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My Vulnerary Husband- our journey towards love

||COMPLETED|| _____________ Innaya Kapoor, granddaughter of late Mr. Viraj Kapoor agrees to disagree with the concept of love. So obviously, marriage is off limit, driven by her own experiences of relationships. Worried for his granddaughter, Mr. Kapoor before passing away, chooses an alliance for her, she is unaware of. Six months past his demise, the chosen groom's arrival comes as a shock to clueless Innaya. Torn between her Grandpa's last wish and her own fears, Innaya decides to take a leap of faith after meeting her chosen husband. Innaya knows the scars of past she carries are enough to destroy her present if she gave in. She enters into her marital life, not prepared for having her husband to become her own vulnerary, ready with an armor of love for breaking down the walls of her past. The only thing she did not realize that everyone has their secrets and he had his own too. ____________________________________________ This story revolves around the mental health issue PTSD. NOTE - It may be an Indian story but there is nothing in it that the non-Indian readers won't understand. So, my dear non-Indian readers, give it a try! It won't disappoint you :) Cover Image belongs to its respected owner. It's not mine. If you would like to connect with me: Discord: Mukta (My Vulnerary Husband)#5392 Instagram: @mukta_mvh

Mukta · Contemporary Romance


Táng JiaXing, a girl who had spent most of her life wildly in her village in a remote corner of the Wind Kingdom, suddenly had to leave to the Capital city and she gets involved in the power struggles of the Imperial Palace. A local hero to the Prime Minister's daughter? Everything she did till now casually is connected to the Empire? Why? Turns out she was the 'Chosen One' by the Gods for some purpose even she was unaware of. And wait... the Demon Realm is interested in her too? What will happen to her love with the exiled Prince? He is not a Prince now but a big underworld businessman? How much does he know about her 'supposed' fate? Divine Ruler? Supporting the Emperor? Really don't care! All I want is to spend the rest of my life with my Prince.... But will she be allowed to choose her own fate? Will Love conquer all? Lu Chenglie, the genius Third Prince of the Kingdom... He was sent away from the place by the plots of the Empress... When he was about to be engulfed in the darkness of his heart, he saw her... The Moon of his Life.... "Don't die", she shouted and he wanted life, a good long life with her... She loved him even though she knew of the darkness in him, something even he could not do... When he learned tidbits about her 'fate' he decided to fight for her... Not opposing her fate but by aiding her to achieve her goals quickly so that he can get her for himself... He made himself strong and wealthy so that he has the power to defend her if need arises... But could he protect her from her fate...? This story is about the love between two people who are not supposed to be together by fate and how they succeed with their love in the end. Give a chance to this book if you like a supportive ML and an OP FL...

Golda · Fantasy Romance

Diana: I'm A Fighter

"Leave my house, this instant!" The old woman screamed and pushed her out. Diana was shocked. Yes! Everyone hated her for looking ugly and if there's one person that dote on her, then it's this woman. Her grandma. She was told to never show up in her hometown and only get to see the woman when she visited, once in a while, but work brought her here and she was excited to drop by and enjoy her grandma's warmth. But that's the response? She felt devastated. It felt like everyone was against her now. Her parents and twin sister treated her like the stain in the family and her only source of confidence to show that someone still cares, just chased her away. She was shunned by the society for her look, yet it never broke her. She has replies to every insult you could ever pass on her. She was strong and tried to be on her own. If you let her be, then you will never know how stubborn she was, but that exact day, things change. ….. Her life was wanted. Her real birth mother resides in that same town and was enduring a marriage to a dangerous man, just to keep the man from learning that Diana lives. That her baby didn't die. He wanted to erase the link that connected his woman to another man. He's obsessed with Diana's mom and wanted her for himself alone.  Diana's real father was still in a coma because of this man and Diana just delivered herself to him. She was still feeling hatred towards everyone as she left her grandma's place, not knowing that she was followed there and the woman had been abducted immediately when she left. She decided to stop giving a damn about everyone. …. Then she saw him. It wasn't really him, but looked like him. The twin brother of the man that she had started to like. He told her the previous day that he would be leaving the country to search for his brother, but Diana had no idea that she's now looking at the brother that he went to search for. She thought he lied to her. She thought he said that to make her disappear from his line of sight like most people do. He was also a very dangerous man, and Diana's next action piqued his interest. She was furious and decided to let out her frustration on someone, not having any idea how she just saved herself, because she was still being followed. The guy, who was the head of an assassination organization ended up detecting that someone was following her. Seeing how Diana mistook him as his brother, he decided to look into it, because his brother wasn't the type to get close to women.  Diana, who was knocked out to calm her, woke up to hear the story of how her grandma was rescued half dead by the people from the organization. Her real life story was told to her on that same day and she got a proposal to become an assassin. Not only would she stay safe from the man that would do everything to kill her, she could come back strong, get her revenge and save her mother from him.   She could be happy with her family again and be with Ethan, her love.  join the server link: https://discord.gg/Q7tY3F8

may1st · Contemporary Romance

Together With You: Water, Wind, Earth and Fire

This is a fantasy romance novel with elemental powers. Two couples, no prolonged misunderstandings, questionable r-18 things, or major drama (as in, ML's ex-gf attempting to rape and kill FL several times). ----------------------- So I'm actually going to stop writing this. I'm not the greatest with world building and this particular story that I was thinking of is not quite what I feel like writing at the moment. I may or may not pick it back up later, I will still read comments to see how I can improve, though.

catthidang478 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings