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Who Beheaded The Queen

Who Beheaded The Queen

HIATUS Welcome to wonderland! The queen of hearts mysteriously disappeared! and in order for you to stay alive, you must find out where she is! Whoops Silly Dilly me I forgot... There was a coffin containing her body found last week but her head was missing! Talk about Irony. Welp, game rules changed! In order for you to keep your head and stay alive! You must find out who this mystery murderer is! Everybody in the Palace Hearts counts on you my lady... Without further or due let's begin the game! I think I'll name this game...Where is- No no no that's too shallow...Aha!- Wait that's mad as well, I know! I'll call it "Who beheaded the queen!" Genius hatter, genius and maybe you can have some tea later... See you in wonderland! -Hatter Once again, picture is not mine. Credit goes to the real owners of the picture. This was only used for creativity and fun.

Park_Shiro · Fantasy Romance
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