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HP: The Guardian


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Magic. Thou are forsooth profound. None could comprehend thou. By thy grace, none shall. Magic is a fickle being. In the hands of a scholar, it usher development. In the hands of a madman, it brings destruction. To master magic in it's essence, however, would be impossible. If one did, however, he would be able to contend with death itself. Charlus Potter has a gift. Having a gift, however, is often not enough. Can Charlus Potter use this gift for the betterment of the society, as well as his friends and family? Or will he succumb to the power like many before him? Story is slow at first but picks up speed quickly. Recommendation to people who want to skip to the plot - read till chapter 15 and then skip to chapter 60. You can add characters if you are my patron DISCLAIMER: Cover Page does not belong to me. Harry Potter belongs to J K Rowling Support me on Patreon for extra chapters. www.patreon.com/BrownAmerican


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