop freezing every time. As you can see, I can control myself.» «You don't have to,» she mumbles, and I almost grab her again. Is she really this naive, or just stupid? But most importantly, does she say that every time someone aims at her blood? «You shouldn't say these words to a vampire.» «You're thirsty, and I am prey. I understand how you feel.» «You don't understand a thing.» «But I know that this is how things work. You need blood to survive, and I happen to have plenty.» «I don't want your blood.» She winces, and her smile falters. As if I've just offended her. Yet, she doesn't want to make me notice. «Sorry for not being to your taste,» she shrugs. What the hell? Ah, I just wanted to comfort her. Why is she pretending to be sad now? I grab her shirt and push her against the wall. I don't use any strength; I don't want to hurt her. I just want her to notice my presence, to feel cornered. To realise that she shouldn't say words that she would regret later. When she lifts her eyes to look at me, I kiss her lips with more strength than I have initially planned to. Though she doesn't complain about that. *** You can chat with me on discord: bit.ly/discordxiaohai Instagram: xiaohai_23 Facebook: Xiao Hai or Xiaohai_23 (FB page) Ko-fi: ko-fi.com/xiaohai_23 (you'll find my short stories here) My other stories on Webnovel: * Crazy Duke and Fallen Queen (historical romance, completed, ~350 chapters) * The Cursed Tyrant and His Reluctant Queen (historical and fantasy romance, ongoing) * Unexpected Gift (sci-fi romance, ongoing, free to read, 1k chapters expected)

xiaohai_23 · Fantasy
152 Chs

CEO's Clumsy Secret Wife

Volume ONE : COMPLETED An Accidental Marriege Between A Very Wealthy CEO Of His Family Company And A Confused Princess Who Unknowingly Time Traveled To The Future. Fate Brings Them To One House Beginning A Line Of Disagreements, Misunderstandings And Passion. Two Different Personality Bring About A Whirlwind Romance. However Danger Lurks From Both Their Complicated Pasts. Their Love And Life's Are Threatened. Can A Princess From A Different Time And A Stoic CEOs Love Story Really Survive?

Yanie_Long · Fantasy
159 Chs

A Lifetime With You

While attending his brother's funeral, Neil Mo noticed the little girl, sitting quietly alone with both hands hugging her knees tightly. The little girl had only lost both her parents. But in a room was full of people, no one seemed to pay attention to her. --- "Grandma, I don't want to live away from my daddy and mommy... I know that I won't get to see them again... What if I miss them?" her words were a bit incoherent as she forced back her sobs. Seeing the little girl, he felt something tugged on his heart. "Hazel," Neil spoke after a while. "If you don't want to live in the countryside with grandma, then would you like to live with me?" --- After losing his younger brother in an accident, the President of the MH group, Neil Mo, decided to look after his five years old niece. Who knew that looking after a child could be difficult than securing a business deal! Noticing that his niece was particularly close to her kindergarten teacher, Neil then offered her a job as a babysitter. "But, President Mo, what do you mean by living together?" --- Cover illustration: Kirinlukis --- Author Note: This story is written to participate in WPC, with 'single parent' as the theme. The story is slow-paced at the beginning, but if you read carefully, there will be hints on what will happen after. The middle part will get a bit fluffier, and there's going to be some action as well. Shared universe with: 1. Loving You Too Much 2. True Love and Other Lies 3. You're My Only Star 4. The Dragon Beside Me 5. Love So Sweet 6. Commander Qi's Runaway Wife 7. The Wedding Planner's Romance

zetsubouaichan · Urban
434 Chs

The Mafia Ceo's Treasure

[MATURE THEMES + SLOW BURN ROMANCE] A failed assassination attempt. A dead, possibly murdered, father. A missing mother. In the shadowy world of secrets and lies, Lai Xiulan's life takes an unexpected turn when she saves a man, Bai Ying, from the brink of death. Only to discover he's the heir to a mafia empire, a billionaire bachelor, and the CEO of a tech giant, Nero Incorporated. Reluctantly, she accepts a job as his personal assistant to rescue her family from gangsters. But little does she know, fate has already intertwined their destinies. As Lai dives deeper into her new life with all of its ups and downs, her father mysteriously vanishes, revealing a horrifying conspiracy. With a common link to the enigmatic Wuhan Guangting, Lai and Bai unravel a web of deception. In a world where danger lurks at every corner, will Lai survive this perilous journey of unearthing the truth behind her father's disappearance? Can she find love amidst the chaos, or will she risk it all to get to the bottom of the mystery? (Cover image does not belong to me. Follow Lai's thrilling romantic journey by adding the novel to your library and blessing me with your support. Happy reading!)

Ice_Princesss · Urban
210 Chs