1 Prologue

Winds blew by the young boy who shivered from the cold breeze.....after all he just came out if the cinema after watching the new marvel movie (Spider-Man:No Way Home)

You can clearly see how cold it is by seeing steam coming out of his mouth as he sighs while saying"Woah that movie was so good i felt a lot of emotions while watching it....i felt happiness, sadness and most importantly nostalgic there is only one word that can truly describe this movie 'spectacular' "

"I  need to go back to my home..sigh...going back to that boring life where everday is the same as before"

He begins walking to his destination as the cinema was not too far away from his apartment while watching the sky of cairo filled with the lonely dark clouds "hmm.. I guess it's gonna rain soon hopefully after i arrive "he takes out the earbuds from his pocket while crossing the crowdy road but one of them slips from his hand

he bent down to grab it but a loud horn from his right surprises him with a sound of wheels screeching"hey watch out man" shouting the tuktuk driver"yeah yeah sorry for suddenly stopping" saying our mc while rising his hand in front of his eyes to protect it from the tuktuk's light he grab the earbud quickly then he stands up and continue walking

After arriving at his apartment he changes into a comfy pajamas and then goes to bed"sighh..i need to wake up early for college" he says as his eyelids turn heavey then he drifted asleep while not knowing what is fate planning for him

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