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I Got Stronger By Using Copper Coins Until I Am Invincible

"Five years! Do you know how these five years have been for me?" It had been five years since Gongzi Liang was transmigrated to a fantasy world and had received the Legendary Gold System. However, the system kept nagging him to top up every time. [$3 for God's Ring, $6 for first-time reward, $18 for enhancement, $28 for God-tier Beast...] Gongzi Liang could only look at all the god-tier rewards and couldn't do anything because he didn't have money. But, he did realize that he could level up his skills and strengthen his body by using copper coins. It could save him 99.99% of training. It wasn't even hard for him to jump a few ranks in one day. He would also gain coupons by completing the daily missions. Just like that, Gongzi Liang became obsessed with completing his daily missions...

White Foxes Are Not White · Eastern Fantasy

Reincarnation: I Have Always Been Rich

"Qu Meng'er was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but her father had tampered with her brakes and ended her life in a car accident. Little did Qu Meng'er expect that her death would make her reborn. When she reopened her eyes, she had become a little bundle, a little bundle born in the 70s that had been discarded after someone wrongly took her away. Qu Meng'er, the abandoned baby, was adopted by the Chen couple. Qu Meng'er also changed her name to Chen Meng'er. Therefore, Chen Meng'er started to live her life anew. She wanted to see what kinds of changes Chen Meng'er would bring to the poverty-stricken Chen family with her personal spatial dimensions, memories and knowledge from her previous life. She also wanted to know how she would be when she came face to face with the members of the Qu family who wanted her to return home. "

Ai Guo · Contemporary Romance

My Cards Can Be Fused Limitlessly

This is a world of card warriors. Collect materials, strengthen your cards, find the secret blueprints, and fuse cards to form new ones! Zhou Nan spent 69 days completing the hidden achievement in order to change his occupation to the Black Card Emperor. The Black Card Emperor is the only hidden occupation. He doesn’t need the secret blueprint to fuse the cards, and can fuse limitlessly! As such… All sorts of strange cards emerged!

Sword Tower · Video Games

Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game

Fang Heng was transmigrated to a parallel world and his soul was forced into the body of a man who had just committed suicide. Huh? What? Every human here was being forced to join a game? Those who refused would be killed? Wait? This suicide dude was a pro gamer? He had the highest S-rank talent sill, the Zombie Clone? Damn! The S-rank skill evolved! My zombie clones could auto hunt! [Your zombie army has crafted Wooden Axe x720 when you were offline. You have received 1921 experience points for the Basic Crafting skill.] [Your zombie army has chopped down 27,821 trees and gathered 128,973 pieces of wood while you were offline. You have received 2,171,921 experience points for the Basic Wood Chopping skill.] Just as the rest of the players were struggling to survive in the zombie apocalyptic game, Fang Heng's zombie clones were starting to clear every resource out of the forest. Hm... What an interesting game!

Empire Black Knight · Video Games

I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

The following were the talents of other cultivators: Divine Spiritual Root, Unique Body, Double Eyes, Divine Bones. This was the talent of Chen Jingzhai: Bug Abuse. Chen Jingzhai did not have any unique talent until he found out he could abuse bugs. When he encountered a new martial art, he could instantly see the pros and cons and the weakness of the art. When he fought, he could notice his opponent's weakness and use that to his advantage. When he brewed pills, he could abuse a special bug that allowed him to mass-produce high-quality pills. Not only he could discover bugs while cultivating, but also in some special circumstances. With the help of his new power, he began on a one-of-a-kind cultivation journey where he would become a legend.

Silent Sausage · Eastern Fantasy

Wedding Night: I Am Forced To Marry A Dragon Girl

Jiang Xiaobai reincarnated to another world and was forced to marry a dragon. Moreover, it was a hot-tempered female dragon. Jiang Xiaobai was in despair when he thought of his future of being tortured by his wife. He could not choose his fate of being reincarnated, but he could choose to be a faithful man even though he had to marry an irascible dragon maiden! [Ding! God-tier Option System has been activated after sensing your earnest summon.] [Option 1: Marry her. Reward: Dragon Essence and Tiger Bone Pills] [Option 2: Reject her. Reward: Demigod level cultivation] [Option 3: Boldly speak your mind about her. Reward: Innate Body of the Way and God-level martial arts technique.] Jiang Xiaobai wondered, “Should I marry her or should I reject her?”

Heaven Forbidden Killingtransmigration · Eastern Fantasy

Training Through The Game

The developers claimed, “Divine Martial Realm is an ordinary virtual game.” Lu Yu was speechless when he read his friend’s warning: there was a high chance of players experiencing brain death in real life when they died in the game. The advertisement claimed, “The producers of Divine Martial Realm are devoted to creating a lifelike gaming world for its players. Each player will get the most authentic experience in the game.” Lu Yu glanced at the iron railing which he accidentally crushed. The game allowed him to experience the effects of cultivation in real life. The fans claimed, “Divine Martial Realm is a thoughtful game that does not have any in-app purchases.” Lu Yu looked at the In-Game Store that only he had and silently made some in-game purchases. A game that could not make any in-game purchases was soulless.

Asking Heaven For Directions · Eastern Fantasy

Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability

When she woke up, she had transmigrated into An Jiuyue, a woman living with two young children on a mountain after her husband abandoned her. She was pushed to the ground, and now, there was a bloody wound on her head. With only a handful of rice left in the rice bag, she had relied on digging wild vegetables to satisfy their hunger every day. Her children were so often starved that they were all skin and bones. On top of that, a wicked woman threatened her to sell her son! If she refused, the woman would snatch him away forcefully. But An Jiuyue took a deep breath, revealed her sharp claws, beat the woman up, and threw her out of the house. She could show the woman she was not to be messed with! They were out of rice and vegetables now, but she was not afraid. Acquiring food using her spatial abilities was as easy as curling her fingers! Moreover, her spatial abilities were unlimited, and her medical skills did not deteriorate. She could no doubt earn money and raise her children well! As for her ex-husband… The prince, who had returned from the battlefield, smiled maliciously. "My beloved concubine, please calm down. I brought back a mountain of gold from the battlefield as a gift for you and our children."

Slightly Attractive · Contemporary Romance