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The Evil Villainess' Sweet Love Story

Accidentally reborn, Xu Wanwan realized that she was living in a novel and was currently the unlucky cannon fodder, while the fake daughter of a wealthy family was the extremely lucky original female lead! Her birthright was stolen? 'Sure, take it.' Her parents were stolen? 'I don't need them anymore.' Her luck was stolen? 'Well this is the easiest to deal with, I'll just find the luckiest person in the novel and rub some off him!' Cue Li Jingran, pretty much the embodiment of luck. The closer you got to him, the luckier you became. There was no way she was going to let such a plug-in slip through her fingers. As she rubbed off his luck, she regained her good grades, her beauty, her status, and even her horrible parents who were now filled with regret and wanted to reinstate her. Li Jingran pulled her into his arms domineeringly and said, "Where did this trash come from? Leave my darling alone!" Xu Wanwan, "I thought I was supposed to be the evil villainess? Why am I so professional at lovey-dovey behavior?"

Crane of Bright Flowers · Contemporary Romance

Reborn Just To Be a Big Shot Family Freeloader

After a huge fire that broke out at home, Yan Qixun had inexplicably regained memories of her past life as a scientist. Then, she realized her whole family had coincidentally regained memories of their past lives as well. After that, she found out her family members all used to be some big shot or another. Her father was the oldest mythical dragon, her mother was a deity, her oldest brother was a crown prince, her older sister was the best physician in history, her younger sister was a plant spirit, and her second brother was an immortal. This made Yan Qixun constantly feel like she did not belong among her family because of how insignificant she was in comparison. That was alright, though, because while her family was great at humbling others, they had to depend on her when it came to farming and building infrastructure. The scholar proclaims that she quite enjoys the life of a freeloader.

Guo Fears Fat · Contemporary Romance

Six Cuties, and All of Them Are Bigshots

It was completely by accident that Su Li got pregnant. No one knew who the children's father was, not even herself. The neighbours' gossip and the pervasive online jokes about the sextuplets made her a laughing stock overnight. Su Li fled to another village and returned with her six children five years later. However, just as she was struggling to raise her children, a mysterious man approached her and claimed to be the father of the sextuplets. "Woman, tell me honestly, who have you seduced these past four years?" By chance, she found out that the father of her children was the most powerful man in the capital. He was decisive and cold-blooded, yet he doted on her so much—the only one he treated in such a manner. The sextuplets were all geniuses, each more outstanding than the last. The eldest son, "I want to study hard and buy a big villa for Mom in the future! Because our neighbor, Auntie Zhang, always brags that her son bought her a big villa!" The second child, "I want to be a singer and sing for Mom every day in the future, because Mom laughs very happily every time she hears that song!" The third child, "I want to learn how to cook well. In the future, I'm going to cook delicious food for Mom everyday. How dare Auntie Gu always say that Mom can't afford to eat in high-class restaurants." … The sixth child, "I want to join a triad. If anyone dares to bully Mom in the future, I'll kill them!" Su Li looked worried. "Children, don't let your thoughts run wild. Study hard, and improve yourselves every day, alright!"

Green Bean · Romance


A woman Maya Kamila (25 years) who works in the Night World as a prostitute with high rates that not just any man can hire. Edgar Candra (27 years) a head of the mafia kingpin who is wanted by the police because he is suspected of having killed a member of the police on duty. They met in an equally tense situation. Maya runs away from her customer who has a piscopate soul and Edgar runs away from the police who want his death. "Hi!! what ... are you doing?" Maya shouted when Edgar's large body pressed her behind the thicket where he was hiding from the pursuit of Anton, her customer, who has a psychopathic spirit. "Shut up!! save me from the cop chase, and I'll save you!" Edgar whispered as he wiped Maya's moist lips with his breathless. Will the two of them fall in love with the events of that fateful and exciting night ?? How do the two of them face the chase of those who want their death ??

Nickscart_2 · Teen

Entertainment Queen System

〚Ding! System fully installed~ Hello Host. I am System Number 086 also known as the Entertainment Queen System.〛 Wu Fei is a shut-in second generation young miss. Ever since she turned eighteen, the young woman stayed in her bedroom playing games and watching shows. Fast forward to two years, now 20, Wu Fei shocked her family and friends by suddenly appearing in an entertainment program. From a shut-in who relied on her family's care and support, can she rise up and dominate the entertainment circle?! Wu Fei: "System, can this little student go back home? I don't want to come here ah." System 086: "Request processing. Ding! Request denied. Reminding host that failure to complete this task will lead to extermination!" Wu Fei: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ "@$$%#!!" I want to go home and play games!!!

TenShi27 · Contemporary Romance

Heart Of Two Halves

*Mature Content* Rochelle made a spiteful wish on her twin sister's life. She wanted her sister's life to be destroyed. So she could claim her perfect life, her career, her title as the country's national fairy, and her perfect husband for herself. She had always been jealous of her sister's life because no matter what she did, it turned out to be a failure. While her sister succeeded in everything she touched. Little did she except for her wish to come true. But is it really what she wanted and can she handle the price of her wish? Now face with having to walk in her sister's shoes, can she really fit in the shoes that weren't hers to begin with?

Xizzem · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

Ronnie H

She was not considered a raving beauty~ And it's a hard life being ugly. Ronnie Herkley wondered what it feels like to be pretty And her wish comes true. 5 powerstones= 2chs Cover belongs to Owner: Vita Illustrations_

FavourEkele_1969 · Teen
Not enough ratings


Calley Addelliene age 26 aka broken hearted from a 2 year relationship gone terribly sour finds herself drawn to a man who is known to be Playboy. One day she walks into a private room at a club and finds herself staring into the eyes of her perfect target the gorgeous playboy who has never had a long term relationship Xai Andrews who has a tall gorgeous blonde sitting in his lap legs wrapped around his waist kissing his neck. Calley has locked in on his beautiful blue eyed gaze as he is making out with this other woman. He smiles devilish at Calley and winks at her while keeping contact with her. He takes the blonde hair bombshells shirt of and touches her breasts while staying in contact with Calley. She thinks to herself “He’s the one perfect for a one night stand. One night of total pleasure and payback for the many years that she was loyal to a cheating egomaniac man.

Simplylovesnov_100 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings