The Evil Consort Above An Evil King
novel - Fantasy Romance

The Evil Consort Above An Evil King

Mu Danfeng

Completed · 65.2M Views

What is The Evil Consort Above An Evil King

The Evil Consort Above An Evil King is a popular web novel written by the author Mu Danfeng, covering REINCARNATION, FEMALEPROTAGONIST, ROMANCE, TRANSMIGRATION, BEAUTIFULFEMALELEAD, RUTHLESSPROTAGONIST, HANDSOMEMALELEAD, ANCIENTCHINA, HIDINGTRUEIDENTITY, ROYALTY, SCHEMING, PETS, BROKENENGAGEMENT, SENTIENTOBJECTS, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 65.2M readers with an average rating of 4.54/5 and 4641 reviews. The novel is completed and can be read all 3068 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


In a modern world, a professional assassin was murdered by her beloved and found herself revived in an ancient world as a general's daughter with a weak physique. She was engaged to a prince, but because she did not have a nice appearance, her fiancé and sister attempted to kill her. Although she had to struggle to survive, there were also those who unconditionally loves her that supported her in her time of need. How does she intend to adapt and survive in such a foreign and hostile world? Follow Gu Xijiu on her journey to discover her one true love!

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About the synopsis of chinese original,here is general meaning: 'hi,handsome guy,can i grab your clothes?' , a girl suddenly disrobes a demon prince who is concentrating on practice and then escapes freely. Seconds later,the guy realized what had happened。(#゚Д゚).. he ordered to catch her angrily ......... He is a king of this world. noble, handsome and marblehearted. She is the king of modern assassins. talented but incompatible and venomous. For her,he was a scorpoin,she avoided him eagerly. but he traced her all the time. People said she was a female demon. but for he,she was exclusive property. he said i can forgive those who insulted me,but I'll kill all the person who insulted her.(。・ω・。)ノ♡ please ignore my poor english_(:з」∠)_


An amazing novel, best for girls and people who like female protagonist. A touch of comedy, inspiration, journey, adventure, rebirth, betrayal, love, constitutes all factors. An amazing dish with touch of all spices. it gets really exciting in chapters ahead.


The start of this novel is very good, especially a first meeting of main characters. It was funny... Male lead is very intriguing and secretive. Can't wait to see a future development of the story.


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Great novel with female protagonist. Although similar to other novels. The sad part however is that the chapters are too shOrt. .


Hilarious 😂👍🏻 I was dying of laughter while reading, those two are just so alike sometimes. Great novel, I can’t wait for the next chapter to be translated


At first I thought this story was interesting and well written... as time went on there were more and more holes in the story. Random things would happen with no reason, and characters would do things randomly out of their character. The story makes no sense anymore. I’m on chapter 70 and I’ve already given up on following up with the story. There are also a few translation errors, but the story is updated fast!


Transmigration story. Interesting premise so far. As of chapter 60, seems like a smart and strong female protagonist, hopefully it stays that way.


Not much to talk about after only 20 chapters. However some things are clear. Chapters are half length like in Hidden Marriage, so 20 chapters/week is basically 10 chapters/week for a 'normal' novel. Also I totally expect it to follow all tropes of 'Female MC Who Transmigrates to Ancient World' the way the book is going right now. I have limited my expectations and so I won't be disappointed when there is nothing original. My future ratings will depend upon how well these tropes are implemented, however it will never get over 4 stars from me here. Also the Chinese RAWs have around 1k chapters and they are still being updated, so this novel may very well go on to have like 3k-4k chapters finally (pure speculation i haven't read any of them so they might end on 1.5k for all we know). Just a bit of warning.


Very good work,but lack originally compared to same line novels.the story has too many cliche,and you can pretty much guess what gonna happen. But I have to say they did a good work on translating this.congrats,


Sooo this one has been on my recommendation list for a long time. I was bored reading cultivation novel, and this one has a female lead with a touch of romance so it piqued my curiosity. Let me review it so far (chapter 102): Translation quality is...well, I guess acceptable, with mistakes here and there. Actually I'm not a native english myself, so I don't usually naggy about grammatical mistake as long as it isn't too horrendous and I get the overall meaning. But the mistakes I found make me dizzy. At some point the translation said "she" and sudeenly turned to "he" when referring to same person. What the hell? So did she get found out cross dressing or not? And worse, it got repeated over and over again. I gave up trying to understand. As for updating stability, I'm not really sure cuz I just joined the ride and binge read this at once. Hope it's following the promised released rate, as to give a reason why the quality is at times barely acceptabe,or else I might feel really disappointed. Story development is not really good. The pace is jumping from quick to sloow as hell and then take a sudden thrust, then it slowed again just to accelerate. Some events got a really detailed explanation, some just mentioned on passing, few sweeped out, and even there's some event I couldn't fugure out what the **** exactly happened. Really, the element of surprise is so strong in this one. Character design is not so bad, but not good either. The male lead makes me curious and hidden in mystery (as far as I read). Actually that was the main reason I insist to continue reading. The female lead transformation is too steep, and her skill as assassin is too damn high. The worst thing about her is I dont have a clue about her previous life's world. Was she an esper? What the heck with that over 9000 teleport ability? So fucking no clue! As for other characters, they seemed bland. And idiot. And too gullible. And inconsistent. 🙄 Her father is...weird. He acted not caring at beginning, and suddenly turned into pampering caring daddy for some reason I cannot accept. Too. Damn. Fast. Female lead is awesome at transforming people around her. The antagonists are too wicked, brainless, cocky, and other usual troves you found in antagonistics character of soap operas. They shows their ugly sides plainly, no smart scheming, no fun or interesting twist, just plainly wicked. Hope this one getting better in later chapters. As I said before, world background is mystery. Not much explanation about her current world (besides kingdom and clan stuffs, others only mentioned in short passing), or the previous one. Really, when you said a modern human world, my imagination assumed that it was our current world on Earth. Maybe a little bit in future, but not a world with espers, or exorcist, or other superpower beings. Just couldn't imagine this right. Maybe mine is too bland, or too realistic to say. A bit over 100 chapters and the world explained are only the basics one, her family, her kingdom, a bit of clans, a very slight information about male lead. But you know what grind my gears the most? Its the FUCKING FOOT NOTES THAT PLAINLY SPILL THE SPOILERS OH MY GAWDD!! Dear translator, please don't do things outside your job of translating the story. To sum it up, I probably will stop for now. I'm too stupified with the development that turned so sharp and made it more unacceptable. Hoping some news that this story got better by other diligent readers. I'll just put this on the side to collect some dust and new chapters. See you then.


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This is story is very mysterious. Having a female lead characters makes me proud. I hope this will become a movie. I will definitely watch it.


At first i was very excited about this novel, it was refreshing, strong female lead, assertive male lead and logical plot. I am disappointed to say that as the chapters progress, unnecessary filler chapters waste your ss and annoying amnesia/misunderstandings plot twists contribute nothing to the overall development-instead the characters find themselves in square one. In terms of characters, half of them disappear from time to time (do not contribute to the story) and reappear to once again do nothing 50 chapters later. The main female lead esspecially (idk if it's the writing or just how the character is) finds herself being extremely logical to the point of being unrealistic or extremely emotionally ***** and childish in thought and action. Myself and unfortunately many others are still reading this novel and if you were to unlock the most recent chapter to read the comments you will find yourself amongst a lot of frustrated readers. Why do we continue to read you ask? We are unfortunately invested in the novel, like i said it was bearable and new in the beginning leading us to a false sense of hope that things will get better (it doesnt and probably wont at this rate and direction of plot). If you dont want to waste hundreds of ss on silly chapters or god forbid *repeating chapters* i recommend reading another novel of similar genre and plot which there seems to be a lot of. Let this be a warning for future heartbreak and insanity.


This is the first time i become attached to this kind of story after reading this I become fond of watching the same genre of this story . I really love this story to the point that i keep refreshing from time to time this story hoping for the next episode.


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More chapters pleeeeaaaassseeee. I was quite addicted to the story that I haven't slept for almost 48 hours😁❤❤ hahahaha I love the story as how it goes


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So i've finished reading all 333 chapters so far in 2 days 😂 I'm quite addicted to reading and the translation quality of this novel is perfect. I hope the translator or translators would keep up the good work. The story doesn't disappoint and so does the people/s working to translate it. 💕


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