Reset: DPS to Support?!
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Reset: DPS to Support?!


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What is Reset: DPS to Support?!

Reset: DPS to Support?! is a popular web novel written by the author Tamaki_Leon, covering SYSTEM, VRMMORPG, VIRTUALREALITY, GAME, ACTION, RPG, VRMMO, GAMEELEMENT, SUPPORTROLE, VRMOBA, Video Games genres. It's viewed by 980.1K readers with an average rating of 4.74/5 and 37 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 127 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


At the top of the food chain in the game "Spiritual Warriors", Hasegawa Zayden was renowned for his mastery of dealing high damage with his character 'Shinto'. He has excellent control, real-time decision making, skills in the world background, and most importantly, passion. However, dishing out top tier damage in matches, doing excellently in the current level of PVE; the game became a walk in the park for the young man. Although he could still explore the world view, he felt as if he could clear all content with ease. "I'm sick of all of this," Zayden sighed as he once again effortless cleared a match. Time and time again, he felt nothing. So, he might as well be free right? And that's what he got. Though who knew what happened after that would change his entire character? From a DPS to a Support?! -------------------------------------------------------- Official Discord Server: https://discord.gg/FdH8CET Art done by 'A Handsome Man' (That's how they wanted me to credit them) Font is done by SorynStudios (Author of The Omni Mage)

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Started reading and found that it has some good potential but I didn't really enjoy it much after he met the main side character who may or may not be a love interest? It just dulled the story to me.


You should definitely give this book a chance. The writing is strong and clear and it doesn't include a lot errors. The author is active in responding to and liking comments which always feels special. The story has been thought out, and it isn't being done completely on the fly. Take that level of quality, which can be very difficult to find on this app, and give it an interesting plot and decent characters. The characters are all decent and you can remember them. As it goes on they become a little more comfortable. Some of the first conversations might have a been a little trope like. However by the end of the first arc (80 some chapters) they are on their way to having their own voices. The first arc kind of drags on towards the end, but it is really just the set up. We know all the major mechanics, plot threads to be explored, and characters that matter for the near future. The author posts very regularly, so we get something almost every day now that he has found his rhythm. My score isn't the highest, but I'm grading harshly. I read this every day and it's one of my favorites, and one of the only stories I bother reading anymore. If the plot doesn't spiral out of control, then this story will undoubtedly still be awesome a year or two from now. I wouldn't even be mad if he posted a little less frequently, that's how good I think it is. If you read my review, have a nice day and I hope you enjoy the story. Note: As of this review, Shinto (protagonist) hasn't done a lot of supporting. But he'll definitely do more later. He's very early in the game and doesn't have a lot of skills. He hopefully doesn't somehow turn into a summoning dps. If you're still here, you should reply with your main support characters. I like Catherine in vainglory.


I rly like this novel, got quite a few original takes, an original writing style, good character designs. what I was mostly surprised about is that the author seems to know his games, haven't rly seen any flaws that rubbed me the wrong way, which is pretty rare for a webnovel book, especially in the gaming genre. There are some lose ends in the story, development, world setting, but like I said no real flaws, it's gonna be the authors choice how he is gonna knot them up later. He also took up some other difficult approaches which shouldn't be easy to write flawlessly, but till now everything seems good. I,m really interested to see how this novel gonna develop. now... negative aspects, there aren't rly anything obvious, maybe the story progression is a little on the slower side. But something keeps constantly bugging me, the novel is rly amazing, but reading it is more like a relaxed read, it amazes me, but it doesn't make my blood boil, anticipate new chapters, burn with enthusiasm like some of the best reads of the hundreds I had. And I,m not quite sure where the problem lies. if it's the progression, or the battles, or the simple but on point writing style which makes it more relaxing. or maybe it's cuz the setting was a little vague and the happenings right now are all still mysterious and I couldn't build a connection yet. hmm... I think it's the last one. well let's see, I might update this in a few months :p good luck author, keep it up


Reset: DPS to Support!? Is a good novel if you're the type of reader that love reading something that relies heavily on RPG systems. It's not the next Log Horizon, but it's perfect for anyone who needs their fix of game-based storytelling. Shinto as a character is lovable, but I would love to know what's going on in his head whenever he's thrust into a situation where combat is his only option. The supporting cast with Shinto play off well with one another, but try to give them the same equal depth that you'll give to Shinto and not simply base their entire person solely on the quirks you fit them into- having a roster of dynamic characters would make for an equally dynamic story- plus I'm a sucker for quality banter between characters~ overall, I can see that author Tamaki really does his best in writing and that he only has more room to grow as he writes. So do check his work out!


I’m really loving this book so far. I’m looking forward to seeing how well he plays a support class since in my opinion at least. It’s more difficult to be a good support than it is to be a good DPS player. Because it takes good team coordination and individual skill. I’m also excited to see how this class performs because from the passive of day time makes it sound like it could be a support/DPS class. I just really want at least daily updates that’s all I ask. Especially because it seems like this book might go far in the power rankings.


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Typical another author getting me addicted to their book. I definitely recommend this and you just have to read it to understand why. More chapters please!


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Wow, this is actually a really good book! The story line is well thought out and interesting and the writing style is descriptive yet easy to understand. I think the author could work on giving the characters more depth but to he fair, this is clearly a plot-based book. Keep up the good work!


The book is better than decent, but it could improve. There are problems prevalent in this that are prevalent in many books in this particular genre, that being numbers having little-to-no weight, as well as some descriptions being more tell than show. Other than that, I vibes with it.


🌼🌼🌼 I am halfway through the novel and I must say, this book is a gem. the book is so well written, it has the potential to make it big. Five stars because it deserves it. Keep going Author. 🌼🌼


Interesting story. Just the fact that he is playing support instead of generic swordsman is a big plus on my side. Unfortunately it is extremely slow paced and combined with the slow update it makes a potentially great novel into something forgettable. By the time i have enough to read again i might have forgot a great deal of it since nothing significant and marking happened yet.


nice book ExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExp


I love it so far can't wait to read more. great world building cuz I sense an economy. also I'm bad at reviews so xpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp


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Well.. i thought this book is just a book at first, but after i read this book so far, i think the storyline is getting catchy for me. and it was my first time reading an action book. so thanks to the author.


man I read this for 1 min and I'm already hooked man you got some talent and I'm not just talking im spitting out facts you deserve for views good job👍


A really nice story so far! The characters are interesting to read about, and the world is drip fed enough for me to really enjoy it. My ONLY criticism is I feel characters and monsters could be visually described a lot better. Really looking forward to reading more!


Aahhh I like the story! Esp. the main character lol He's so cool, and he's my new crush 🤣 I also felt like going into the gaming world! Looking forward to more works of the author! 😁


I don't know what one of the other reviewers is talking about, saying the writing is bad? The writing is EXCELLENT. Wonderful usage of descriptive language paired with solid MMO mechanics means you can almost visualize it as a manhua as you read it. It's so easy and fun to read!


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