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Marrying The Richest Man While Pregnant

"The Fang family had two daughters. Their youngest daughter, Fang Yan, was known for her beauty. Rumor had it that she was indescribably beautiful. However, the eldest daughter of the Fang family, Fang Liu, had a low IQ since she was young and only started to speak when she was eight years old. Her parents regarded her as a burden while the outside world treated her as a laughing stock. However, no one knew that Fang Liu was an ultimate prodigy whose intelligence merely developed late. Afterward, Fang Liu got pregnant for no reason. Four months into her pregnancy, her parents forced her to marry the richest man in South City, the Mo family. Rumors had it that her husband was an old man who had been paralyzed in bed since the age of seven. Unexpectedly, when Fang Liu married into the Mo family, she found out that not only was her husband not an old man, he was also extremely handsome. He was the Young Master of the Mo family that everyone admired—Mo Yu! Moreover, Fang Liu's child was not even Mo Yu's, but Young Master Mo did not seem to mind? Mo Yu even declared in front of everyone, ""Although the child isn't mine, the wife is mine!"" Everyone else, ""Young Master Mo is too honest!"" After Fang Liu got married, Young Master Mo doted on her so much that even she was moved. She had found a great stepfather for her child! A few months later, Fang Liu looked at her newborn's face and it nearly felt like she was looking at a miniature version of Mo Yu. Fang Liu, ""Didn't you claim that the child isn't yours?"" Mo Yu shrugged. ""I was just spouting nonsense."" It turned out that there was no such thing as the right person at the right time at the right place. It was all premeditated. ""It's because I love you that I've tried everything I can; I endured all the criticism for my only wish is to have you as mine."" "

Teddy Cookies · Contemporary Romance

Rebirth: The Fake Young Lady Is A Real Young Lady

Shen Xi was the daughter the Jiang family had mistakenly taken home. After their real daughter, Jiang Xue, returned, Shen Xi’s foster mother asked Shen Xi to stay, hoping she could help Jiang Xue get used to life in the city as Jiang Xue had been living in the countryside all this while. Alas, everyone claimed that Shen Xi was clinging to the Jiang family because she refused to part with the family’s wealth. Her foster parents didn’t clarify this accusation. Then, Shen Xi’s fiance ended up getting engaged to Jiang Xue instead. One day, Jiang Xue killed someone when she was driving. Shen Xi’s foster parents knelt before Shen Xi, begging her to take the fall for Jiang Xue with tears in their eyes. Shen Xi agreed to their request to repay their kindness for raising her. However, she didn’t know that the person Jiang Xue had killed was her foster father, in other words, Shen Xi’s biological father! While Shen Xi was in prison, Jiang Xue even indirectly killed Shen Xi’s biological mother! In an instant, Shen Xi became an orphan. After experiencing her foster family’s ruthlessness and persecution, Shen Xi exposed the sinful deeds the Jiang family had committed over the years and Jiang Xue’s crimes after being released from prison! Then, she detonated a bomb, sacrificing her life to take revenge for her biological parents. However, after the bomb exploded, Shen Xi was shocked to find herself returning to many years ago when Jiang Xue was first found, and Shen Xi’s identity of not being the Jiang family’s real daughter was about to be exposed. During this time, she was still a rich young lady dressed in expensive clothes as she sat in the Jiang family’s car on the way to her fiance’s birthday banquet. Shen Xi’s lips curled up slightly. A good show was about to begin. She wanted to change her fate and her biological parents’ fates. However, she never expected that both her parents were heirs to a large financial group. Also, the renowned movie star, a young genius doctor, and a domineering CEO were all her biological brothers! She, who wasn’t loved in her past life, was being pampered in this life! Then, the paparazzi caught her on camera, entering a hotel with a rumored bigshot. The crowd gasped. Was this bigshot Shen Xi’s brother as well? The bigshot hugged Shen Xi’s waist and kissed her. “Nope. I’m her lover!”

Please Let Me Have the Buff · Romance

Mr. Fu Regrets After Divorce

She had been married to Fu Ting for six years now, and her mother—in—law had been scolding her behind her back, calling her a chicken that cannot lay an egg. Yet little did she know that Fu Ting had never really fulfilled his role as a husband with her. She always knew that there was someone else in Fu Ting's heart— Miao Man. Mu Ran had been in love with Fu Ting for over ten odd years. It was until six years ago when she rescued Miao Man that Fu Ting allowed her a request. So, Mu Ran mustered her courage and mentioned that she wanted to marry Fu Ting. That was the thought she had when she first met him in high school. When the doctor initially diagnosed that Miao Man had no possibility of ever waking up again, Fu Ting followed on his promise and married Mu Ran. It was until that one day when Fu Ting came home with a cold look in his eyes. Manman is coming home, and you move out tomorrow. Mustering the last of her courage, Mu Ran spat. "And if I say no?" "Get lost." Fu Ting said succinctly. She could see the disgust and hatred in his eyes. So, it turned out that in their six years of marriage, all of the things she suffered and gave, they held no water compared to the long—lost moonlight of his heart. Taking off her oily apron, Mu Ran changed into a white dress, and when they met again, she was happy in the arms of another man. Yet, Fu Ting's expression was extremely cold. "You're already looking for another man so quickly after our divorce?" "That is my own matter, and has nothing to do with you, Mr. Fu, no?" She said with a smile.

Mountain Spring · Contemporary Romance

The Stunning Girl From The Slums

# wifespoiling The story began with Cheng Xin hugging her knees despairingly as she watched lunatics pass her by one by one in the slums. Cheng Xin had been the Cheng family’s foster daughter for fifteen years, only to be thrown in the slums for three years after that. All this happened because a fortune teller said that the Cheng family’s real daughter, Cheng Wei, needed a scapegoat. Cheng Xin’s main mission in the slums was to substitute Cheng Wei and die in a foreign place as it was the latter’s fate. However, Cheng Xin’s fate seemed to be much stronger than that. Not only did she survive those three years, but she even became an uncrowned king of the slums. She saved the people on the island one by one and learned skills during her free time, so they could help her survive when she left the slums someday. Yet, fate wouldn’t have it, and before Cheng Xin thought of a way to escape, Li Qun took her away from the slums. Only… wasn’t she just a scapegoat for her older sister? And who was this man who not only had his head buried in her neck, but was also latched onto her like an octopus? After leaving the slums with nothing to call her own, Cheng Xin met the possessive Li Qun who had everything except love. Since then, Cinderella Cheng Xin became a princess living in a castle and was doted on by her prince. Someone said, “Are you talking about Cheng Xin? She’s just an abandoned child who smells like a beggar.” Having said that, this person ran into Cheng Xin dozing off as she signed dozens of property agreements. Someone said, “Cheng Xin? That girl doesn’t have any backers, so I don’t know how she can afford to be so arrogant.” Having said that, H Country’s richest financial magnate, Li Qun, announced that he would be marrying Cheng Xin soon. Someone said, “Cheng Xin? I already knew that she can’t have children. She’s like a hen that doesn’t lay eggs.” Having said that, this person was beaten up by the Li family’s young master. “If Mommy can’t have children, where did I come from? A rock?” PS: An insecure financial group CEO VS bigshot of the slums.

JQK · Contemporary Romance

After Being A Marriage Stand-in, I Disguised As An Ugly Woman

The Xia family had two daughters. One was Xia Rou, known as Jiang City’s number one beauty, and the other was Xia Yan, notorious and disfigured. Beautiful Xia Rou got engaged to the Mo family’s young master, but rumor had it that Young Master Mo was a cripple. Xia Rou refused to wed him. Hence, her notorious sister, Xia Yan, was forced to marry into the Mo family in her place. Young Master Mo was furious. “You’re not Xia Rou! How dare the Xia family cheat in this marriage!” Covering her face with a mask, Xia Yan said, “Young Master Mo isn’t crippled as the rumors claim. He’s even healthy, tall, and handsome. Xia Rou will surely regret if she finds out.” After their marriage, Young Master Mo’s friends gathered round. “Our sister-in-law must be gorgeous. You’re a lucky man!” When Young Master Mo thought of the woman who had to wear a mask even in her sleep to hide her ugliness, he flared up in anger. “Scram! Whoever brings up that woman again will have to marry her instead!” Then, Young Master Mo was radiating happiness. His friends gathered round once more. “Just what does our sister-in-law look like? Do you have to be so mysterious about it?” He flashed them a mischievous grin. “Scram! My dearest wife is the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen. You average folks aren’t worthy of gazing at her beauty, do you understand?” Everyone was dumbstruck. Has Young Master Mo lost his mind because his wife was too ugly? Back at home, Xia Yan was packing her bags. “Mo He, I’m divorcing you. You bully, humiliate, and dislike me!” Young Master Mo quickly hugged his wife. “My dearest wife, I’ll only dote on and love you. I can even give you my life!” Later on, Xia Yan realized that destiny wouldn’t appear out of nowhere. It had been fate all along.

Dream Coffee · Romance

After Being Reborn, I Tortured The Vicious Sister-in-law

# fakerichdaughter In her past life, Su Meng married Wei Ting, thinking that she could eventually win his heart with tolerance and flattery. For this, she tried to flatter Wei Ting’s sister, Wei Xue, as well. Wei Xue said, “Wei Ting doesn’t like girls who wear makeup.” So Su Meng was as bland as a maid, but Wei Xue was exquisite as a princess every day. Wei Xue said, “Wei Ting loves to drink milk.” So Su Meng prepared a glass of milk for Wei Ting every day, but he never drank it. Wei Xue said, “Wei Ting likes fresh flowers.” So Su Meng would fill the house with fresh flowers on each of Wei Ting’s birthdays. Alas, Wei Ting would turn and leave every time, and Su Meng had never celebrated his birthday with him ever since they got married. One day, Wei Xue said, “I killed your child on behalf of Brother Wei Ting. Why don’t I send you to hell now so you can keep your child company? Oh, I forgot to tell you that I was adopted by the Wei family. I have no blood relation to Brother Wei Ting. I love him, and he loves me.” Su Meng died, and when she woke up again, she found herself having returned to that night, five years ago. This night, she was supposed to get pregnant with Wei Ting’s child. Staring at Wei Ting, the obedience and flattery in her expression disappeared without a trace. What remained was only icy resentment. “Get out!” Wei Ting felt incredulous. This woman was seducing him in the first place, so why did she suddenly turn into a stranger? The next day, Wei Xue appeared before Su Meng with her fake smile. However, after experiencing all that, Su Meng couldn’t possibly let herself be tricked again! In this life, Su Meng would live for herself and take revenge for her child and herself! Men? Beat it! Wei Xue, you'll pay with your life!

ACEE · Contemporary Romance

Substitute Bride's Husband Is An Invisible Rich Man

Mo Yan was an illegitimate child of a rich family and was arranged by her mother to take the place of her sister in marriage to a poor man in order to fulfill the marriage contract set by the previous generation, allowing the Mo family to get their hands on that substantial dowry. Her sister said. "How can I marry such a vagrant? You, on the other hand, are much more suitable! Her father said. "Yanyan, as long as you are willing to marry him on your sister's behalf, I'll give you a sum which you can use to pay for your mother's medical fees." Her stepmother said. "You're nothing but a mutt, and you should be grateful for being the second young lady of the Mo family. Know your place!" Just like that Mo Yan married a man she had never met before in her sister, Mo Lian's place. He was poor and destitute and stayed in a dilapidated tiled house. It was said that he was a local gangster. On the night of their wedding, Mo Yan said, "You are my husband; you can do anything to me. He let her bathe inside an old bathroom with no lock and then pressed his body against hers. "It is late, let's go to bed?" Later on, her husband transformed and became a mysterious yet powerful rich person. Mo Yan screamed, "Impossible!" Soon, she found out that her husband was the same as her, marrying in place of another! This is the story of a wife and a husband marrying in place of someone else.

JQK · Contemporary Romance

After Getting Married, I Became The Wife Of The Nation’s CEO

# marryingsomeoneelse # scum-torturing Actress Huo Ru was betrayed by her fiance and younger sister, Huo Yun. The two of them let Huo Ru catch them having an affair, but resolutely denied it in front of other people so Huo Ru would call off the engagement instead. As a result, the family saw her ex-fiance and sister as the victims, while Huo Ru became the unreasonable brat who humiliated the family by randomly breaking off her engagement. Her sister had said, “I’m actually pregnant with Zhou Dong’s child, so what can you do? Either you call off the engagement, or insist on marrying him and see who he would care for after that.” With a cunning glint in his eyes, Zhou Dong added, “Stop fooling around, Huo Ru. You don’t have evidence, so be good and let’s get married. Otherwise, your family won’t forgive you!” At the hospital, Huo Ru grabbed a handsome man who seemed to have been seeing an andrologist. The people around whispered that he only appeared in the department because he had a fertility issue and couldn’t get a wife. “Sir, are you willing to marry me? I don’t mind it if you can’t have kids with me, I only need to show my family that I’m married.” When the man didn’t say anything, Huo Ru explained, “I won’t treat you badly. Since I asked you to marry me, I’ll protect you well. I won’t mistreat you when we divorce too, I would give you a handsome severance package as compensation.” “Sure, I’ll do it.” However, only after their marriage did Huo Ru discover that her salaryman husband was actually a top-notch CEO in the country!

JQK · Romance
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