Loved by the Villain and the Male Lead
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Loved by the Villain and the Male Lead


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What is Loved by the Villain and the Male Lead

Read Loved by the Villain and the Male Lead novel written by the author ButtonsWrites on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering romance, reincarnation, sliceoflife, beauty, ceo. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Su Ning is a 29 year old lonely overworked accountant who have spent the better part her life supporting her unemployed alcoholic father. After several consecutive 16 hour work days, she suddenly dies of a heart attack on her way home from work. However instead of the afterlife, she inexplicably finds herself reborn in the body of 12 year old Su Ning, the beautiful and beloved daughter of Su Kun and Qin Lan. Faced with a second chance in life, Su Ning aims to live happily and comfortably with her loved ones. However along the way of searching for her dreams, she meets and befriends Gu YuChen and Lin JinYan. Though Su Ning was initially reluctant to get close to them, they soon become the two most important men in her life. The heir to the Gu Corporation Ltd., Gu YuChen has lived with constant threats to his life at a young age. Cold and aloof to everyone, he feels tenderness for the first time upon befriending Su Ning. Admired as a musical prodigy, the gentle prince Lin JinYan actually grew up detested by his siblings and blamed for the death of their mother. Suffering from trauma, he was comforted by Su Ning and discovers he is able to freely touch her despite having mysophobia. The villain and the male lead who was saved by Su Ning's warmth and kindness quickly realize their feelings have turned to love. Faced with adversity, will they be able to protect Su Ning? Who will she choose? Get ready for a slice of life story of a transmigrated soul who lets go of the past regrets and unexpectedly finds true love and happiness. Disclaimer: I do not own the cover illustration. Credits go to the original artist. Consider supporting me by buying me coffee~~ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ https://ko-fi.com/buttonssyu


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This novel is so interesting. Author hope u release more chapters. And the second male leaddddddd. Author and Also the translators and editors✨Fighting!! ✨


I like the story it is quite different from the usual, she is not op not having any extra iq she is normal and a loving person ,it feel good to read this story


StOry seems interesting ! I always like reincarnation genre and even better with a modern level headed FL. Even though its early on in the story , Its Captivating that I can’t wait to see how it develops.


Overall, it's an engaging story so far. Such an amazing and great novel of yours Author. I can't deny the fact that this one is interesting and at the same time a refreshing story for readers. Keep writing, Author.


Loving the Story of this rebIRth well written. i do hope tHat she picks the Secong GUy but pretty aure it will be the fIrSt one because of the subtle hints. anyways, keep it going aUthor ! Glad i came across Your story.


Reveal spoiler



I wish the author would stop writing non-English sentences in all of her chapters, which she then has to write a side note to explain the meaning of. It seriously disrupts the flow of the story and is distracting to read. It’s as if the author is deliberating padding the story to get more word count. Its so frequent now that I actually had to drop the novel because it got really annoying!!!


Writing Quality Stability of Updates Story Development Character Design World Background everything about this book perfect I love it. if you want the read a strong female lead book this is the one you looking for.


Good plot thou a little cliche Nicewriting style Could help if you make it more clear who said what but still good Long chapters Understandable (^ー^)


Loving this book so far. The plot is unique as this is a love triangle but there are no dirty scheming between rivals (so far). I’m also finding hard choosing between Team YunChen and Team JinYan 🤦🏻‍♀️ I also like that the story is fast paced, no boring chapter 👍💛😊


Yahoo! I’m the tenth one to make a review! Anyway, I just wanted to say that I REALLY CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF THIS BOOK! ITS SO GOOD AND I WANT MOREE! I’m really so excited, dear author! Hope you’ll continue writing!


Pretty decent book.


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