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I Got Stronger By Using Copper Coins Until I Am Invincible

"Five years! Do you know how these five years have been for me?" It had been five years since Gongzi Liang was transmigrated to a fantasy world and had received the Legendary Gold System. However, the system kept nagging him to top up every time. [$3 for God's Ring, $6 for first-time reward, $18 for enhancement, $28 for God-tier Beast...] Gongzi Liang could only look at all the god-tier rewards and couldn't do anything because he didn't have money. But, he did realize that he could level up his skills and strengthen his body by using copper coins. It could save him 99.99% of training. It wasn't even hard for him to jump a few ranks in one day. He would also gain coupons by completing the daily missions. Just like that, Gongzi Liang became obsessed with completing his daily missions...

White Foxes Are Not White · Eastern Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Lord At War: The Rise Of The Cursed Land

A summons from an earl forced a baron's useless second son to become the earl's son in law. He received the title of an earl and land as well. The title and land would help save him 30 years of hard work. However, the land he received was the infamous Cursed Land. The useless second son was so shocked when he learned that and died of a heart attack. It was then a soul from Earth entered the dead man's body... What? The Cursed Land? Isn't this more like the Blessed Land? Did you guys not see how happy life here is? How happy my subjects are? Dark Beings? I'm sorry, but they are nothing more than couriers... This was a magical world where a comet shower would appear once every Sunday. As the comet shower occurred, there was a chance that a magical creature would be born from it, the Elemental Spirits. The known Elemental Spirits were as below. Green Spirits that could increase the production rate of corps. Violet Spirits that could increase the grade of corps. Yellow Spirits that could randomly spawn ores in the ground. Blue Spirits that could transform the land to a specific animal's favorite spot. Of course, most of the time, the creatures that came with the comet showers weren't Elemental Spirits but Dark Beings.

Angry Knight · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

I Have Six Hacks

Dian Wei was transmigrated to another world, and on his first day, he almost died in the hands of a demon. He heard an old legend of the new world, that demons could transform into humans and hide among human. They would choose who they wanted to consume. Dian Wei understood that the world was too dangerous, but fortunately, he had a hack, the Golden Dice. One hack was not enough for him, but as he rolled the dice, he would have six hacks.

Rolling God · Eastern Fantasy
Not enough ratings