4 A Betrayal for a Beginning 4

Atticus opened his eyes in a lazy manner.

In front of him was a beautiful lady, a complete stranger yet someone he was very familiar with. As his eyes met hers, a wry grin couldn't help but form upon his face.

"I guess the goddess really did exist. Didn't think the humans would actually get something right."

The goddess continued to stare into Atticus's eyes without speaking. There was a misty gloom about her eyes that he couldn't help but be drawn to. As if she were weeping dry tears. She looked to be solid yet untouchable, like a Holy Ghost exerting sacred power.

As enchanting as she was, Atticus took a deep breath and regained his control over his mind. "Why did you bring me here?"

The goddess stared unblinkingly towards Atticus for a while. Her human yet alien eyes flashing a multitude of colors as if she were reading into his very soul.

"Alexander Atticus Ferrum."

"Yes, that is me."

"Do you desire a second chance?"

Atticus shrugged. "It depends on the context. A second chance for correcting a wrong answer choice on a test is great. A second chance with an ex girlfriend isn't."

"Do you desire a chance to save your world?"

There was a pause.

"I don't care about my world anymore. I am a dead person. What I wish to do and what I should do are two different things. If you want to bring me back from death, I will have to decline."

Atticus sat down on the floor. "The dead should stay dead. Let the living solve their own problems. Fate is the best when left alone."

"What if fate decreed for you to come back to life?"

"Then we wouldn't be having this conversation and I would be back on earth with a head attached to my neck."

The two of them stopped talking as they stared at the ceiling, an odd sort of ceiling. It was akin to a television set that couldn't decide what channel it wanted to be on, switching channels every second, from the stars to the blazing sun and into a storm.

It was oddly fascinating to watch. As if time was going by at a speed that one couldn't comprehend.

"Who ended up winning the war?" Asked Atticus suddenly. "Was it the demons? Or was it the Humans?"

"Both sides perished. Due to their inevitable demise, your world is now dying. The victor of the war is draining Earth of life and prosperity."

Atticus frowned. "I thought you said that both the demons and humans perished?"

"A third power entered the fray. A divided force could not defy a united front."

Atticus let out a sigh. "So our world was fucked from the beginning. Demons and humans working together to protect earth? They would kill the other side first before fighting against the alien race or whatever. Why do you even need me? What difference will one lousy demon make?"

The goddess shook her head. "You would not make a difference in this time."

"Then why did you ask me if I wanted to save the world? It doesn't matter what I desire."

"But it does."


The goddess did not answer. Atticus sighed before closing his eyes.

"How do you feel, goddess of the humans? Now that your world is slowly withering away?"

"Do not call me the goddess of humans. I do not restrict myself to only protect humans and I am no goddess."

"Then what do I call you?"

Again, no answer.

Atticus sighed before opening his eyes to the flickering ceiling above him. At the moment, a lightning bolt had flashed in front of his eyes, snaking down from the heavens to the earth. Even though it only existed for a second, Atticus could see the slowly traveling spearhead of the lighting, inching across the ceiling all the while letting out tendrils of tiny snakes all going in their own direction.

It was as if a second was being stretched out into a millennia. Time barely held a meaning in here and the absence of it gave to Atticus a strange feeling of comfort. As if he had all the time in the world.

"Its beautiful, isn't it? This world that both you and I reside in."

Atticus nodded his head quietly.

"I have watched over this world for so long, saw populations rise and fall, see men kill men. I witnessed the creation of life and the miracle of birth, as well as the suddenness of death, as well as it's peace. I have observed it numerous amounts of time. I have seen death so many times, that I wonder what it feels like. I wonder if it will bring me pain or if it will bring me calm."

The goddess placed her hands on her chest and closed her eyes. "When this world becomes devoid of life, so will I. Death, which has claimed so many lives will come to claim mine as well."

The goddess opened her eyes and stared at Atticus, her entire being radiating an unexplainable power. "I do not fear death nor do I seek it. It is a question for me, one that I may seek to answer or ignore. However, my only regret is watching the death of my world. This beautiful world."

"All things must come to an end. It is the inevitability of nature."

"But the end of my world is not a natural one. I wish for a beautiful death, a death akin to an old flower withering from the first bite of winter. Not the death of a weed being torn from the earth or being fed a poisonous elixir. So I ask you once more. Do you desire to save your world?"

"My world was murdered a long time ago by my own race. I have nothing to gain from saving yours," replied Atticus.

"If you could go back in time where your world had a chance of survival, would you save it?"

Atticus drew a deep breath.

"I would save my world- no, my family even if it meant more pain than I could bear."

"Save your world then, back in the time when it was still alive. And once you do, remember to save mine."

Atticus got up from the floor and grabbed the goddess by her clothes. "There is no way to save my world and your world, it's over. So stop saying all this bullshit and let me rest in peace."

The goddess continued to look at Atticus with the same sad eyes he saw from the beginning. Atticus froze as an uncontrollable feeling took over his soul as his heart started to beat faster uncontrollably.

"As long as there is desire, there will be hope. My power is limited and the most I can do is enhance your abilities."

A tear slowly formed on the corner of the goddess's eye and Atticus watched it travel across her cheek and onto the floor. The feeling in his chest was starting to befuddle his mind as he stared at the goddess in front of him.

"Do not lose your way, Alexander Atticus Ferrum. For you are your family's last hope as well as mine. You will experience a pain beyond anything imaginable as you will be defying fate itself. However, I believe that you will be able to endure."

Alexander started to lose his vision as his surrounding became hazier. The only thing he could still see clearly was the goddess's face filled with tears. "W.... why me?"

For the first time, the goddess let out a smile. Something about the goddess smiling while crying brought pain to Atticus's chest. The goddess leaned closer as she brought her face close to his. "You are the bridge that will bring the world together. You are the seed that brings forth a flower. And you are the one that I have been watching over since the beginning of your life."

She gently set her lips upon his for a second before backing away. Her face seemed to express a soul rending sorrow that her smile could not hide. "You do not know it yet, but you will become my hero."

She held his hands as the world around him began to cover itself in black.

"I-I don't even know your name. Tell me your name."

"My name is-"

Darkness devoured everything as Atticus was thrown into an empty still silence that brought a sense of sorrow and loneliness.

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