Trying to Tame an Evil Overlord (BL)
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Trying to Tame an Evil Overlord (BL)


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What is Trying to Tame an Evil Overlord (BL)

Read Trying to Tame an Evil Overlord (BL) novel written by the author valiantxvillainous on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is LGBT+ stories, covering romance, action, reincarnation, comedy, bl. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Yuan Xuelan was a plague upon all three Realms. In the end, he burned his own palace to the ground and never stepped out of those scarlet flames that turned everything black. If this insane, terrible and pitiful Yuan Xuelan was asked in his final moments if he would have done things differently given the chance then, of course, he would shout a resounding yes! But the one that would be given a second chance would not be Yuan Xuelan, but instead Liu Sumeng, the stoic general who stood at this mad emperor’s side. After being reborn in the year he first met Yuan Xuelan, Liu Sumeng vowed to save not only the world but Yuan Xuelan himself from that twisted fate. However…he slowly uncovers truths that really put a wedge in his original plans! Wasn’t Yuan Xuelan in love with his Shijie!? What do you mean it’s someone else!? --------- Cover art drawn by yours truly~ please don't steal! --------- Join the discord! https://discord.gg/DU9S2Y4 --------- Buy me ko-fi! https://ko-fi.com/valiantxvillainous


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Shameless plug from the author because she is truly shameless!! I will post extra chapters for power stones and reviews so please show some support to this sad old hag and motivate me to continue writing trash <3


Okay okay. I, diligently playing my role as a dedicated fujoshi, of course won’t fail to give my support on one of our new danmei authors here on QI. If you’ve read her other work, Earth Curse, it’s a no brainer that this one should also be as good. Although the writing is less polished than that of her other work, and its tone light, nevertheless I can’t help but feel that this author, this scheming, devious author, has some sort of extreme, grand plan that would rend my bones to pieces. The prologue itself is a testament to that. So far, each chapter (except for the damned prologue _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):) is a bit of a light read. First few chapters helped to slowly integrate us into the world, and gosh I’m thankful she didn’t infodump us. I’m loving the characters and dang Xuelan is such a cute little shota o(`ω´ )o Face Paralysis Sumeng is cute too hehe.. anyways, the setting of the world gives rise to numerous possibilities and I hope author-sama uses it to its full extent. It’s okay! I’m fine! Break my heart! Cut it to pieces! Give me some of that dog-blood drama!


Reveal spoiler


After reading Mao Dao Zu Shi, I had a hard time finding a novel that would be as wonderful as that, and I might have removed like 10 books from my library. However, I've read this one till the 100 chapters and it's as great as it was since the start. Altho it's a pain that Liu Sumeung and Yuan Xuelan's relationship grew extremely slowly, the character development of Liu Sumeung was awesome. The writing description is one to die for and the plot is, because its a littllleeee similar to mo dao zu shi, it just made it even better for me. Keep it up, Author-nim!! The daily updates are amazing 🥺💞


Reveal spoiler


Xuelann, you are such a cute ML, please protect sumeng, he is in love with you too~ Sumeng, aiya, try to be more open, more expressive! You need to progress! Ah, I love them both TuT)b Author's writing style is 10/10 You wont stop reading this once you follow the story~


This is a great BL story that has a lot of potential to be utterly heart warming!! The world settings are not over the top and all the characters have their own charm. I fully support this novel and can’t wait for more updates!!


The development of the characters and the storyline are very good, and I like where the story is heading. I think the characters have been fleshed out well and have reasonable behavior/interactions with other characters based on their set characteristics. There are some typos, such as wrong tense of words or using a homophone (wearily/weary when it’s supposed to be warily/wary) that do not disturb my understanding of the story but are a little distracting (I tend to nitpick grammar and such, sorry). Overall, this is a story I enjoyed reading and I will continue to follow because I look forward to seeing where this goes!


This story grew on me the more I read. It did take me until the first arc of MC and ML traveling outside of the sect for me to get hooked, but it's worth the first few chapters of background setup as investment. Writing quality itself is top notch besides an occasional typo. The grammar and vocabulary is miles ahead of the majority of other works. This author is very descriptive, if you like to have a clear picture painted on the surroundings and character's facial expressions, etc., it is fully fleshed out. At times, I do think the author goes a little too far as to describe small details during dialogue that could be left out to increase the pace of the story, however, I still count it as more good than bad. Story in itself is progressing well. It's a slow burn, but there are turning points in character development and the overarching plot that one can easily notice, especially by chapter 55 when the world is on the cusp of war. Side characters are interesting and many likable. Compared to the fates they got (mentioned in 1st chapter) I, personally, want a better ending for a good chunk of them. Characters are actually my main critique in this story (although not a large complaint). As one can gleam from the synopsis and first few chapters, the characters are pretty standard stock for a Xianxia BL, and so was the initial plot set-up. A devilish and overbearing ML, and then a stony-faced and cold MC (Sumeng). In fact, in the first few chapters of the novel, I was almost bored expecting it to fall into the usual tropes. However, thankfully, we are first introduced to the ML as a more angry/emotional/cute teenager, and the MC is given more depth than what first appears. For one, the MC has a number of other personality traits that the author provides like liking cute things, and in the end his personality comes off as more 'awkward at conversation' than as 'cold', which is a good nuance. Still, I also worry because the main dynamic between the MC and ML is abusive. ML was batsh*t crazy and physically abused MC in previous life, in current version he still yells at MC most of the time. MC sort of became a lacking confidence, pitiful, desperate doormat from that. This is balanced by the fact that at many times the MC is extremely heroic in mindset and action, so at least it isn't that he's a doormat to the point I'm annoyed. I look forward to a turning point where they work together more harmoniously and am looking forward to future chapters!


I haven’t read this yet but the cover really reminds me of Lan Zhan and Wei Ying from MoDaoZuShi it looks a lot like them and (I’m not hating) idk if the author or artist got inspired by the anime but ether way it looks good and I’m sure the novel is amazing 😊 I am 100% gonna read ❤️👍🏼


As long as you are fine with BL and you’re looking for a story that isn’t just pure smut I very much recommend this. I waited until I felt I had a good enough feel of the story before I reviewed it (I probably could have done this at chapter 30 instead of 115 😅 procrastination is my enemy) but it has reasonable characters with actual motivations for their actions and varied personalities and demeanors. Idk if this counts as a spoiler but it describes the personalities of the two people I believe to be the leads lol so you are forewarned: Liu Sumeng is kind of that cliche capable, strong and silent protagonist who is actually socially awkward and has trouble communicating, but the way the author goes about it makes him seem not at all boring. And he’s well-meaning and kind of adorable. Yuan Xuelan starts out as that standoffish tsundere “little sibling” character but he’s so much more interesting because he’s a genuinely troubled character and not because of some tragic story of betrayal and suffering like so many OP isekai protagonists that I can only roll my eyes at. And I’ve really never seen that in a leading character that was likable? So I’m very much into reading and trying to figure out his character as well. The story is well developed and the only thing about world background is that I just have no idea of the geography and that confuses me a little bit sometimes when I feel like where things are/where people are matter, but I love the story so much that it doesn’t matter in the big picture of the quality of the writing. Very much recommend and love the story author tysm for writing!


This is like- perfection The author is so interactive and the story keeps ME so hooked on and also screaming at the ML to just confess to the MC and laughing at the inner thoughts of the characters 10/10 I would recommend


This story is interesting. The synopsis and Epilogue got me hooked up. At first I was planning to read the Epilogue but I find myself reading the entire 11 Chapters in one go. Indeed it is true... 'don't judge the book by its cover...you need to see and read what is inside. So I recommend this book guys. You will surely like it.The writing style is good. The characters are very likeable. It has a good and interesting story plot. I am curious what will happen next... as the MC will try to change the future. Good job author-san! Keep it up!!!


i read it from beginning to end. and I saw I have never read a book like this. I think I remember that saying, "When readers ran out of books to read, its those moment they pick up their pens and become writers". I hope you'll write more stories for us to read.


This story is amazing! Yuan Xuelan and Liu Sunmeng are so oblivious it makes me want to scream. The angst and cliffhangers in this story is what makes it so captivating. Great job!


I really like the characters role ...........but sometimes I don't understand the some part role ......... But it's interesting to read ,🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂


Love it, I wish the author release more chapters😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


I love this story book (idk what to call it) so much Its so addicting to read bc of how well the story was written and the amazing details added. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️


This is a great story, it pulls no punches on your heart. It also has some sweetness and character development that will make you facepalm because of how dense a character is.


Dear VxV^^ Thanks for your amazing story. I give you a big full mark because I really enjoy reading it. You are one of the few author I really like & I hope you don’t drop your novel ^^ Thanks you so much for your daily update & your answers to all comments we give you. When I have more space on my phone for discord, I re download it & add you to my account ^^ Hope you have a good day & weekend too :) Don’t overdo yourself ;) Many thanks <3<3<3 Ps: I recommend this story, good plot, personality, characters, storyline.. its easy to create affinities with many characters ML MC, FL, Cannon folders too ;) Good dose of ridiculous moment (you don’t know if you need to cry or laugh because it’s very perfect ^^) Please if you stop on this novel, read it^^ VxV you are one of the few little author I really like, if one day you are going to create a paper book, count me in to buy it ;) Thanks thanks thanks <3<3<3


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