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I Was Seduced Into a Marriage After Failing to Charm the Tyrannical Bigshot

# THERAPEUTIC # WIFESPOILING # STUBBORN Sang Qianqian, the eldest daughter of the Sang family, was eighteen when she fell in love with Shen Hanyu at first sight."I love you, Shen Hanyu." "But I don't," Shen Hanyu replied ruthlessly, his every word determined. "Not now, not ever."Furious, the wealthy daughter planned her revenge against Shen Hanyu but somehow discovered that he would eventually become a cold-blooded, tyrannical big-shot who would destroy her family! Her spite towards him skyrocketed, but after she left, he missed Sang Qianqian like crazy, who was now leading a carefree life after moving far away and faking her death. Suddenly, she heard the news that Shen Hanyu, now a magnate and seemingly crazier, had her grave exhumed and was now on the search for her. Alarmed, she quickly packed up her things to go on the run again... only to find the man himself standing outside her door, breathing through gritted teeth, "Running again? Go for it."Knowing that escape was futile, Sang Qianqian changed her approach and tried to charm her way out of the dangerous situation, only to fail and end up submitting herself.***Years later, realizing she had been tricked, Sang Qianqiang threw the divorce papers in front of Shen Hanyu. "I want a divorce!"Shen Qianyu simply pulled her into his arms and leaned in for a kiss. Pulling away after a long while, he asked hoarsely, "Still want a divorce?"Left dazed by the kiss, Song Qianqian mumbled, "N-No..." "Then call me darling." "D-Darling..."Shen Hanyu nodded in satisfaction. "Good girl."

Little Tower of Blossoms · General
517 Chs

Help! The Seductive Villain Chases Me Everyday to Expose My Other Identities!

# REALANDFAKEYOUNGLADY Shi Ran encountered an accident and transmigrated into a novel. She became a small-time cannon fodder supporting character in the story and was also a fake daughter who was not as good as the female lead of the plot. It was probably easier to just stop trying so hard and let herself go. Anti-fans: “Our Feifei’s skills are killing it!”The next day, Shi Ran’s first drama was released, and her seven-second appearance in the clip became viral on the internet, overshadowing the female lead, Shi Wenfei. It was smooth sailing for Shi Ran after that, and she even won the best actress award in one fell swoop. Anti-fans: “Our Feifei can sing and even write her own songs. What can Shi Ran do?”Elite Emperor: I won the Best Golden Song Award this time, and it’s all thanks to my awesome composer @ShiRan!Anti-fans: “!!!”One day, when a live stream was ongoing, anti-fans poured into the channel frantically, abusing the bullet comments and cursing in barrages. Anti-fans: “Our Feifei has gotten engaged with Young Master Zhou! Her fiance is tall, rich, and handsome! He pampers her, unlike you, who's unwanted!” “Babe, where are my things?” A man’s deep, magnetic voice silenced the barrages of comments. In the next second, a man with an enchanting look appeared in front of the camera. Everyone was shocked! It was the Chu family’s future head, Chu Jinchen! The man’s black eyes swept across the barrage of comments flying on the page. Pretending to be puzzled, he said, “The Zhou family? Who’re they?”Shi Ran looked at him, who was obviously humblebragging, and said, “I’m live streaming now.” “Why don’t you live stream something more interesting?” Saying that, the man leaned closer and behaved intimately. Everyone watching broke out into indulgent smiles. Then the camera went black, and the live stream ended. Everyone slammed their keyboards frantically. No! Continue the live stream! Come on! The next day…#Actress goes public with her relationship# was on the hot search. Chu Jinchen: “You’re finally willing to go public with me, Baby!”Shi Ran: “...Are you sure you didn’t pay to put that headline in the hot search?”

Many Grapes · General
166 Chs

The Real Rich Daughter is Exposed at a Variety Show

Bai Lin is the real rich daughter and was found at eight, but the fake rich daughter's ploy forced her parents to send her back to the village for twelve years.Returning to her family after twelve years, all she received was scorn instead of concern.Mr. Bai: "Change your bumpkin habits and act like a proper daughter from a wealthy family."Mrs. Bai: "Straighten out your fashion taste. We can have you join your sister's variety show and see the world."Bai Lin's brother: "Do you even know how to play video games?"Bai Lin decided to leave since she was not here to suffer their scorn and was about to leave unceremoniously when the fake rich daughter insincerely stopped her: "Come home! I'm willing to go even if I can't bear to leave my parents... just promise to let me visit them from time to time, okay?"The fake rich daugthter's words made Bai Lin suffer even more scorn, with the internet flaming her and her family distancing themselves. Everyone was convinced that she was shameless and trying to steal the limelight from the fake rich daughter at the variety show, yet... A certain star celebrity: Everyone, this is my little sister!A certain top martial artist: Everyone, this is my master! A certain mercenary leader: Hey, that's my boss!Then, a certain movie star took a photo of him being intimate with Bai Lin, officially announcing that they were married!The internet blew up the instant the news was published! When did that happen? Wasn't he supposed to be cold and proud? Why is he acting so spoiled? We want our cool movie star back!

JQK · General
520 Chs

Stepped Over Her Vicious Stepsister To Become The True Bigshot!

Gu Man, who transmigrated from ancient times, woke up in the body of the Gu family’s second daughter. As soon as she woke up, she saw the fiance of the original body who had hooked up with her stepsister. Faced with the scumbag’s confident questioning, disgusted gaze and a slap to her face, Gu Man’s reaction was to return a fierce blow to him. She hit him until he was dizzy and knelt to the ground, his lower body covered in cold sweat. Gu Man only realized that a video of her walking into the room had been leaked after she left, and the matter had begun to spread rapidly. Countless people insulted Gu Man and called her a mistress. Faced with a two-faced stepsister, a malicious and deceiving stepmother who climbed her way up from being a mistress, and a father who couldn’t tell wrong from right and treated her as more of an adopted daughter, as well as those stupid onlookers who didn’t know the truth of the matter and called her a country girl… Gu Man ignored them all. The top scorer in the college entrance examination, top hacker, divine doctor, financial tycoon… All kinds of identities were attached to a single person. Gu Man relied on her own strength to ruthlessly slap them all back in the face! The noble Xiang family’s eldest son, a powerful man in the capital, even declared to the public that his wife was mischievous, and that he would take the blame if she made a mistake. Just when everyone was wondering who this sweet wife of his was, the entertainment headlines published a photo of him holding his sweet wife as they walked in and out of a high-end hotel. The woman in the picture was Gu Man! Xiang family’s son: Everyone, meet my wife!

Mountain Springs · General
820 Chs

Real Young Lady Pampered By Bigshots After Coming Home

Since a young age, Su Qing already knew she was adopted and that her adopted parents didn’t like her. Hence, she learned to be independent as a child and became quite aloof. Aside from being slightly warmer toward her grandmother who she had lived with, she was indifferent to everyone else. Fearful that Su Qing’s mental health might be affected after her grandmother’s death, the doctors helped Su Qing find her biological parents and threatened them into taking Su Qing back. However, once Su Qing returned to Su Manor, she was immediately cornered by her five older brothers, all warning her not to get too close to them! Su Qing, who held no expectations for the Su family, chose to ignore them. To everyone’s surprise, after a certain period of time, these five brothers seemed to have changed and kept hounding Su Qing. Big Brother: This luxury mansion is for you. Do you like it? Second Brother: I heard you like sports cars. I just acquired this company, so just tell them what kind of sports car you like and they’ll make it for you. Third Brother: There’s a hundred million yuan in this card. Just ask me for more if this isn’t enough. Fourth Brother, carrying his laptop: I have scandals on everyone. You can see them all! Popular hunk Fifth Brother: I’ll scold whoever bullies you with my main social media account! When a man, who was kicked under the bed the first time they met, appeared at Su Manor’s door, asking Su Qing to proceed with their marriage as promised, all five brothers flew into a rage. “Scram! She’s our sister!” The man said, “Excuse me, she’s my wife.”

JQK · General
720 Chs

I'm Hoarding for the Apocalypse

In the second year of the apocalypse, Du Yue died alone, killed by apathy and exposure to extreme weather. Somehow, she opened her eyes to find herself not only alive, but also back when it was three months before the apocalypse. Despite the surprise, she thought about the upcoming disasters and upheavals. First, it was the fog that carried a virus that stayed for a month. Then, global temperatures rose to over 120 degrees, evaporating most of the world's water and melting all the icebergs. After that were level-10 earthquakes, cyclones, tsunamis, permanent eclipse, and avid rain... and that was not all, because after global warming, came global freezing. As temperatures dropped to below negative fifty, the savagery humans displayed was far worse than any imagined horrors like zombies! Knowing what was coming, Du Yue sold off her family property and used the pocket dimension her mother left her to hoard as many resources as possible, so that she could survive the apocalypse. Meat? Grain? Oil? Spices? Weather gear? She bought everything! Steaks, French fries, spaghetti, and canned food must all be stocked up! To He Xing, the male lead, she was a god and the key to surviving the apocalypse! Having thought of the apocalypse, Du Yue sold off her family property and used the pocket dimension her mother left her to hoard as many resources as possible, so that she could survive the apocalypse. Meat? Grain? Oil? Spices? Weather gear? She bought everything! Steaks, french fries, spaghetti and canned food must all be stocked up! To He Xing, the male lead, she is a god and the key to surviving the apocalypse!

Struggle · General
620 Chs

The Ghost King’s Wife is Sassy and Beautiful

# 1V1 Yun Ran, mercenary queen of the apocalyptic world unexpectedly transmigrated into the ugly, stupid second lady of the Prime Minister’s mansion with two little adorable three-year-old kids. Adorable baby 1 was a genius poison doctor who had a photographic memory and was “unremarkable”.Adorable baby 2 awakened the ultimate spiritual root that only appeared once every thousand years. When he pounds the ground with his small fist, the ground would shake. As for her, she had a spatial pocket with treasures in it. She contracted an ancient divine beast and refined peerless divine pills!***Just as Yun Ran was gearing up to experience the joy of beating up scumbags…Can someone tell her why these few bigshots suddenly appeared before her?! The top tyrant: “I have a throne that you should inherit when you have the time.” The cold-blooded war god: “I think you have the talent to be a great general. Look at the millions of soldiers I have…” The best royal merchant: “Come, I’ll let you taste the joy of being the richest woman in the world.” Sinister state preceptor: “I’ll stab and curse whoever bullies you.” A certain ghost king traps her in his arms and snorts coldly, “Close the door and release the demons. No one should even think of coveting my treasure.” Yun Ran: “???”***Rumor has it that the ghost king, Mo Beiyuan, has a pair of ghostly eyes. He was born under the destructive lone star, was bad towards women and was the most messed up character in all five countries. Yun Ran not only messed with him, but also wormed her way into his heart.#He was once a demon in the darkness, but he was willing to step out of the abyss of hell for her.#

Peach Three Branches · General
926 Chs

I Transmigrated As A Villain's Mother

# cinderella # supportingcharacter Song Ci transmigrated into a book as a cannon fodder supporting female character with a burden, also known as her younger brother. The burden Song Yujin said calmly, “Do you plan on hitting me today? If so, hurry up. I have homework to do.” Song Ci was speechless. Wasn’t this the male lead who was tortured by his sister at a young age, and then grew up and tortured the sister back?! As she recalled how the story progressed, Song Ci shuddered and revealed a kind smile. “Yujin, go on and do your homework if you want to. Are you hungry? Why don’t I make you something?” Song Yujin became wary as if his sister was now using a new method to torture him. Song Ci tried several times to gain Song Yujin’s favor but failed, and that made her want to cry. This day, their cheapskate aunt who rarely paid them a visit suddenly showed up. “Cici, take your cousin’s place and marry Lu Gan. Both of you have burdens so you won’t complain about each other.” Song Ci was speechless. What kind of bullsh*t was this? She had read the book and knew the real story. Their aunt’s family only aimed for Lu Gan because of his good looks and wealthy family background. But now that Lu Gan’s legs were ruined in a car crash, they were trying to push this mess to her instead! Song Ci said, “Sure, I’ll marry him.” Song Ci wanted to refuse, but then she remembered that Lu Gan and his ruthless son ended up hating her in the book for refusing the marriage! If she didn’t agree, her life would be endangered! After they got married… Lu Gan: My dear, are you hungry? Why don’t I make you something? The great villain: Mom, I earned a billion. That’ll be your pocket money! Song Yujin: I saw a rather acceptable necklace in an auction. It’s almost worthy of you, I guess. Song Xi was speechless. All of a sudden, she was being pampered by bigshots!

Friday · General
670 Chs

Love After Marriage, He Got A Free Wife

Business tycoon Ji Lingchen swore not to take a wife. He didn’t even have scandals to his name. Until one day, when a wife was forced upon him, Young Master Ji began a new chapter in his life! Assistant Jiang: Young Master Ji, Madam trashed Zhang Manor. Ji Lingchen: Get more people to help her out. Assistant Jiang: Uhm… Ji Lingchen: Wait, has she calmed down? Assistant Jiang: No. Ji Lingchen: Inform the board to start the project of acquiring Zhang Group! Assistant Jiang: Young Master Ji, Madam beat up Young Master Wei, and now he’s hospitalized. Ji Lingchen: Has she had enough? Assistant Jiang: Doesn’t seem like it. Ji Lingchen: Let her continue. One day, Ji Lingchen learned that Fang Xiaonuan had gotten into another fight. He slammed the table and got up. “Fang Xiaonuan, are you asking for a beating?” Fang Xiaonuan retorted, “Darling, you’ve changed. You didn’t use to be this way…” Ji Lingchen pointed to her protruding belly and said, “You were alone before this!” To be fighting when she was seven months pregnant not only frightened her opponent, but she also scared the wits out of Ji Lingchen. Yet, Fang Xiaonuan was feeling pleased that she managed to win without a fight! Fang Xiaonuan’s anger subsided and she stared at Ji Lingchen with puppy dog eyes as if she had been badly bullied. “You win. You rascal, can you wait until the little rascal is safely born before you go fighting again?”

sisi · General
320 Chs

I Repeated The Same Day For 500 Years

Jiang Tong was a person who had no tomorrow. She was stuck in an endless loop, repeating the same day, 4th April of the year 2022. From the initial excitement up until despair, Jiang Tong had tried everything to escape. She killed herself countless times, using different methods, but she would always wake up on the day of 4th April 2022. To pass her unlimited time, she learned more than a thousand and three hundred skills. From languages, to shooting skills, culinary skills, performing arts, etc. Jiang Tong learned everything imaginable. She enjoyed the excitement and hotblooded fights brought about by wrestling; she enjoyed the speed and thrill brought about by car racing; the pleasure of seducing and tasting all kinds of handsome men; the therapeutic sensations of playing various instruments. No matter how much trouble she got into, when it got to four in the morning, she would suddenly fall asleep and wake up on the morning of 4th April. Until… After countless trials and errors, she finally managed to bed Z City’s most dignified but also the weakest young master, Ji Lanzhou. Ji Lanzhou was the Ji family’s youngest young master. Due to his frail body, he was the apple of the Ji family’s eye. No one in Z City dared to mess with him. But Jiang Tong didn’t care because she would have to relive this day again tomorrow. Yet… When dawn came, Jiang Tong was shocked to find Ji Lanzhou sleeping on her bed when she opened her eyes. The man even looked pale from having overexerted himself. Jiang Tong was delighted! She looked at her phone, and the date showed 5th April, 2022! After five hundred years, more than a hundred and eighty days, she was finally out of the loop! Ji Lanzhou woke up to see Jiang Tong laughing and crying like a mad woman. He pursed his pale lips and said, “Liar.” Jiang Tong raised an eyebrow. “It was an accident, Sweetie. So now I have to run for my life.” Ji Lanzhou was baffled.

Cow Cow Cow · General
370 Chs

Enchanted By His Charm

Doctor Irish Lane- 28 years old, was a renowned psychologist in New York. She looked stunningly attractive, sexy, and intelligent—a real beauty that undeniably captured every man’s attention. Joseph Dover- a Ph.D in Economics, a diamonds and gemstones expert and the CEO of the Runestone Group, appeared cruel and heartless in the eyes of his business rivals; however, his life abruptly changed when Irish Lane came like a nightmare, drowning him gradually and destroying his perfect plan. Everything seemed to be perfect until he showed his real intention, destroying their perfect love and shattering her beautiful dream. He showed his passionate love to her only to reveal his true color and purpose - to avenge his family’s tragic downfall caused by her father, and she was merely a bargaining chip used by him. However, fate has laid out something different from his plan. He found himself madly in love with the daughter of his enemy, but it was too late to restore what he had destroyed, causing them to fall apart. **** Her whole body trembled, screamed, and loosened at the pleasant sensation she hadn’t had before. Her strength was drawn away. Her body flopped on the man’s chest, fluttering like a cloud of feathers. “How much do you hate me, huh?” Joseph sighed above her. His voice was low, as mellow as a cello over her ears. She silently admitted that she had a soft heart. Joseph didn’t want to wait for her answer, and his rough thumb moved down her eyebrows. His handsome face pressed down close to her, and his thin lips seemed to sweep through her nose bridge and then gently touch her lips. He uttered in a low voice, “But no matter how much you hate me, you are mine.” At the end of the speech, his kiss fell. His kiss gradually became deeper and more passionate, and finally, he became more greedy. His cheek pressed down, and he murmured gently beside her ear. “Don’t force me to be rude to you.” The hot breath burned her, and her slender body twitched gently. Joseph raised his eyes, staring at her. The yellow light failed to light his eyes, which were still deep as night. His eyes were like a vast starry sky, ethereal and lonely. “I want to love you. I do, but I don’t know how I would trust you.” His piercing stares seem to melt her gradually. He always wanted to love her with all his heart, hug her with all his strength, and take care of her for the rest of his life. Irish’s heart was pierced with pain after hearing his words. She didn’t know if it was because of his eyes or his words. She looked at him intently, yet her emotions were concealed. His eyes were full of impatience and tension. Was this the woman he wanted to love with all his heart, who was heartless and stubborn? He couldn’t understand. He had paid so much and invested in this love, and why, in the end, he couldn’t make her happy? Why did they end up becoming an enemy after all the passionate nights they shared before? She couldn’t wait to leave him and wished she had never met him. Their passionate love turned into hatred, and the overwhelming pain pushed them to hurt and kill each other to survive. WSA2022 Entry. Leave your review, comment, and vote for this novel. I highly appreciate them. Stay tuned as I unfold the mystery behind this novel, and the mass release will follow soon!

AnnaShannel_Lin · Urban
1041 Chs

Daddy CEO, Graceful Secretary

"You are a married man, I dare not fall for you." A woman said with a calm voice. "So far you love me and my daughter, Me being a married man won't be a problem." said a man with a deep-cold voice. Katherine was taken aback by this weirdly charming CEO of hers. She had just moved from willows to Graceland with her two sons and upon getting a job to be the secretary of one of the most richest CEO of Graceland. She ends up being the newest secretary of 'Mike Alexander' the Daddy CEO of Graceland. A Man who loves his daughter to bits but faces the hardship of marriage. For some reason he couldn't resist her. She wasn't the prettiest, nor was she a saint but yet she was able to capture his heart. "I don't care if you are a single mother, I'll love you and your sons." he said. Oh! Man. How did she get herself trapped with this man who won't leave her alone. "I refuse to be the other woman." She said thinking that he would finally let her be, but what he said next shocked her. "Then I'll make you the only woman, I'll get married to you right here and right now." he said with a cunning smile. Join Katherine as she journey into a world where love, deception and secrets beings her to only one person, "Mike Alexander." ***** *The ML isn't a scum who cheats on his wife. *This story is an original story by the author. *Cover isn't mine, credits goes to the artist. *Rated 18! for particular chapters. *Author accepts all comments except insult! Check my profile for more novels. HAPPY READING..

Sharon_Rose18 · Urban
179 Chs