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She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment

The fat and ugly Nora Smith is the laughingstock of the town when her fiancé breaks off their engagement. He says, “The sight of your gigantic face and thunder thighs disgusts me! Don't ever pester me again!" “What an idiot.” Nora scoffs and turns around, her lips curling up into a smile. Later, when Nora successfully slims down, she returns as an astounding beauty. Her ex-fiancé comes to her bearing flowers and begs, "I was wrong, Nora. I’m willing to do anything as long as you come back to me.” Nora rests her chin in her hands and smiles as she replies, “Real men don’t dwell on the past.” Angered, he says, “You’re just a dimwit saddled with baggage that I dumped, Nora. No one will want you except me!" But following that… A young and popular singer tweets: “Nora Smith is my goddess!" An internationally renowned surgeon asks, “Are you free tonight, Nora?” Even the rich and influential hotshot whom everyone is scared of comes forward and says, ”I can take care of my wife and children myself, thank you very much.”

Mr.Yan · Romance

Becoming The Real Rich Daughter After Divorce

Qiao Jinniang's parents passed away the moment she came of age. For the sake of inheriting a restaurant, she had no choice but to ‘recruit’ a husband who would take her family name. Who knew that her husband, who looked like a banished immortal, was an ingrate? He snatched her child away and left behind a divorce letter. Qiao Jinniang became the butt of every joke in Lin’an City. Seeing that her uncle was about to take her parents' blood, sweat, and tears for himself, the son of the Prefect of the Superior Prefecture wanted to take her in as a concubine. However, a horse carriage sent from the Marquis arrived in Chang'an City. An old lady servant clad in an embroidered robe walked up to her and called her "Young Miss". It was only then that Qiao Jinniang realized that she was the eldest daughter of the principal wife of Marquis Anyuan. Back then, when the marchioness gave birth to her, she encountered a robber. At that time, a jealous concubine switched out her daughter with the chef's daughter. Therefore, a divorced female chef who had already given birth entered the capital. Everyone was waiting to see this real heiress make a fool of herself. They were secretly guessing when the real heiress would be abandoned by the Marquis. Yet, they failed to expect Qiao Jinniang to open up a restaurant in Chang'an using her amazing culinary skills. Even His Majesty showered her with praise. She was pampered by everyone in the Marquis' residence. Those long-tongued women in Chang'an City said sourly, "So what if a woman gets pampered at home? She's long past the age of 18 and has already given birth. Who will marry her?" The Marquis found Qiao Jinniang quite a few husbands. However, despite many marriages being in discussion, none of them went smoothly. As the marchioness's face was covered in tears, the fake daughter said she wanted to give Qiao Jinniang her husband instead. Qiao Jinniang took the rolling pin and kicked open the Eastern Palace's main door. "Since you've already divorced me, why are you still ruining my marriage?" A certain crown prince said, "How can we let the mother of the royal grandson marry someone else?!"

Yuzu In May · Romance

Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot!

Five years ago, Qiao Nian was schemed against by her sister, Qiao Xin. After spending a night with a stranger, Qiao Nian got pregnant. She did not know who the father of the child was, and eventually gave birth to a stillborn. Under the machinations of her mother and sister, Qiao Nian was stripped off of her shares in Qiao Group and sent to a mental hospital. Five years later, her younger sister, Qiao Xin, was going to be married off to the Second Young Master of the Gu family. He was rumored to be extremely ugly. On the day he was born, the doctor predicted that he would not live past twenty years old. Her mother could not bear to see Qiao Xin marry such a person and thought of Qiao Nian, who was still locked in the mental hospital. Overnight, Qiao Nian was taken out of the hospital to replace Qiao Xin in her marriage into the Gu family. Her mother said, "It's a good thing that Qiao Nian, this good-for-nothing, can replace Xin'er to be a living widow in the Gu family. If Xin'er were to marry into that family, I would be heartbroken." Qiao Xin said, "Mom, don't say that about Sister. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't know what to do. I'm just worried that Sister wouldn't agree." Her father said, "Xin'er, you're too kind. Have you forgotten how Qiao Nian slandered you five years ago? She has no self-restraint. She got pregnant before marriage and even gave birth to a stillborn child. We're treating her well enough by letting her marry someone from the prestigious Gu family! What right does she have to be picky?" Qiao Nian sneered. Back then, the scheme against her had only succeeded due to a freak combination of factors, causing her to suffer. She was going to get back at all of them! Everyone thought that her actions were borne from a combination of a loser's mentality and mental illness, but little did they know that this marriage would be a strong union as impactful as Mars crashing into Earth! Taking advantage of her brilliant skills in medicine, Qian Nian made various trashy people and scumbags eat their words. In the blink of an eye, her multiple identities shocked the world as each of them got exposed. It turned out that she was rich enough to rival a country! Later on, Second Young Master Gu placed a pair of Qiao Nian's miniature clones in front of her. Faced with these two children who resembled her and Gu Zhou, Qiao Nian blinked in shock. "When did I give birth to your children?"

Change Penname If I Lose Ten Jin · Contemporary Romance

Becoming A Real Bigshot After Abandoned

Xia Jin had been Huo Jue's secretary for five years. Not long after she started working, Huo Jue had already taken her to the bed in the CEO's lounge. In those five years, she worked diligently in the day and served him diligently in bed at night. Every morning, she would wake him up like a dutiful secretary. "Mr. Huo, it's six o'clock. It's time to get up." Every time, she would receive the man's cold and impatient reply, "Get lost." Xia Jin had never taken his car to work, nor had she eaten breakfast with him. Initially, she had dreamed of becoming Mrs. Huo, but after five years, she woke up from her dream. One day, rumors were spreading among her colleagues that Huo Jue had an appointment with Sevne's vice president in the Asia-Pacific region for dinner. He was a pervert who had once drugged and violated the secretary of the company's CEO. He was someone who even dared to pester Huo Jue's elder female cousin, but Huo Jue still insisted on letting Xia Jin accompany him to dinner. During the meal, the man openly brought Xia Jin into the private lounge, but Huo Jue did not stop him. He did not even bother looking at her. When Xia Jin escaped from the lounge on her own and ran back to Huo Jue's car, he merely commented, "You're quite capable." Xia Jin smiled calmly. "I have Mr. Huo's many years of training to thank for, but I'm hereby informing you that I want to resign. I don't want to work anymore." After she announced it, she disregarded whatever expression was on the man's face, got out of the car, and walked away with her back straight. After leaving the man, Xia Jin's life started to change. Handsome young men chased after her with all their might, and people started giving her credits that contributed to her career achievements. Her father, who she had never met before, was a billionaire—she was now someone who could have a massive inheritance with just a nod of her head. With her teeth gritted, Xia Jin instantly soared to the peak of her life. At a cocktail party—Huo Nan held his wine glass and glanced at his ex-secretary, whom he had not seen for a long time. "It seems like you still have feelings for me. How else can you explain you chasing me all the way here?" Xia Jin smiled and faceslapped him, "Mr. Huo, I don't think I invited you, right?" Huo Nan replied, "Do you have brain damage from your excessive heartbreak?" The host announced, "Next, let's welcome the new CEO of the company, Miss Xia Jin, on stage! Everyone, give her a round of applause!" Huo Nan, "???"

ACEE · Contemporary Romance

My Billionaire Ex-Lover

Can I kiss you?” He asked lightly, looking up from her lips into her eyes. “If you don’t kiss me right now, I think I may go mad,” she said, nodding her head quickly. He gave her a bright smile, and then his lips were on hers in a gentle caress. *** Richard Washington - a powerful and wealthy billionaire who can control nearly everything in his life, but he failed to control his love for Samantha Williams. Samantha Williams has spent years trying to move on, but she knows she is still hopelessly in love with him, no matter how hard she pushes him away... *** Samantha stared up at Richard. ‘Sh*t,’ Richard swore to himself. “Samantha,” he said softly. He wanted to hold her. He wanted to ask her if she was alright, to wipe the blood and tears from her face. But the way she recoiled into someone else’s arms and hid her face from him made him freeze in time. “Make him go away.” My Billionaire Ex-Lover is created by Bella Gold, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

Bella Gold · Contemporary Romance
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My Wife Is Secretly Dark

The Xia family was a family of the Hua race. Xia Yunshu, the eldest daughter of the Xia family, woke up from her comatose state five years after she fell from a building. She was 18 years old when she woke up. She returned to her country and stayed at her father's old friend's house. … Xia Yunshu died when she fell off the building at the age of 13. However, since her body was not transferred to where her original home was, her soul floated to a mysterious place. She stayed there for nearly ten years and picked up a set of skills. On the third day after her plunge, she returned. She would wake up occasionally during the five years of her vegetative life, but no one knew. She used the time she occasionally woke up to establish The Seven Tyrants of Yutian. The Tyrants accepted all kinds of missions. On the higher end, they accepted missions from getting rid of enemies for people to becoming bodyguards for bigshots. On the lower end, they helped their customers from catching mistresses to doing their homework. They charged every task at least a million. … The Qi family was the number one family in Yu City. The young master of the Qi family was a prominent figure in Yu City. After graduating from university and taking over the family business, his name had spread throughout the business world within less than a year. He was decisive and ruthless, and everyone would keep a respectful distance from him. … The first time he met Xia Yunshu, Young Master Qi only knew that she was his father's old friend's daughter. She returned to the country to study and stayed with the Qi family temporarily. He asked him to take care of her. He was used to being ruthless. How would he know how to take care of others? It would be good enough if he did not chase her away. In the end, Young Master Qi gave himself a gigantic face slap. He was convinced that this little girl from a prominent family was always gentle and adorable. He wanted to treat her well. One day, he suddenly realised that this little girl was not just any typical docile girl, but the famous leader of the Tyrants. In terms of ruthlessness, she was not inferior to him. Currently, she was wrapped up in his embrace...

Zi Xuan · Contemporary Romance

Reincarnation: Hot Stuff In The Bigshot Circle

When Third Master Qin first met Ling Mo, she fell victim to her younger sister's scheme. Getting her face splashed with acid, she died a tragic death with a disfigured face. He helped her button up her clothes and gave her a proper burial, upholding her last bit of dignity. … After Ling Mo's gory reborn, her b*tch of a stepmother and younger stepsister was at it again. She facelsapped scums and b*tch until they cowered. He protected her domineeringly and pampered her, spoiling her little by little. *** After being forced to be a top celebrity in showbiz, her anti-fans scolded her angrily, "Bimbo! The queen of empty cans! Give us back our Brother Best Actor!" He broke into the anti-fans' camp and destroyed their nest. *** After her multiple identities were out of the bag, the entire world erupted in fire. People who wanted to marry her were in the hundreds of millions, and everyone rushed over to propose marriage. He was jealous. "How deep is the pond water where the cherry blossoms grow..." She coaxed, "It will never compare to Third Master's feelings for me." *** After the wedding, she went on an exclusive interview with domestic entertainment reporters. "The first time I met him," she said, "he'd button my shirt for me." Everyone was confused. "What about now?" She answered, "Now he only knows how to take them off."

Second Cousin Sister · Romance

Substitute Wife: Madam Is The Real Bigshot!

Thirteen years ago, Guan Tong's parents passed away, and her parents' company was taken over by her uncle and aunt. From then on, Guan Tong was stripped off of her family property and lived with her grandmother. For her grandmother's sake, Guan Tong promised her aunt that she would marry the man who was rumored to be in a comatose state in her cousin's place—the Young Master of the Lu family. Legend had it that the Young Master of the Lu family was in a vegetative state, and he murdered all four of his wives in the past. All four of these women died on their wedding night! Now, Guan Tong had become the fifth woman. It turned out that after her uncle and aunt seized the company that belonged to Guan Tong's family, they were facing bankruptcy due to poor management. At this time, the Lu family came looking for them and said that their daughter's fate was very compatible with Young Master Lu's, and they were willing to pay 100 million as a betrothal gift for her to marry their son. Her uncle and aunt could not bear to part with this sum of money, nor could they bear to part with their daughter, so they forced Guan Tong to become the stand-in. Everyone was waiting for the news of the bride's death on their wedding night, only to receive the shocking news of Young Master Lu's awakening! Later on, Young Master Lu even doted on the ugly Guan Tong to the heavens. People said that Young Master Lu had a peculiar taste and was actually willing to love such an ugly woman. Little did they know that when the layers of her multiple identities were uncovered, they realized that Guan Tong was a beautiful as an angel and a medical genius! All the bigshots in the business world and the top celebrities in showbiz begged her to give them medical treatment. Even her uncle and aunt's family, who persecuted her in the past, had no choice but to come to her for treatment.

Mountain Spring · Contemporary Romance