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Sold to the Alpha

Amber West's mother was a ruthless woman who ws never meant to be a mother. She sold Amber to the highest bidder not caring what her life would turn out to be. Amber finds herself being taken away from everything she had ever known, the good and the bad, and thrown into an abyss of the unknown. Alpha Damien Lionheart was the most powerful Alpha in the whole country. Also known as the most ruthless; He has purchased Amber from her mother, not even sure why the reason. All he knew was that when he had seen her picture, he was mesmerized.

Swift_Sonder · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Accidental Romance; Living With A Narcissistic Brother in law

Strictly no r*pe Natalie Jun thought she had the world at her feet until her husband of two weeks passed away and a new brother in law appears before her. Mikael Sun wanted nothing to do with her. He thought she was a gold digger who married his brother for money. But, all that changed when he accidentally found out that his brother wasn't actually dead and that there were a lot of things that didn't add up, so he decided to protect Natalie Jun by suggesting another contract marriage. How further are the complications now? What started as a misunderstanding led to a brooding love story with the cute mother in law pushing his son into her daughter in law's bed. Participating in WFP#35, please add this book and vote for me. Thanks!! Also, write me a review if you think this book is worth it'

Purplebride · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings