Vile Evil Hides Under The Veil
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Vile Evil Hides Under The Veil


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What is Vile Evil Hides Under The Veil

Read Vile Evil Hides Under The Veil novel written by the author Grayback on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, reincarnation, comedy, r18. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


[WPC#218 Bronze Trophy Winner] [Mature content warning.] To find peace Amidst clusterf*ck of misery All I need is but a way To rewrite my own history! My mask of sanity slips away But there's nobody to tell the tale No one will be any the wiser When a vile evil hides under the veil - Grayback ===================== Eren Idril died as an old, decrepit, and piss-poor adventurer by the maws of a D-Rank monster. He had a lot of unfulfilled dreams and desires that couldn't see the light of the day after the light in his own eyes died down. But fortunately for him and unfortunately for the world, that wasn't his end. Eren was somehow dived back in time when he was a mere teen, attending Lionheart Academy for adventurers. When life gives him a second chance, Eren decides to exploit it to its fullest. Experience his vile deeds as he partakes in them without feeling the slightest bit of hesitation. ===================== Additional tags: #evilmc #mature #polygamy #evilprotagonist #antiheroprotagonist ===================== VEH Wiki: https://veh.fandom.com/wiki/VEH_Wiki VEH Discord: https://discord.gg/En4ayapZ5w Instagram: graybacknovels ===================== Disclaimer: The book cover's backdrop is not owned by me. Credit goes the respective artist.

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Hi, readers. Thank you for reading or at least checking out Vile Evil Hides Under Veil. It's about the main lead who died with a lot of regrets and decides to not have them when he is given the second chance. It's a typical fantasy work with a typical fantasy setting but with an atypical level of world details usually not found in other novels. Although there will be a larger plot at play in the backdrop, it'll be full of fan-service moments. It'll be a pun-riddled, fun-filled, troupe-busting, and fantasy-fulfilling ride meant for mature audiences. Writing Quality: The readers are assured of seamless readability. There might be a few typos but nothing too glaring. Updating stability: If the novel receives sought-after attention, you won't have anything to complain about in this department. ;) Story Development: the storyline will be optimally paced. It starts with MC finding himself back in time when he was just a 14 years old teen. He decides to make full use of his academic life when the proverbial second chance strikes. All while maintaining a good-guy image. Character design: MC will be self-centered around his interests. He'll do everything and make use of anyone to serve his purpose. Other characters will be multi-dimensional with their desires and goals. But for better or worse, MC's character design will be streamlined over most characters. At least at the start of the storyline. World background: Imagine a standard LitRPG world. With ever-expanding places, multiple humanoid races, various mana beasts, and the likes. You know the standard routine. One thing I'd like the readers to know. There's nobody out there targetting the MC. It will be the MC who will be targeting people for his gains. In short, Eren will be the one who knocks! :D Happy reading ! ;)


I always give detailed reviews. But for this novel, I wanted to make an exception. It is that good, and has a huge potential. Now, I'll talk about it one pointer at a time. nothing to complain when it comes to writing quality. i know that grammatical errors and glaring typos can affect a reader's experience. this didn't happen with me for this novel. story development is solid and firm. but it hasn't progressed much. as I'm writing this review, the novel is 40 chapters deep. the mmc still hasn't left what we call the newbie zone. I see that the writer is talking about starting a new arc. hope that changes this thing. we want the mc to explore the world some more. the character design is just like story dev. it is nuanced and in depth. and so far, every character has been given a particular shade. but since mc hasn't left the beginners area, there aren't many characters to talk about. till now I can only remember the names of Eren, Nina, Dom, and Lin. it's not a bad thing per se. but we already know so much about these characters now. it's about time the story introduces some more chars. updating so far has been stellar. i see the release rate of 23 chapters/week as I'm writing the novel. world background is intriguing. i like that the author has kept things straightforward. we still don't know the exact power structure as of now. but i for one am not in a hurry. wishing the author all the best and may this review help you and your novel grow further [img=update][img=coins][img=fp][img=exp][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


What can I say man. This novel is awesome. Give this novel a try you won't regret it. Writing Quality: Awesome, with all of those unreadable novels we are getting with the notes 'English ain't my first language', this right here is a treasure (Minor typos here and there, author is only a human). Stability of Updates: Can't say much since I binged 100 chapters at once so no idea about it, but author promises regular releases. I am gonna believe that. Story Development: We have a good storyline going here, even with the now common plot being used author excuted it in his own way making something new(good) out of it. Character Design: Hmmm....... I think this is 'The Best Point' of this novel. Awesome character designs and Interactions according to me. Mind it not all people would agree to this sentiment but I feel it to be correct. World Building: Author is drawing a world for us while unfolding his novel, it gives us knowledge about the world and its working as we delve deeper into the story. Hope this one ain't cen.sored coz this one doesn't have even one curse word


A follow-up review after 75 chapters of the novel: the minus points- author be has dropped his release rate. it is still better than what's considered as slow release novels. but compared to his previous speed, author has slowed down considerably. and no fight scene or "cultured" scene has taken place in the second arc, even after so many chapters are released. the plus points: it is still a bit slow paced for my taste. But now I've accepted that author takes his time painting a detailed picture of the scenes that are getting talked about. The writing quality and and world detailing haven't been dropped and show signs of even more improvements. Eren's character is still focusing on what's best for him at any time or scene. He is staying true to what he said he'd do after entering the academy. after everything that's been said, i really like this novel. Eren might not b the most lovable mc out there but he grows on u. and all his decisions reek of his real mental age. hoping the novel stays true to it's goal and doesn't make mc a wu*s or just plain idiot in doing about things!


Review after 80 chapters into the storyline! The novel has outperformed in most segments so far. It also has a few shortcomings. I'm assuming that the new readers must have seen the book tags, so I'll not talk about mc's antiheroism, his views and all that. I'll mention everything that is apart from antiheroism below so that potential readers can decide better wether they want to invest time in this work or not. Shortcomings 1) Slow burn: the storyline takes it's time to unfold. I don't feel it to be slow paced but just detail oriented. Others might not feel the same tho. 2) Limited fight scenes- again not an issue for me but most readers would prefer the novel to change this aspect about itself the most. but author has hinted about something called ranking war, which will appear in the upcoming chapters. Hopefully, the figh scene seeking audience can be pacified whenever that plot starts. 3) lack of culture plot- this is a problem for me as well. i don't like plots without any stories behind them. but the novel has left it's culture plot fans high and dry after chapter 53. 4) TMI- too much information is observed to being given seldomly in this novel. building a lore is fine. but sometimes the information needs to be introduced at the right time for it to make sense and have maximum impact. thankfully, i only observed two three such instances. so till now it's no biggie. hope author san takes heed from this comment. it'll definitely benefit him as well as us the readers. 5) comic relief has dropped down- volume one had a lot of comic relief moments that are lacking in the second volume. Now the plus points 1) writing quality- top-notch from my perspective. English is not my first language, so I might glide over a few obvious grammatical errors. But if there are errors, I can't spot most of them. There are sporadic cases of name swap maybe. But it should be counted as an ATD error, not a writing quality one. Solid 5/5 2) Story dev- author has placed heavy importance on the story development of the novel. He has made an intricate world with it's own set of laws and culture, which is not all that different from what we can relate to. I've gone through the entire ranking system and it's in depth and intriguing. But maybe author san needs to dial down on this aspect to focus on making the plot a bit fast paced for it's current and upcoming audience. 4/5 3) Character Design- The characters have enough info about them to make us readers imagine them into almost tangible personalities in our heads. author had only focused on the mc in the first volume, but thankfully he has started exploring the niche characteristics of other side characters. The interactions among them are driven by logic and rationality. They don't sound dummy and synthetic like most wuxia novels. Plus the in-novel characters don't go out of characters, ever. So that's a relief one seldom finds in newly published works. All in: 5/5 4) Updating stability: the novel is barely a month old and it has 80+ chapters as of now. And this is after the author declared that he has dropped his speed to focus on making the story plothole proof in one of his notes. So obviously its a 5/5 from me. 5) World background- most of the shortcomings I've enlisted above are from this segment. But their instances are rare and ignorable. Plus, I've read the entire ranking/cultivation chart of the novel. Least to say, it is intriguing. 4/5 In short, Vile Evil has all the qualities in it to break it big. It's a treat for the readers of antihero works. Hope the novel goes pro so that readers can expect a consistent release from the author. I think I'm forgetting something else to add, but whatever! Wishing all the best to the author.


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Hey this novel is very good, and I expect many things from it. I hope that we’ll be able to continue reading it and it won’t get dropped. I feel that this novel has much potential to be realised and hope that it does get realised. This is one those hidden gems. After all not everyone start reading a novel in it’s starting phase. It’s because nobody if it’ll be worth their time or because it might get dropped any moment due to author’s whims. After all, people wouldn’t how serious is author with his work, or even when they sometimes feel that the author might be an immature writer. ————————————————————————————————— Believe me when I say this that this novel is one with potential to reach the ranking board of webnovel. Though, I might be wrong. But I still believe in what I stated. I found this gem 💎 on the encouraging novel section of the homepage of webnovel.


TOP NOTCH writing quality OVER THE TOP stability of updates AMAZING story development WOW!!! Character Design, AND FANTASTIC world background x----x----x----x----x----x----x----x----x----x----x----x----x----x----x----x In total you got yourself a 1st prize, a 5 star Review!! CONGRATULATIONS, with this 10th review, your book should get a rating.


a little slow for my taste but not complaining. everything about the novel is great but i want the academy volume to start already. the author has left to many unanswered questions that he says will get answered when the next volume starts.


This is an antihero novel. so future readers need to take that into consideration before judging the MC's actions in this novel. what i liked: every action mc takes has a valid reason behind it. the actions might be cruel, heartless, and deceptive in nature. but they always have their reasons. and those reasons too are based on sound logic and information available for the mc at the time. what can be improved: the background story sometimes feels like it is getting stretched. we don't need reasons all the time. sometimes they can be just assumed by the readers. that's it. this novel has become my new fev after Dual Cultivation for 'culture' story with plot [img=update][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


review based acc to first 87 chapters finally one more great evil mc novel evilness = 50% of Reverend Insanity thou mc isn't one with high iq like fang yaun but he his world view and thought process is quite same except he still think of satisfaction of libido which I think is a good addition only thing I find Lacking in this is world building it poorly done


Everything about this novel oozes perfection. And the best thing is I'm not even trying to oversell it. Think thisd be my second review here. Since author wants a follow-up review now that it is closer to reaching the milestone of 100 chapters, I thought I should oblige and support him from my end. writing quality is simple and neat. Readability is smooth and there are almost no jargons you'd have to use Google for. I'm not sure how else to describe this section so I'll just say that it is as good as a native English writer's standards if not more. story dev and world background take the path less trodden, since the novel has mixed rpg type with cultivation. so far it has worked in it's favour. author has put a cultivation chart (?, don't know what else to call it) in the second auxillary chap. I think that would give most of readers like me a fair idea about the world background. only drawback I'd have to mention about the story dev would be mc hasn't progressed much in his rank. i understand author doesn't want to give the Eren handicap of being a MC, but we would like him to move ahead now. Schems and planning are good. But supernatural power in supernatural world are equally necessary. Character design is where this story shines the brightest. every character feels like it is as real as a fantasy setting allows it to be. the author had promised a troupe busting novel and till now he has delivered on it. there are no young masters or enemy after enemy coz mc looked at them funny. I'm only deducting a star from updating stability coz author has dropped the release rate from 14/ week to 12/ week. Hope we get to enjoy at least 18/ week release rate. Good luck author, and please don't drop this masterpiece!


This one is pure gem. writing quality is awesome. the characters feel they are real. most of all, there's not a clutter of them. only a few of them have been introduced so far. makes you easy to remember and get used to them. author, insert aunt Nina's image somwhere... or everywhere! eren has shown to have a stable personality. there are no loopholes in his logic so far. and he is aware of his evil nature. its a slow burn novel. everything takes time. but it doesn't get boring. there's a bit of comedy in it too. and some slice of life. it is turning out to be a great read.


I liked this novel very much, I hope it will not be unfinished and I wish success to the author. 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140


Excelente novela , es la primera novela que me hace comprar coins , tiene buen comienzo y buena trama , me gusta mucho , gracias al autor por tan excelente obra [img=recommend]


I can feel that the author is talented in writing this genre. Even some famous novels feel bland to me like their characters' dialog are from a high-school play. So far this one is one of my favorites in fantasy magic harem genre.


this is the story of the continuation of which I look forward to, until I like everything, but so far not bad, and the characters themselves. Of course, there is trouble with a description of the world, there is too much text about it


im no expert in writing good reviews so i will be brief, how the conversations are carried out is what i find for a lack of a better word "dull" maybe is just me but the conversations need more descriptions about how they are being carried, just a little example would be (ramdon character name) rolled their eyes while saying "bla bla bla", just some experesions to include in between the paragraphs of talking that the characters do, overall the story is great, i like the main character and how he handles thing, the lemon scenes were very spicy so i loved them 😊, and what else hmm i dont know but thanks for writing this and sorry for the convoluted mess that i wrote 😅


Love the story so far, thanks.[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


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