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Pregnant For My Rejected Mate

Owen's lips pressed against mine. At first it was soft like he was unsure of what to do. At least he was doing something while I stood like a statue waiting to be pleasured like an effing idiot. I thought he was going to break it off but his arms went around me,  as sure and hard like it held promises to carry me if my legs gave out. I felt the rush and the warmth. The surging sensation I had never felt before. I was naive as I  had never been kissed before but I knew and dreamt, it was exactly as Owen was kissing me. The sensations almost left me limp like a freaking coward. Owen's face gradually blurred and drowned to nothingness.  ******* Emily and Owen has been best friends since they were in diapers. Owen was the one person she could trust to be there for her. He was Alpha and she was a pariah, a wolfless girl born to an unmated mother and a human father. He was hot and she was fire. He was voice of reason and she was chaos itself. She was his mate and he rejected her. Follow Emily as she navigate through the mess she calls her life with no one but the cub she had with the best friend that rejected her. cover is not mine. credit goes to the owner, reach out if you want me to take it down

King_Starr · Fantasy
297 Chs

Impressions: The Last of the Nobility

Beware of the Dragon Wolf. There is a tale of supernatural beings, some gods, some demigods, others the fates themselves in the long-lost noble lineages. Then amongst the supernatural was the Scio, a people with the knowledge of all beings and the ability to live harmoniously with those of goodwill. Legend has it that one day the oldest noble lines will intertwine combining the legends of the west and the east with the legend of the Cradle of Mankind. The tale warns of the power of the dragon rising and suppressing the wolf or worse destroying the cradle of humanity. Such power and majesty are rumored to belong to the most beautiful and the strongest. But everyone knows that legends are exaggerations and tales are for putting children to sleep. Thokozani is considered a well-behaved child, disciplined and obedient to her parents. Little Miss Perfect since everyone can remember, Thokozani is the epitome of stability. Nathaniel Woodcombe is the youngest and weakest of the Woodcombe boys all known for their acts of bravery and patriotism. Their Lineage is royal from the beginning of time. The Woodcombes have suffered great losses and only Nathaniel and his nephew remain as the male descendants of supreme supernatural beings. As evil seeks to gain control of the world and leave yet another plane devastated a Fate takes a huge gamble. The fate of humanity lies in the hands of the weak, young, and naive. Will the world make it or is it doomed to the same fate of the Earths before? Will the last of the noble lines be worthy of the task or will yet another planet be plunged into darkness and despair? Or will love prevail and a new world emerge?

LeonaSMane · Fantasy
80 Chs

The Magnolia Beauty

The lady had something special that no one else had. A Pediatric Doctor being thrown into the past was something that Han Suyin would never ask for and a sad way for the heroine time-travel by a lightning strike! Not to mention, being a woman and a doctor was highly looked down upon in the past. But will that stop Suyin? No way! Two Princes, two kingdoms that are the total opposite of each other. Qin Fuhua, the Prince of Qin known to be the devil of misfortune encounters Suyin, but wait, a little riddle causes Qin Fuhua to be drawn to her: "Flowers of magnolia will guide for a better future." So why is it that she emits the scent of Magnolia flowers? ------------------------------------ Synopsis 2 A modern pediatric doctor time travels back into the past when lightning struck her in the middle of an open field. As a lady who believes in the right and fights against the wrong, she falls into a path of a dilemma when she enters the body of a noble family who educates the royal family of the Long clan. Being the only daughter in the family, she is controlled and forced by her parents to do everything that they command so she wouldn't lose face due to their fame and fortune. Wanting to get away from oppression and negligence of her parents, she runs away to the other side of the territory seized by the Qin clan who is in a current war with the Long clan. When she runs away from home to the other side of their homeland (which is part of the Qin clan) she meets the devil of misfortune, Qin Fuhua, who holds her hostage in his home after she helps his younger sister. Although the Qin clan is well-known for their ruthless and merciless attitude, can she survive in this world where there is no such thing as technology and freedom? Author's note: Please excuse any grammar, historical, any sorts of error in this novel. I've personally enjoyed reading Chinese novels and wanted to have a try at it. This is pure FICTIONAL, so please do keep in mind that this is written with FICTIONAL traditions, taboos, and etc (although some may be coincidentally true). Any characters, storyline, and historical remarks are fictional in this novel and thank you for reading! Here is the STORY TRAILER for this novel that I made on my own time! ^^ LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ft-5MYk7YWA&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR27to2S-h_poYKpM8-61QtvDROpwJNWmPCrG6Hq6GZAgw8dQu3jzilm6vY

Aeriesu · History
106 Chs


A devil(Korn) known for his murders and lousy job broke the news about a new bee in the spy business. Numerous people are missing who were employed by him. To look into him, our child Art received his first work. He alters his appearance and enters his home as a slave. However, as he started falling for him, things started going awry. Will he(Art) have luck in love or fall prey to the wicked man again?

Bookbee · LGBT+
Not enough ratings
4 Chs

Ask with Echo

Reavzie · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Heiress, Your Contract Marriage Has Ended (ENG)

"Heiress, your contract marriage has ended," he said, his voice so monotonous and yet so mocking. "It's time you come home." "Heiress? Me? That old man's successor? Give me a break. An illegitimate daughter can't be an heiress. Especially when my siblings are alive and living so luxuriously," Yvonne scoffed. ___ Yvonne, daughter of a mistress and an illegitimate child of a wealthy billionaire, kept her identity hidden when she entered a contract marriage with Callum. It was all for the money until she fell in love, and after thinking it was all one-sided, Callum confessed that he had fallen for her too. Three years into their marriage, she still suffers from mistreatment by his family, and her father, who abandoned her, suddenly demanded that she live with him and his audacious family. But Yvonne chose to stay with Callum. . . until he brought up divorce because their contract had reached its deadline. Did he ever love her as he claimed? After being kicked out of her husband's house, she found out that her father was dying and he was leaving all his fortune to her.

keinx · Urban
Not enough ratings
2 Chs

The Enigma of Star

I suspect my parents are not my real parents and this all started from when I started working overtime. Do skip the first chapter if you don't want to get spoilers, it is a prologue which also count as a super short story version for those who don't like to read a lot of chapters. The other chapters will be more detailed story.

HappyFreeWriter1 · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
1 Chs

The Man I Saved

What happens when sweet Elizabeth brings home a strange man despite her better judgment? Elizabeth Winningham, tired of the verbal abuse and neglectful behavior from her family decides to gather her courage and run away. Six months later she’s living her dream life in the city her mother grew up in. What happens when she decides to take an injured stranger home? Damien McKnight, CEO and founder of McKnight Inc couldn’t help but fall for the stranger that decided to take him home with her. _-_-_-_-_-_-_- I'm so bad at description. It's about a girl that ran away from an arranged marriage and saved a man. Disclaimer: May contain mature topics I don't own the pictures used in this book, I got them from Pinterest.

Mcintoshstar · Urban
Not enough ratings
1 Chs