QT: I Bent The Male Lead
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QT: I Bent The Male Lead


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What is QT: I Bent The Male Lead

Read QT: I Bent The Male Lead novel written by the author precious_pruddy on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is LGBT+ stories, covering romance, magic, bl, transmigration, lgbt. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


When his favorite novel ended, Jason who was in love with the female lead found that he had transmigrated into the novel as the second male lead who neither gets the girl nor a happy ending. He gets very angry. Having the girl of his dreams right at an arms reach he decides to use the knowledge of the book to sabotage the male lead and take his place. He tries to get Sashina to notice him but why does the crown prince get drawn to him instead. Why does the crown prince always appear foiling his plans and what is his agenda? When the prince starts showing attention to him instead of Sashina he starts to panic. 'Did I bend the male lead?' ****** *The cover from Pinterest and credit goes to the owner. Would remove it if asked to*


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First of all, this is a pretty interesting concept. Second, the work is both well-written and well-thought, I have not notice errors so far. It is already hooking and intriguing with only the first few chapters. I think, the MC is a really relatable character for readers, he's really cute. I love how his character was laid out. I just got caught off guard from the transition of point-of-views. Overall, this is a nice book with an amazing concept. I'd recommend this! ❤️


The novel deserves a thumbs up. It is a nice read and funny too. Jason is quite an interesting character to read about. Wonderful job author.


Only two chapters are our, but the plot is already interesting. The MC is relatable, and his reactions are so natural and sometimes funny. The writing flaws from beginning to end, and you're left with the need to read more. Unfortunately, there aren't any many chapters yet. However, the updates seem stable.


First I read it, I like 'second ml never gets what he deserved' and i found interesting when the ml tries to sabotage instead get a norms class girl, the ml got the prince. It's hillarious and i can't wait for jason's journey to get the prince's heart..


What an amazing topic to write on🤩 Such great plot is seriously needed😍 So gonna keep up with Jason’s journey👍🏻 Great job done by the author to write in such a way that it just draws you in👏🏻👌🏻💜


Wow I love the story idea, like who would have thought of this Your writing style is smooth. This novel is incredible I highly recommend... Thumbs up to the author




what is this amazingly written book? the mc is super relatable and the concept of the story is great too 💖 so far, even with 3 chapters uploaded i could day the book will go far.. i hope jason gets his happy ending 🙈


Oh, wow yes. I am soo hooked on your book that I want an update. The story is so good and we can correlate with Jason So much. Wow, I highly recommend this book to read by everyone. I love your book so much..... Hat's off to you dear? Keep up the good work. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤




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