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MATURE CONTENT|RATED 18+| THE BOOK IS A MESS ABOUT FIGHTING FOR LOVE WITH LOTS OF HOT MOMENTS;) Tinsley Rutherford's life turns upside down when her rich parents are killed in a tragic car accident. To make things worse, her fiance suddenly breaks off their billion-dollar contract marriage engagement. Sad and lost, Tinsley goes out one night to drown her sorrows in alcohol and meets the mysterious and handsome Kian Wilson at a bar. To her shock, she wakes up the following morning in this handsome stranger's arms. In her panic, she flees his house and leaves him to search for his mystery princess. What happens when these two fated strangers meet again? Will they get a second chance this time, or will Tinsley make a run for it again?

chayasreedeka · Contemporary Romance

Livid Guardian's Endless Coddling

Excerpt: "You jerk! How dare you? Just because you are my guardian and I have nobody to ask, did you think, you can take advantage of me? I thought you stand on high morals..." Rian turned Aria towards him not quietly understanding what was going on. Amelia and Rowan were in the same state. "Arrie! What happened? Did brother do something? Why are you angered so much?" He sounded very concerned. Alan leaned on his room door frame thinking what would be her answer. ..... Aria's mouth was wide open in shock. 'Sh*t! This man really has a mental illness. How can he forget so soon?' It vexed her more and wrung her hand to punch but Alan held her hand twirled her before pressing her back on him. "Young Miss Cooper! Mind your hand." He said loudly and whispered, "If you wanted more, you should have asked me." ~~~~ Aria Cooper, a confident, brave, intelligent, lively teenager turns insecure and timid losing her only family, her father. Alan Morgan, a cold, indifferent young President of Morgan Industries falls in love with the teenage girl who moves into his mansion. Being a cynic, will he be able to change and win over the girl's heart? Will he be able to find the culprit behind the murder of Aria Cooper's father who targets her? Will he be able to keep her safe? --- *** --- This is an original story. Story DISCORD: https://discord.gg/QhhXXWq Ko-fi: ko-fi.com/munchkin_2 Instagram: auth_munchkin Linktree: https://linktr.ee/munchkin *Credit to the real owner of the novel cover.

Munchkin_2 · Contemporary Romance

Contracted Daddy, Tame my Mommy

"Sign these papers and become the contracted dad to my daughter." Aurora said as she handed the papers to Aiden making him raise his eyebrows at her. Her facial features contorted with anger, and helplessness. Aurora Brown. The President of Savannah Import and Exports. Inc. Co. Her company branches located all over the world. She could settle things with a snap of her fingers. Aurora is known for her beauty brains and Bravery. The whole world knew how she built the company alone after father’s disappearance and her brother’s death. She handled the company as she raised her daughter alone as a single mother. But she is in desperate need of a guy who can be a father to her daughter. Who can love her daughter the most as she does and that is Aiden. Aiden Kelly, the Arrogant and handsome CEO of Kelly IT Groups. PVT. LTD. He was known as the nation’s most wanted husband but a mysterious person to the world. But he comes across this fiesty single mother and falls for her. Aiden curries favor with Aurora’s daughter Savannah. Savannah the little girl, who likes this handsome uncle, starts helping him to tame her mom. "Are you sure about this?" Aiden asked. "As sure as you want to make me your contracted wife." Aurora answered making Aiden sigh. "I will be your contracted wife for you and act all lovey dovey in front of this world but you need to sign these papers that says you will be the contracted dad to my daughter and will love her the most in this world. That's it. You don't have to do much. But just give her the love she deserves." Aurora said. "Alright." Aiden replied as he signed the papers. ***** Excerpt... "Can you please bend down my Jim-dandy Daddy?" The cute little girl, Savannah asked with a sarcastic smile as she continued licking her ice cream. The tall man bent to her height making him look like her slave in front of her. The little girl slapped his face with her ice cream making him stunned. If it is some other one, he would have killed them. But she is his angel. "My angel, What did I commit this time?" Aiden asked. "I asked you to puncture my mom's car tire. Not yours! Stupid dad. Can't even tame my mom!" Savannah said before climbing the car as she waited for her mother. When this handsome man asked for a lift, Aurora turned him down ruthlessly and drove away. The handsome man couldn't believe that his IQ levels are lesser than a seven-year-old kid. He stared at the disappearing car in his speechless state as he booked a cab for himself with a sigh. "I will tame your mommy, My cute little angel. Just wait and watch." Aiden said. How the two people who hate each other so much get along with each other with the fake and contracted marriage while being engaged with a cute baby? Will the little girl be succeed in getting her mommy tame by her daddy? **** Mature Content. No Rape.

PayalSinghRajput · Contemporary Romance

A Lifetime With You

While attending his brother's funeral, Neil Mo noticed the little girl, sitting quietly alone with both hands hugging her knees tightly. The little girl had only lost both her parents. But in a room was full of people, no one seemed to pay attention to her. --- "Grandma, I don't want to live away from my daddy and mommy... I know that I won't get to see them again... What if I miss them?" her words were a bit incoherent as she forced back her sobs. Seeing the little girl, he felt something tugged on his heart. "Hazel," Neil spoke after a while. "If you don't want to live in the countryside with grandma, then would you like to live with me?" --- After losing his younger brother in an accident, the President of the MH group, Neil Mo, decided to look after his five years old niece. Who knew that looking after a child could be difficult than securing a business deal! Noticing that his niece was particularly close to her kindergarten teacher, Neil then offered her a job as a babysitter. "But, President Mo, what do you mean by living together?" --- Cover illustration: Kirinlukis --- Author Note: This story is written to participate in WPC, with 'single parent' as the theme. The story is slow-paced at the beginning, but if you read carefully, there will be hints on what will happen after. The middle part will get a bit fluffier, and there's going to be some action as well. Shared universe with: 1. Loving You Too Much 2. True Love and Other Lies 3. You're My Only Star

zetsubouaichan · Contemporary Romance

Dawning Skye

When Skye Moonstone’s wedding is interrupted by her former, supposedly deceased betrothed: her life becomes a series of complications, mystery, and excitement. Knowing only of the boy that he used to be, Skye finds herself drawn to the man that Prince Tidas has become. Intelligent, strong, and charismatic; he had decided long ago to do whatever it takes to protect the love of his life. No matter the risk to his body or soul.. Throughout her many trials, Skye will learn that her home, family, and even personal history are all stories meant to keep her safe. That her true purpose is not just to save her love, but her entire world. The fates of both Humans and Fae alike will rest upon her shoulders.. Intrigue, legends, and her place in it all will lead Skye down a path that she knows she may not come back from. But to save the lives of her loved ones, she’ll risk her very existence.. Whatever it takes to save them. Magic, Fae, War, Fate; they all reside within this epic love tale of fantasy. All can be found within the Dawning Skye.. One simply needs to look. ****WARNING: 18+ Mature Content Viewer Discretion Is Advised**** Content Contains: Violence, Language, Blood/Gore, Trigger Material(No Actual Rape Scenes), And Extremely Graphic Sex Scenes. Viewer Discretion Is Advised. Not A Slow Burn Book. This Series is about a devoted couple with a strong friendship and respect-based relationship. Enjoy! •Three Chapters A Week, Every Week! Unless... •500 Power Stones: 3 Bonus Chapters •1000+ Power Stones: 8 Bonus Chapters *Bonus Chapters Will Be Released The 30th of Every Month If The Previous Month’s Goal Was Met* Cover is Owned by the Author. Cover Artwork By: Chainslock(on Discord and DeviantArt) Note from the Author: This series is written in 3rd POV, and will be four volumes long with 500+ chapters in each volume. You will see Intentional spelling errors in the dialogue and inner thoughts due to character accents. I believe this gives the characters a realistic aspect, since people in real life have accents. Skye and Tidas’ journey takes them to every known continent in their world. Their experiences will shape them into heroes, and challenge their love on the highest of levels as the story develops.. The first volume will be about Skye and Tidas reconnecting, and solidifying their bond. Skye will also learn her true identity, as well as the true history of their world. There are many characters throughout this series, with an extensive world background; all centered around Skye and Tidas. The volumes will be: 1. Dawning Skye(completed) 2. Darkening Skye(Current) 3. Starlit Skye(Check Back Later) 4. Endless Skye(Check Back Later) More details shall be added as the series progresses. These books are not for the faint of heart. The main characters will experience epic love, and unbelievable betrayal. They will have epic victories, and world-shattering losses. The couple’s devotion and sanity will be challenged as their story develops. They will grow and change with each trial they overcome both together, and separately. Until they face their final battle…

Sara_Wilcox · Fantasy Romance

all the things we lost

"Who are they?" I asked Sarah as the bikers got closer. "Bad news," she whispers, she looked at Tyler and James, who was already walking towards us in a hurry. "Get in the car," she warns. I almost did, but when I saw the look of fright in her eye I didn't move. I felt hands around my naked waist, I knew it was Tyler. He pulls me tightly against his chest, I could feel the heat coming from his body. "Get in your car and drive off. Don't say a word" he whispers into my ear. "Why?" why did they want me to leave? "Just fucking do it Bella!" he says angrily pushing me forward, I bumped into another hard chest. But this time I could smell cheap beer and sweat. I look up and saw a tattooed face with a nose ring. Taking a step back slowly when he showed me his yellow teeth. "Well, aren't you a pretty thing!" He laughs out, the others agreeing with him. "What's a pretty thing like you doing here?" I didn't reply, I didn't like the way they were watching me. I felt Tyler's hard hands on my shoulder, his grip was hard enough to make me wince. He pulled me up against his chest as if trying to shield me away. I look around the now deserted desert, everyone seems to have disappeared. It was just James, Jada, Sarah, Nelson and Tyler. They were all standing next to us. "Boy! We've been looking for you" they yelled at Tyler. He didn't look affected by them, in fact, I think they knew each other. Why would Tyler be hanging out with guys like this? "I see you got your self a new pretty bird" one chuckles pointing at Tyler's arm that was around my waist. "What are you doing here Stone" he growls at the guy that just spoke. "It seems you've forgotten you owe us money" the guy name Stone growls at Tyler. Does he owe their money? Why? "We made a deal, you said on the 7th" Tyler say, today was the 5th. "Well, you see our boss change his mind" Stone laughs casually. "I don't have that kind of money on me Stone" Tyler was breathing hard now. I knew something bad was about to happen, I just wasn't sure what. "Then we have a problem boy," Stone pulls out a gun and point it directly at me. I freeze tears forming in my eyes, I stare at the gun, not moving. I held Tyler's hands tighter, trying my best not to move. "She's got nothing to do with this" Tyler steps forward blocking me from the gun. I felt him reaching behind his back slowly. "Your gonna have to pay Son and that one looks like she's worth 50 grand" He owns them 50 thousand dollars! I wanted to yell. How did that happen? Doesn't he know people like this can kill you for that? "Come back on the 7th and you will have your money" James steps forward. Oh god, this boys looked like they did this daily. What the hell was I doing here, I should be with my friends getting wasted not stuck in the middle of what looked like a gang War. "Just give us the girl and will be on our merry way" "Not gonna happened," before I could blink Tyler pulled out a gun from his back making my eye wide. HE HAD A FUCKING GUN!! Oh my god, this is not going to be good. Does he carry that with him all the time? If he does how comes I've never felt it. "Be a smart boy, there are three of you and six of us. If you give us the girl will let you keep the other two" Stone says referring to Sarah and Jada. "We just want one!" another biker yells making me jump. "None of them are going with you" Tyler stood his ground, pointing his gun directly at Stone. "Fine," Stone spat on the floor and the other men behind him pulled out their guns some had long knives instead. "James gets Bella out of here," Tyler whispers deadly not taking his eyes off Stone. Bella Thomson, the queen bee. This was her senior year, she already planned everything-homecoming queen, Harvard. Tyler Carter isn't like every other typical 18 years old. Living in the wrong neighbourhood all his life and after losing his mother age of 15, never knowing who his dad was. He is known as the best fighter on the north side.

cluelessgixl · Teen

Crashing Into You

He pinched her nose and that made Song Dei Si snapped back to reality. “Hey!” Song Dei Si put a mock on her face as he looked at Yan Mor Tee. "Earthcalling Song Dei Si. Are you back from Milkyway?" Yan Mor Tee's handsome face was grinning at the woman whose eyebows were knitted next to each other. "A penny for your thought?" He asked and gave her a concerned look. Song Dei Si gave him a survey look at this time. When she looked at him that way, he always felt uncomfortable and couldn't help but looked away from her gaze. "I need your help" she said in a low voice. He looked back at Song Dei Si's tiny yet beautiful face and asked "What is it?" "I need to get pregnant soon" she said nervously. "So how can I be of help?" He asked. Puzzled. "Be the father of my child." Upon hearing her answer, he can't help but burst out laughing. *********** IMPORTANT NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Cover photo not mine. CTTO. This is an original story and updates are only being uploaded in Webnovel. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without the author’s consent. Thank you. Join me in my discord channel :) https://discord.gg/wbdZEM

Dayame · Contemporary Romance

It's Payback Time : dont mess with me

' A Tooth for a Tooth , An Eye for an Eye , you wish I never come back alive , if I do then I promise , I'm going to pay you back , all the pain I received. The burning fire and my dripping hot blood as the witness , I promise , I'll make you suffer more than I did . If I get a second chance , if I get a second life , I'm surely going to take my revenge ' Saying her last words , she closed her eyes , her skin felt hot by the burning fire , her breath started to slow down , her heart stopped to work , she remembered , her mother , her grandparents , who were the only one , who loved her truly ,yet they were no more alive . her heart beat stopped , her breathing put on a long break , she lost her consciousness, lost her soul , lost her life . ' Boom' Suzy , a twenty four years old girl , gets tricked , schemed and betrayed by her own people , whom she trusted and loved the most. She gets betrayed by her own biological father , her step mother and step sister whom she treated as her own blood sister , her own bestfriend , and her fiance . She was tricked and was taken advantage , when she finally found their true face it was already too late , she was already in the bed of death . She gets a new life , to seek her revenge , to pay back for their evil schemes , and finally she meets a man who truly loves her , supporting her in every aspect , becoming a wife slave , her childhood darling , Kim Tan . Their are lots of schemes , lots of revenge , lots of romance and lots of thrilling scenes in the story , catch up the female leads Revenge in her new life .

Samikshasam · Romance