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Help! The Seductive Villain Chases Me Everyday to Expose My Other Identities!

# REALANDFAKEYOUNGLADY Shi Ran encountered an accident and transmigrated into a novel. She became a small-time cannon fodder supporting character in the story and was also a fake daughter who was not as good as the female lead of the plot. It was probably easier to just stop trying so hard and let herself go. Anti-fans: “Our Feifei’s skills are killing it!”The next day, Shi Ran’s first drama was released, and her seven-second appearance in the clip became viral on the internet, overshadowing the female lead, Shi Wenfei. It was smooth sailing for Shi Ran after that, and she even won the best actress award in one fell swoop. Anti-fans: “Our Feifei can sing and even write her own songs. What can Shi Ran do?”Elite Emperor: I won the Best Golden Song Award this time, and it’s all thanks to my awesome composer @ShiRan!Anti-fans: “!!!”One day, when a live stream was ongoing, anti-fans poured into the channel frantically, abusing the bullet comments and cursing in barrages. Anti-fans: “Our Feifei has gotten engaged with Young Master Zhou! Her fiance is tall, rich, and handsome! He pampers her, unlike you, who's unwanted!” “Babe, where are my things?” A man’s deep, magnetic voice silenced the barrages of comments. In the next second, a man with an enchanting look appeared in front of the camera. Everyone was shocked! It was the Chu family’s future head, Chu Jinchen! The man’s black eyes swept across the barrage of comments flying on the page. Pretending to be puzzled, he said, “The Zhou family? Who’re they?”Shi Ran looked at him, who was obviously humblebragging, and said, “I’m live streaming now.” “Why don’t you live stream something more interesting?” Saying that, the man leaned closer and behaved intimately. Everyone watching broke out into indulgent smiles. Then the camera went black, and the live stream ended. Everyone slammed their keyboards frantically. No! Continue the live stream! Come on! The next day…#Actress goes public with her relationship# was on the hot search. Chu Jinchen: “You’re finally willing to go public with me, Baby!”Shi Ran: “...Are you sure you didn’t pay to put that headline in the hot search?”

Many Grapes · General
166 Chs

Real And Fake Young Lady: I Have Seven Brothers Pampering Me After I Transmigrated

Chu Ning transmigrated into a novel as a fake young lady who was switched at birth. The real young lady, Ye Ting, was supposedly in Chu Ning’s original poor family, and was forced to drop out of school to work and raise Chu Ning’s seven brothers. In the original story, once the real young lady was reclaimed by the Ye family, the fake young lady’s life fell apart. She started going against the real young lady without knowing that the real young lady was the female lead. The latter even had seven brothers to support her, and she eventually made a comeback with her overwhelming advantage. Meanwhile, the fake young lady had resorted to every scheme she could, even faking suicide, only to end up tragically with everyone hating on her. Chu Ning transmigrated over at the crucial time when the real young lady just returned, and the fake young lady was fighting to stay at the Ye family by threatening suicide. Outside the door, her foster mother spoke in an icy tone, “I don’t care. She has to return to the slums. I get annoyed whenever I look at her now. Why does she get to live a lavish life while my biological daughter had to suffer in the slums? She even had to stop schooling to work and raise her brothers!” Her foster father said, “Still, we’ve raised her all her life, and our family can afford to feed another. Now that she’s threatening suicide, let’s just let her stay.” Chu Ning rushed out of the ward. “I’ll leave! I’ll discharge today and go back at once. I’m not a member of the Ye family, so I have no reason to insist on staying.” Her foster mother was surprised, and her foster father was puzzled. Chu Ning ignored them. After knowing how the original plot went, she set three goals for herself. One, to stay away from the female lead! Two, to stay away from the male lead! Three, to live a good life in the slums! Yet, to her surprise, after being successfully abandoned by the Ye family, her biological brothers all became tycoons in their respective industries. Chu Ning effortlessly made a comeback all of a sudden! Even the male lead who had called off their marriage now forced her into a corner, saying, “Ningning, be mine!”

JQK · General
710 Chs

The Rich Young Lady Destroyed Her Dream Girl Script

Yan Xi was the eldest young lady of the Yan family, the head of Beiqiao City’s top four aristocratic families. Despite her astonishing talents, she was sick and destined to die young. She was an unattainable dream girl for many. She had a dream one day and dreamt that she was in a novel. In the novel, her father adopted a girl named Chen Xiangxiang who looked just like her to alleviate his pain of losing his wife, and soon his daughter. The girl was as docile as a deer and spending time with her was very therapeutic, which made her all the more lovable. This girl became her substitute, and after a series of heart-wrenching incidents, everyone —ranging from her father and her brother to her fiance and her friends— doted on this girl. Meanwhile, Yan Xi fought against the girl in every aspect, and she eventually became the evil second female lead. In the end, she was despised and hated by everyone. After having sulfuric acid splashed onto her face and ended up disfigured, she jumped from a building and fell to her death. After her death, she left a large inheritance which was inherited by the girl. Yan Xi, who used to not care about dying because she regretted not being able to save her mother, did not want to die anymore. She destroyed her dream girl script and decided to stay away from the lunatics around her. At the same time, she decided to live her life well with the intent of stopping anyone who lays their eyes on her assets while she reveals her hidden identities, one by one, and destroys the trash she encounters. During the process, she happened to protect a good-looking young man who was cold and upright. Turns out, he's a big boss with many hidden identities too?

Yijie Jingfu · Urban
563 Chs

Oh, no! I Became the Sister of the Novel's Tragic Heroine!

Yin Xun wanted to read a light-hearted novel, only to be tricked by the synopsis. It turns out that it was an abusive plot, with the male lead causing the female lead's family to fall apart, while he imprisoned her with domestic violence and subjected her to all sorts of torment... only for them to live happily ever after!Finishing the book, Yin Xun complained about the female lead: If I could transmigrate into the book, I will slap you in the face so that you would wake up! What an idiot! Bleurgh! And yet, she transmigrated into the book in the next instant and became the nonexistent sister of the female lead, leaving her speechless. Is it that costly to voice a complaint these days?! She had to transmigrate as payment?!Still, what happened had happened. Rolling up her sleeves, Yin Xun looked at her adorable family and prepared herself to torture the male lead... but at the next instant, her wish came true, as the first slap she gave was to the female lead!What do you mean, we're rich, and it was no skin off our back, so we don't need to give any compensation? This was the starting point of our downfall! Realizing that the female lead was a little skanky and very much deserved to be tormented, Yin Xun decided to straighten her out along with the male lead. Nonetheless, she wanted a trade empire for herself as well, since she couldn't allow her life to revolve around those two... but a certain big-shot got upset as her business began to take off: "What is more important? Me, or your ambition?"Yin Xun: "So, are you cutting ties with me?"Seeing that she did not get what he was saying, the big-shot sighed: "No."The path of wife-chasing was a long one for him!

Mountain Springs · General
670 Chs

The Useless Stepmom Brings Her Kids to Reality TV Shows to Photograph Them

Lin Wan transmigrated into a book and became the stepmother of the male lead. Her husband was an undisputed big shot in commerce and was cold, decisive, and ruthless. Her stepsons were each more eccentric and difficult than the other... until they took part in a variety show as a family. Five families were competing, each of which was perfectly harmonious... Except for Lin Wan's family. Naturally, they were the control group once the variety show aired. Every other family would have scenes of the parents cooking and the children helping adorably, a picturesque sight of family harmony. On the other hand, Lin Wan and her three stepsons ignored each other as they had crackers and ham for their dinners amidst an eerie silence. At night, while the other families went out happily stargazing and moon-watching, Lin Wan and her stepsons told each other horror stories, leaving the viewers petrified! Netizens were flaming as they watched, but they soon noticed that the control group was changing... Even though the eldest son insisted that he disliked his stepmother, he sneaked off to buy her a scarf! The second son declared his favorite person was his father but voted for his stepmother instead! The third son was also caught putting his stepmother's favorite candy below her pillow! The netizens were shocked, but it's true: the tsundere stepsons were extraordinarily close with their stepmother!

Li Shu · General
623 Chs

The Male Lead Suddenly Became My Lapdog after I Annulled Our Engagement

He Miao transmigrated into a book, becoming the ugly, foolish female supporting character who behaved crudely, no thanks to being raised in a village. She kept hovering around the male lead and eventually provoked the female lead, who had a System, and was cheated into losing her company shares. Her own father married her off to a violent, abusive husband, and she ended her life as cannon fodder due to one of his violent fits. To avoid that tragic end, He Miao made two choices. The first was to escape the He family as soon as possible, while the second was...Asking the male lead out for a meeting, she told him, "I don't love you anymore. Let's annul our engagement." Jing Yan, who was still racking his brains on how he could get away from her annoying presence, exclaimed, "Are you serious?"Seeing that he was distrustful, He Miao took out the engagement gifts and stuffed them into his hands, ignoring his scornful reaction as she turned to leave. The annulled engagement meant half of her previous tragic fate was avoided, which improved her mood considerably. Hugging the little dog she adopted, she peppered it with kisses in her cheerful spirit, ignoring the fact that it stiffened in her arms... Still, it started to act weird recently as it would run circles around her in the morning while throwing a fuss at night and trying to run outside, even succeeding a few times. He Miao consulted many veterinarians and experts on the matter, but she did not know that the dog's rebellious attitude was because Jing Yan's soul had transmigrated into it! Everyone knows that Jing Yan's fiancee is an ugly, stupid, annoying village bumpkin who bugged him every day. But she was at least tactful enough to annul their engagement. And yet, the same Jing Yan who had always acted high and mighty knelt in front of a fairy-like girl to help her put on her shoes as he asked unhappily, "It's already been so long... Can we get engaged again already?"Everyone stared blankly, dumbstruck. Wasn't his fiancee supposed to be ugly and stupid? She's clearly enchantingly beautiful! Who spread those rumors in the first place?!

Mountain Springs · General
370 Chs

The Female Supporting Character Outshines the Female Lead

Xia Wei transmigrated as the prettiest woman in a book, but she was merely the evil cannon-fodder female supporting character. This was a novel about showbiz. In the novel, Xia Wei was the female lead's best friend. Due to Xia We's beauty, the female lead had always been secretly envious of her, but Xia Wei also kept her guard up against the female lead. Although she knew she was pretty, any man who came into contact with the female lead would eventually fall in love with her instead. Hence, Xia Wei began to keep her distance from the female lead. After that, she capitalized on her looks to get into showbiz. She also started a relationship with her boss. Just as she thought she'd finally moved away from the female lead's shadow, she suddenly discovered that the female lead had also become an artist at her boyfriend's company. Moreover, the female lead had a romantic relationship with her boyfriend. Xia Wei was triggered and began to go against the female lead. She wanted the female lead to know her place and back off by leaving the company and her boyfriend. However, not only did Xia Wei fail, but her boyfriend also dumped her, and her reputation in showbiz plummeted. Xia Wei finally panicked. She went on a dating show with her ex-boyfriend and the female lead to salvage their relationship and her own reputation. However, several male participants on the show were Xia Wei's ex-boyfriends. They all befriended Xia Wei's ex-boyfriend, who had just dumped her, and the female lead. The only guy remaining was a bigshot actor with countless resources but was deemed cold and unapproachable in showbiz. Xia Wei, who transmigrated into the novel, knew he was way out of her league. Hence, she began to do as she pleased on the show. She waited for the male and female lead to hold each other's hands so that the show would end and she could retire from showbiz. However, to her surprise, the storyline went in a different direction. The other male participants all came to confess their feelings for her. Unfortunately for them, Xia Wei wasn't interested in any of them. Later, the actor, who was way out of her league, posted a photo of them on his social media account. "I'm yours, @XiaWei." Xia Wei responded with her own post. "Please maintain your image as a cold and unapproachable person!"

JQK · Urban
500 Chs

Wedding Night: I Became the Female Supporting Character and Married the Villain!

"Congratulations! Your divorce process will soon be complete. You can finally be rid of that pervert and go looking for true love. Aren't you happy?" "What's there to be happy about?" As a top-notch female celebrity and popular actress, Luo Ying had always been admired by countless male and female fans alike. After waking up, not only did she have to face the reality of transmigrating into a novel, but she also had to get a divorce from the villain in the novel. Her nightmarish life would soon begin! In the novel, Luo Ying had feelings for the male lead. After getting a divorce from the villain, she did everything she could to set the female lead up. In the end, the male lead locked her in a mental asylum and tortured her until she died. Luo Ying shivered at the thought of such an ending. She didn't want to die young. She wanted to stay alive! To protect herself, the top-notch actress with a sweet voice began igniting flames of passion in the villain's heart. "Honey, I'm tired. Please hug me." "Are you sleepy? Do you want me to sing you a lullaby?" Luo Ying thought she had turned off the livestream camera. Little did she know, it was still on. Her husband picked her up and looked at her gently. The way he coaxed her was broadcast on the livestream. On that very day, the entire internet crashed! Netizens: Is this the content I'm supposed to see without paying? God, please give me a husband like him. Please give me a wife like her!

JQK · General
360 Chs

Female Supporting Character Transmigrates into a Book: Sir, Let's Get Married

"Are you even a man? I already came to you with arms wide open. Are you impotent?" Lin Yi, who was drunk, pressed her hands against the man's chest. She thought the man under her was a male prostitute her best friend hired, and that's why she behaved wildly all night long. However, the moment she opened her eyes, she realized she had transmigrated into a novel she had read in the past. She even turned into the cannon-fodder female supporting character who would die early in the story. Meanwhile, the man she thought was a prostitute was actually the devoted male supporting character who was infatuated with the female lead! In the novel, the female supporting character was from a decent family. She was also pretty and attractive. However, she had poor taste and fell in love with the male lead. In fact, she married the male supporting character, Wei Luan, out of spite! Last night happened to be the night they got married! Wei Luan was the poorest man in the village. However, Lin Yi knew how the entire story would unfold and was well aware that he would end up as a rich man. The only problem was that he loved the female lead. However, they were married to each other now. so Lin Yi decided to spend the rest of her life with him. If Wei Luan insisted on being with the female lead, she would let him go. To her surprise, she found out she was pregnant before her anticipation of Wei Luan wanting a divorce came to pass. She was going to have twins! Lin Yi, who wanted to have the children on her own, decided to get a divorce before Wei Luan found out. However, Wei Luan actually teared up and started pleading with her. "Honey, please don't leave me!" Even more surprisingly, the female lead in the novel reincarnated! She patiently waited for Lin Yi and Wei Luan to get a divorce so she could marry Wei Luan instead. The female lead, who knew the story very well from her past life, had no idea that Lin Yi's body had been possessed by someone else. While waiting for Lin Yi and Wei Luan to get a divorce, the female lead had already turned into an old woman.

Mountain Springs · General
40 Chs

Transmigrated as the Ex-Wife of a Heroic Man

Su Wen read a popular period novel about a heroic man who was tough, gave women a sense of security, and was also somewhat cunning and flirty. He was exactly the kind of man she liked. Hence, she paid one million in subscription fees and transmigrated as the male lead's terrible ex-wife. In the novel, the original host was someone who waited at home for love to come knocking on the door. Although she never thought about starting a family, she was a hopeless romantic. Even when the male lead, Jin Datui, eventually showed up, she was persuaded by the sly female lead to fall for a jerk in the nearby village. After Su Wen transmigrated into the novel, she clung to Jin Datui. She worked hard to go from rags to riches. In the end, her younger sisters all became jealous. They cried about wanting to meet a man by waiting at home, just like she did. They even claimed they would name their children with her surname if they had children. Hence, Su Wen began choosing suitable husbands for her sisters. All the candidates were handsome, talented, and well-built. They all came from influential families too. It was so hard to choose! A certain someone, who felt neglected in the corner, pinned her against the door. "Are they as handsome as I am? Are they as well-built as I am? Are their families as influential as mine?" "But... They're my sisters' potential husbands," Su Wen said. "I belong to you. You can have my savings and even my life," he replied. Su Wen woke up the next day to find twenty bank books by her side. She became deep in thought...

Jiangshan Yigu · General
1016 Chs

A Female Forensic Doctor Transmigrates into a Book as the Female Supporting Character

Yin Tao, a modern forensic doctor, transmigrated into a book and became the female lead's older sister. At the same time, she was also the female supporting character for the female lead.After reincarnating, the female lead helped to grow the family's business and married a handsome, talented man. Ever since then, her career and love life began to prosper.However, Yin Tao, who lived with her grandparents in the book, had always been jealous of the female lead because everyone in the family favored her over Yin Tao. Yin Tao grew up and became a forensic doctor. However, due to the nature of her work, she was shunned by her family. In the end, after much pressure from her family, she quit her job and married a man from a rich family.Ever since then, she has had to become a people-pleaser. She could only stand firmly on her feet thanks to her own family and children. Yin Tao was not interested in living such a sorrowful life. All she wanted was to escape from the original storyline and live the simple life she desired.Hence, Yin Tao moved out of the house almost instantly. She moved into a dormitory and buried herself in her work as a criminal investigator. She dealt with corpses every day. She also made use of her knowledge of the book's storyline to earn some money. Just as Yin Tao's life was beginning to get better, and just when she thought she had escaped from the original storyline, a murder crime linked her to the male supporting character who was infatuated with the female lead.Feng Jing became her direct superior! Fortunately, he didn't seem interested in her in the least bit. One day, Yin Tao and Feng Jing found themselves standing before a bloated cadaver that was salvaged from the river. Feng Jing's eyes widened while he looked at her. There was a glimmer in his eyes that could not quite be explained. Yin Tao started speaking hastily. "Don't fall in love with me. I'm only a myth.""..." Feng Jing was speechless.

Mountain Spring · General
412 Chs

The Blessed Farm Girl Has a Spatial Pocket

# BLESSING As soon as she opened her eyes, Li Fu’er had not only just been born in a farmhouse in a mountain, but all her luck that she was supposed to have had also been taken away. Her grandmother was a wild savage, and thought of Li Fu’er as an unlucky child. She would beat and scold Li Fu’er every day. Her aunt thought she was an eyesore and added oil to the fire all day long. She treated her as a servant of the family, and was tempted to skin her from time to time. Her cousin was arrogant and was the one who stole her luck away. She even planted evidence to frame Li Fu’er for her near death. Li Fu’er’s father was the only person in the family who wanted to protect her. However, he was incompetent and cowardly, allowing the older three family members to work her to the bone and bully her. A dignified and lucky girl had been treated worse than a dog in that household. *** But now that she was reborn, she would take back everything that belonged to her! With a spatial pocket in her left hand, and medical skills in her right, plus all the luck from Heaven! No one would stop her from doing what she wanted! Those who wanted to hurt her would feel the hurt on themselves! Those who wanted to scheme against her would find it turned against themselves! As for those who were good to her, she would bless them. [The peasant girl who transmigrated into a novel with a lot of luck VS the hidden royalty of the dynasty]

Lost Hustle · General
40 Chs

The Insignifcant Female Supporting Character Actually Became a Bigshot in the Novel!

Xi Wan transmigrated into a novel! The system tied to her notified her that there had been changes in the major roles in the story! Firstly, the female protagonist was tied to an external hacking system! Secondly, the male protagonist was aware of the entire novel's content! Thirdly, the villain in the novel was reborn and returned! Meanwhile, she had become an enemy to all three of them. As a major character in the novel, she needed to appear at fixed intervals to maintain stability in the world. 'So, did you send me here to die?' Xi Wan wondered.[You can choose to appease the female protagonist, fight for the male protagonist, or join forces with the villain. You have three options to change your fate!] The system announced. Xi Wan snorted and rolled her eyes. She would not choose from any of these three options. Hence, in the face of a tricky situation, while the system tried persuading her to clear her name, Xi Wan decisively backed out. She became an investor instead. Xi Wan smiled at the female protagonist's friend. "It's my pleasure to inform you that you have been kicked out!"[She's the female protagonist's friend. You can use her to win the female protagonist over! But... Nevermind. Since you don't want to suck up to the female protagonist, you can choose to win the male protagonist over instead,] the system responded. When the male protagonist suddenly appeared in front of Xi Wan, she raised her brows. "Do you know why I haven't reached out to you all this time?" Xi Wan asked. The male protagonist shook his head."It's because I don't want you to become someone who ruins another person's marriage. Be a good boy, and forget about me." Xi Wan gently touched the male protagonist's face and walked away.When the system saw Xi Wan getting rid of two leading characters in quick succession, it instantly realized what she was up to. "I get it now. You want to join forces with the villain!" However, Xi Wan whistled as soon as she met the villain for the first time. "Hey, handsome! When are you free? Shall we get a divorce?" Just as the system believed this world could not be salvaged after seeing Xi Wan's behavior, it realized Xi Wan not only escaped from her original fate, which was a terrible one, but she also became increasingly popular! The villain, reborn and waiting for Xi Wan to betray him, fell deep into thought after seeing Xi Wan live her leisurely life.'Who am I? Where am I? I feel like a joke for being so defensive against you...' The villain thought.

I Love Chocolate · General
320 Chs

Help! The Frosty Noble’s Son Is in Love With Me!

# 1v1 # HAPPYENDING # DIMENSIONAL # NOBILITY Qu Fulan transmigrated into a historical fiction novel titled ‘The Noble Daughter Falls from Grace’. She was now the female lead, who was reduced from nobility to another noble's handmaiden as her family went through hard times. Having learned the plot of the story and obtained a pocket dimension, she quickly set three objectives for herself. One: Evolving from a maid who only did menial tasks into a vital retainer Two: Reclaim her slave contract Three: Earn enough money to fill her pocket dimension With all three objectives complete, she happily took her slave contract and left without a word to her former master. Nonetheless, the guards stopped her at the gates. "You cannot leave, madam." Qu Fulan was dumbstruck. "What did you call me?" "Madam," the guard replied. "You cannot leave as you have accepted the marriage certificate." Qu Fulan promptly took the slave contract out of her backpack, and was almost blinded by the two words gleaming brightly on the sheet: Marriage Certificate! *** Mr. Pei had never suffered any defeats in life, but seemed to repeatedly suffer setbacks after falling in love with this woman. Setback one: Everyone said that ladies loved white peonies, so he bought her some... Only to find out that she preferred to walk in the snow while looking at flowering plums. Setback two: Everyone said that ladies must never be spoiled, and would get flustered if you cold-shoulder them for days... But he got flustered before she did. Setback three: After going to great lengths and finally making him fall for her, it turns out that she preferred managing businesses!

Frozen River Old Moon · General
40 Chs

I Got Divorced as Soon as I Transmigrated Into a Book!

# PRETENDTOBEAFOOL Even though Bai Yun’s parents died when she was young, her grandfather was a retired special forces soldier and her grandmother was from a cultural art troupe. Both of them loved her a lot. One taught her how to defend herself with martial arts, while the other taught her all she needed to know about life. Bai Yun worked hard too, and at twenty-three years old, she won her first international actress award. However, on the happiest day of her life, she transmigrated into an extremely melodramatic novel. She became a lowly female cannon fodder who was written off in less than three chapters. In the book, Bai Yun had lived in a repressed environment since she was young, which made her cowardly as well as lacking in opinion and love. That made her an easy target for bad guys. Her only friend regarded her as a tool and wanted to sell Bai Yun to pave a way for herself. Bai Yun’s husband also decided to leave her because she filed for divorce three times a day, and he fell for someone else. Before her career in the entertainment industry took off, she was cursed and scolded on public platforms for her poor acting and her continuous blunders. Bai Yun, who had just transmigrated, didn’t even have time to adjust to her new identity when divorce papers were thrown at her. Bai Yun: “Can we stay together?” Chu Jiang: “It’s too late.” “Okay.”Since their marriage couldn’t be saved, Bai Yun decisively signed the papers and proactively went about saving her acting career that was on the verge of collapsing at any time. When netizens first saw Bai Yun appearing on the screen: “She’s yesterday’s news already, yet she’s still trying to turn things around? If she can do it, I’ll stand upside down and wash my hair.”Later, in an online drama, she was devastatingly beautiful and her dancing charmed everyone’s hearts. On variety shows, she relied on her attitude and strength to turn the tables and become the national goddess. A brand that was about to go bankrupt asked Bai Yun to be their spokesperson. People clamored for the goods, and the crisis was successfully overcome! As Bai Yun’s worth and brilliance spread further, many more people and fans couldn’t help but worry about their idol’s marriage. Just when the fans were matchmaking Bai Yun with the men in the entertainment industry, a certain man couldn’t sit still any longer.“Darling, I was wrong. Can we remarry?”

JQK · General
40 Chs

The Eloping Female Supporting Character Transmigrates and Changes Her Fate!

Zhou Miao transmigrated into a book. The lead characters led sweet, blissful lives... but regrettably, Zhou Miao was not the female lead! Instead, she was cannon fodder and a side character. Though she married rich as well, she spurned her autistic husband, cheated on him, and eloped! Nonetheless, she was tied to an unknown system the day she transmigrated. It had the ability to observe her husband's mood, while informing her that the female lead intended to steal her husband from her! Once her defense rating dropped to zero, she would die... and she only had three days to fix that. If she wanted to reclaim what had been taken from her and stay alive, she must farm the happiness rating of her autistic husband. But with her fate tied to another person's mood, Zhou Miao wondered, ‘Isn't this life too harsh?’ Making an autistic person happy... How was it different from killing her? At night, she lifted an eyebrow as she watched a huge sad emoji linger over her husband's head as he sat on the edge of the bed, pouting and holding a teddy bear in his arms. Zhou Miao: Oh, what's wrong? You're unhappy? When I'm playing with you while putting my survival on the line?! Still, as he kept throwing a fit, she leaned in with a gentle smile and placed a soft peck on the tip of his ear. "What, you're not happy? How about another kiss?" A pretty pink appeared over the spot she kissed, and the huge sad emoji turned into a smiling emoji so enormous it almost hit Zhou Miao on the head. Watching her adorable husband and brushing her hair behind her ear, Zhou Miao thought to herself, ‘Elope? Not in this life! I will never get sick of freeloading or my handsome husband!’

ACEE · General
40 Chs