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Hope: The Beast Mistress


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What is Hope: The Beast Mistress

Hope: The Beast Mistress is a popular web novel written by the author HelenBold, covering R18, ROMANCE, FANTASYROMANCE, BADBOY, FANTASY, DRAGON, DARKROMANCE, ADVENTURE, HARDLOVE, GORE, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 41.4K readers with an average rating of 4.82/5 and 38 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 27 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Hope is wild and bold. Drake is cruel and dreaded by all. Among the chaos of their conflicting personalities, they find love. Hope gets ripped from her home and is prepared to fight for her freedom. But that will change when her competitive nature gets her entangled in the challenge of her lifetime. Will she be able to win? Drake is a terrifying prince, and he will do almost anything for entertainment. Finding someone who can wreak havoc into his life was not something he thought possible. Will he be able to cope with his new feelings? Be prepared for a rollercoaster with romance, darkness, beasts, humor, blood, and gore. WPC#173 - Bronze Tier Winner ----- Excerpt He sat up from his throne and walked towards Hope. Drake grabbed her neck and pushed her onto the wall. The man's face was so close that she could feel his hot breath on her cheeks. His huge sharp nails were scratching off the lime on the wall. Hope heard his husky and threatening voice. "I will see this beast and how it fares in the arena. If you can't survive, then so be it, but I would prefer you alive to try and tame you." Drake's eyes were glowing, and the murderous feeling was weighing heavy on Hope's chest, leaving her breathless. Or was the hand on her neck? She glared into his eyes indifferently. "The real question is who will be tamed and who will be the tamer." ----- Warning! Mature content. Credit for the cover goes to its rightful owner.

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I have to say, this book is amazing! The story is only at the begining (25 ch until now), but it already got me thinking about my life choices😂 in a good way. The writing is excellent and the story immersive. The characters feel real (especially Drake) so I'm looking forward to their further developement. But the thing that got me the most are the different world views of each character and how they evolve with the plot. P.s. for the author: I like how you are just done with giving trigger warnings😂


One of the most difficult 'real life things' to write is the chemistry and natural progression of two naturally dominant people, such as the case in this story but the author manages to do so with ease and finesse. I'm loving this story thus far and I look forward to more.


Wonderful story! I was totally drawn into this world, it has the right blend of humor, action, dark as well as steaminess. It is an unbelievable story to read. Sometimes I totally fall for Hope and even felt like I was in the story. The story is just so good. Good Work Dear Author.


This was gripping! I was instantly drawn into Hope's world, her love of animals like her squirrel, the seasons of farming and feudal life, and the dastardly male romance interest! It is the right blend of humor, action, dark, and steamy! Added!


I am still dipping my toes into the fiction pool, finding what works for me and what doesn’t. I hesitated to describe this book as a 'romance novel.' Sure, there IS a romance in this novel, but it is dark, and it mainly shows how hard love is, especially between two headstrong and domineering characters. The book will unfold the world and characters as you go along, with a less steep learning curve. Enjoy and feel free to comment, and I will try to respond to all of you!


Interesting story. Like a rollercoaster, the sudden turns have you holding to the edge of your seat. The characters' steady development compliment the complex setting. I hope to see more of this world and how it unfolds.


Narration: Decent and immersive Worldbuilding: Vast and detailed Character development: Nice and steady Character design: Outstanding Dialogues: Realistic and Lifelike Pacing: Not fast nor too slow Writing quality: Magnificent Execution of the Genre: Good pitch Story potential: High Updating Stability: Steady This is my review! Hope you like it! 😉


well yoir story is good can't say much because there only a few chapters. I mean with more to come I could get a better open mind to it. beside that this story is well done in it own movement and I would tp see it grow.


Hi, I love this already! You have a very unique style and the way you tell the story really drew me in! I can't wait to see more of your work. Happy writing!


Great job, i love how i feel like i am there with hope, the way the author describes Hope's surrounding, i feel like if i reach out my hand and close my eye that i will be there with Hope........................ I think Hope is the right amount of goodness and all things righteous to change Drake.................................................................................... 8d


"Will she be able to tame the Fire Dragon?" I certainly hope so. The name of the game here is hot, sexy, and spicy. R-18 for those who have some cravings, and their lovers don't need to know about it. I certainly won't be telling my girlfriend I read this. But I will definitely tell you to, because why not?


FIRST OF ALL I REALLY LOVE HOPE, I WAS DROWNED INTO HER WORLD AND I DON'T THINK I COULD GET UP ANYMORE. And Drake on the other hand is kinda mysterious to me and I don't know what to expect from him for his character is unreadable. This is a unique story and has a lot of potential and I really love it! Good job Author I'm in awe with your skills in writing! Keep writing!!!!


The writing style has some questionable word choices and lacks the clarity and flow in my opinion, in comparison to my idea literature, but for webnovel, its pretty food. Characters... Ok, I've only read two chapters and I wont hide it, but they are one-dimensional cardboards. Drake in particular looks like a cutout villain more than any ML I've seen. The plot? I don't think this story needs one so much. In comparison to characters. But I think it would've been better with a better start than "local (dragon) lord was bored so he picked up random virgin who attracted people's attention to mess with her". As realistic as it is, it lacks a punch.


i think the story is good, the character also intriguing. It just a bit too fast paced for me, but overall it's a good story. i will wait for your new chapter 😉


There is no one person that wouldn't find this book amazing. I like how the author slowly takes us on the journey through Hope's world of thoughts. MC is definitely a sweetheart, but the most captivating of her character is how she can show bravery in the face of danger. Then there's Lord Drake(no spoilers but he's as interesting as he is dark minded). Honestly, I want to see who gets tamed between the two. They are both domineering and I'm in for the drama.


Great narration, totally immersed me to read more. The synopsis is intriguing, I like a synopsis that doesn't tell the "whole" gist of the plot and this book didn't fail me, this is a must-read to everyone. Give this book a try!


Animal communication powers ftw >:3 The majority of the writing flow is great, but the few moments where it slips up stand out all the more for it due to the contrast, but future edits will sand it down nice and smooth, I'm sure. All things that are bound to improve with time and practice, the content that's there is good and that's what matters the most anywho. Besides, what hiccups do exist are all still well above the average you'll see across this site. The initial setup to get the FL and ML to meet is a touch forced, but you gotta get there somehow and it's better than just starting already in the castle without acknowledging it. What matters is what happens when it's all actually underway after all. Interesting characters for sure, bound to be lots of fun over the course of the entire story <3


The FL is so cheerful and domineering! She doesn't cower even when the ML is scary lol I love the dynamic of their relationship I'm so intrigued by Hope's ability to tame the animals, it makes the story interesting. And the ML is such a mystery actually, I'm hoping for more interaction between them. As for the writing, I can say the way the author portrays the characters and their surroundings are vivid enough. I also appreciate the tidiness of your grammar and sentence structure including the paragraphs. There's no messy thing ;) Keep up the good work!


I can't deny the fact that this one is interesting and at the same time a refreshing story for readers. Overall, it's an engaging story so far. Such an amazing and great novel of yours Author. Keep writing, Author.


I can't believe on my eyes that I can read such stories. Though I am a girl, I just fall for the girl named Hope. I felt like I was in the story. Keep it up and keep updating! Let me add this book to my library![img=recommend][img=recommend]


To be honest, this story has hooked me, especially Hope. The idea is great and so is your writing. I found little to no grammatical errors. I just hope that you will describe Hope's appearance and work on world-building. Overall, it's great work. Highly recommended. I have added it to lib and I am waiting for the next chap. :D


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