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Heterochromia Vampire

Alicia is an ordinary girl who has fallen victim to the ferocity of a bloodthirsty beast lurking in the darkness. Her entire village and family were killed, and only she survived. But her luck didn't last long. She, who had lost the purpose of leaving, was kidnapped by the Holy Kingdom to become a sacrifice for the Evil Dragon. But who would have thought that in a small, dark and lonely little prison, the girl met a cute little monster who was suddenly in her prison? And her meeting with the little creature turned out to change Alicia's entire life, even though her death was in sight. She should be happy that she survived death twice, but what if her savior was a beast hiding behind the darkness? Will she stay happy, or will she take revenge for the crimes committed by the Beast?

Warf · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Human Luna... Human Luna!?

*WARNING!: MATURE CONTENT* Growling under his breath, which is very weird since I don't think humans are supposed to be growling, and rapidly moving towards me was a man, not just a man but the most ravishing, mouth-watering, and 'down to earth' handsome man I've ever seen. "Mate," he said bringing me out of my reverie which made me realize how awfully close we are. Close enough to see his eyes which seem to be glowing red, 'very very strange' but still I couldn't look away, I felt more like I was trapped in it. I looked around me to see the people around staring at me, with a little or maybe more contempt than I've seen in years, I knew I was in trouble. Some of these people I recognize, some I don't but something was just off, everyone's eyes were glowing brightly under the moonlight and that alone made me feel like I was in an occult. Probably 'mate' is something they say to the person they want to use for their occultic sacrifice. With the way the hair on my arms was rising, I knew I was kind of in trouble. Maybe I shouldn't have come out of the house, maybe I shouldn't have drunk too much and lost myself in the woods. With the sinister smirk on this man's face, I knew I was a goner. 'Layla, living her entire life as a human, blissfully unaware of the paranormal world around her accidentally but fatefully stumbled into a territory of a werewolf pack on a full moon night when they were having a celebration, a party for their Alpha so he could find his mate, a Luna for their pack. And quite unfortunately for her, he had laid his eyes on her, and immediately she knew she was a goner.' Author's note: Prior to the warning above, readers under the age of 17 are not advised to continue this journey. And taking into consideration the fact that young minds tend to disobey this particular warning, I'll love to emphasize it now, this book is a really mature one, take heed. I mean common, what's a good werewolf story without a very hot and passionate sex scene! Those creatures have everything heightened for them you know? So listen to me baby girl/boy and continue at your own risk. *** This story narration is in the first person's POV, but in some rare cases, it might change to third person (mine or you might just say the moon goddess since she sees everything and she planned everything). This is done because some situations are best explained from her side while most from Layla's side. And also, please note, English is not my first language so, therefore, I can't be perfect in it, mistakes will always occur, either typos or me not phrasing well but then I promise you'll rarely see it as I'll try my best to edit to perfection and that it won't affect the standard and sweetness of this book. In the hopes that you understand and have no complaints, I hereby wish you a safe journey into the Bane Land... I hope you have a joy ride!! And in case you wish to connect more with me and my children; IG: @adrac5977

Anony_Mous_1902 · Fantasy Romance

Beauty in the beast world

Lyra is a 21st-century girl from the modern world who accidentally transmigrated into the beast world while swimming. what happens when a gorgeous young girl with golden blonde hair and ocean blue eyes with ivory white skin doll falls into a world where the female population is drastically low. But as she stays in the world, she discovers many secrets about herself which she never imagined. Join her journey in discovering love, heartache, and the real truth of her life. This is my first story please support me and join me on my journey through this story. The cover photo is not mine Contains mature content with many r#18 scenes audience below 16 restrain from reading it. Follow my insta @ruby_rosie_2001

Ruby_rosie · Fantasy Romance

Arya's Mire

This is a reverse isekai novel about the ML transmigrating into the FL's world instead and he is a...WOLF! Amaris Lun, a revered and admired wolf of Luna was suddenly isekai-ed to Earth which may or may not have been caused by a carefully thought out plot. On his very first day, he finds himself intertwined in the life of a human girl who wanted absolutely nothing to do with him. Arya Jenkin was a complete definition of simple through and through. If one looked closely enough, the word 'SIMPLE' must have been inscribed in her DNA. However, it seemed Fate had other plans in mind as her destiny was to go through in a fast moving bumpy sleigh! Through the ups and downs, the two beings realize their meeting had already been written in the stars. EXCERPT: The girl was shocked and hesitated to ask, "W..why are you suddenly like...this?" "What do you mean Arya?" Amaris asked as his pretty fingers played with her locks while still keeping her trapped between his arms. "You are so..." "Different?" He completed the sentence for her to which she nodded in the affirmative. Sighing, his arms fell from the wall and wrapped around her waist to drag her close. As he gazed into the eyes that he fell in love with from day one, he lowered his head to peck her on those very chatty lips causing a gasp to escape. "I've always been like this. You were just too silly to see it." he said as he beheld her beauty. "I'm a possessive wolf Arya and I really don't like seeing you with goldie locks. Are we clear?" He asked, not giving her a chance to respond as he took her breath away in a hot searing kiss. Follow Arya as her simple life turns into the complete opposite following the appearance of Amaris. Will Amaris ever find his way back home? And who the heck is this heavily decked up face that cals herself Amaris's betrothed. ********************* You can try my other novel too, if you like: *Penny: Who Are You? Instagram: @t.i.a.e.a The cover art isn't mine, all credits go to the artist. It will be pulled down immediately on request.

Daisy_T · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Running Red

Sophia Red is chosen as this years sacrifice to the beast in the woods. The village keeps peace with the Wolfmen by giving a girl of age once a year on the full moon as a token of peace for the human race to live. The Wolfmen hate the humans and take joy in the kill every year sending one of their best warriors to chase the victim to their death. But little miss Sophia survives through the night making herself the first human in the Wolfmen pack.

Madsry · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

The Rebellious Alpha Female's Human Mate

"If you thought death was the worst that could happen, then you never met Arya Knight and Mykolajki Pavlenko, the mates from hell." ***************** Arya Knight was the alpha that despised being a werewolf, an alpha that wanted to live a human life but couldn't, because of the king's interest in her. Mykolajki Pavlenko was the human surgeon with nothing to live for anymore, and who couldn't care whether the sun showed up or not, since his family had been murdered by someone in their circle. The only way to get her freedom was to present them her mate, an unhinged chief surgeon with a lot of baggage. A human too broken by life and had lost everything including himself. A man fueled by REVENGE. But for her freedom, Arya Knight wasn't scared to cross the ocean on foot.

she_osprey · Fantasy Romance

The Dragon Beside Me

Su Ruan’s life was not going great at the moment. Her best friend, whom she had been in love with for the longest time suddenly announced that he was getting married. Then, she had suddenly lost her job. To take a break from all those things that have been going on in her life, Su Ruan decided to return to a place that she had not visited for more than twenty years--her grandfather’s orchard in the countryside. It was supposed to be a quick break until Su Ruan was ready to pick up herself and start again. However, her life changed the moment she decided to go into her grandfather's orchard where she met… a creature. For Long Fei, he has been searching for Su Ruan ever since the girl had left the small town twenty-five years ago. Now that Su Ruan had returned to his life, Long Fei was bent to claim her as his own and never letting her out of sight again. --- Entering WPC 227 - Human and Beast --- Cover Illustration: kirinlukis --- This is a contemporary/fantasy/chick-lit romance XD --- A shared universe with: 1. Loving You Too Much (completed) 2. True Love and Other Lies (on-going) 3. A Lifetime with You (completed) 4. You're My Only Star (completed) 5. Love So Sweet (on-going)

zetsubouaichan · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

If The Moon Can Be Counted As A Star

To a degree of losing hope, Xiao Mei Zhi, an ordinary human, decides to go to a Pub. Her plan of winning the Free Fire World Cup dissipated. She is confident that it can not be worse than what she just left behind. Her To-do-list is the only companion she has. She has no idea what kind of drink she ordered. But, with her bottoms up, something was changing inside her. She felt her skin burning up. Before she could take any action, she captured the attention of a man that has almost the same age as her based on his looks. "Bashert?" Xiao Mei Zhi froze before she passed out, not knowing that her life would deliberately change and find herself an Alpha Hero to love. Please be aware: This story is at a slow pace.

Write_D_Words · Contemporary Romance