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What is My Evil Genius Wife

My Evil Genius Wife is a popular web novel written by the author Kamlyn, covering REINCARNATION, ROMANCE, MODERN, COMEDY, FANTASY, STRONG FEMALE LEAD, CEO FEMALE LEAD, COLD MALE LEAD, SUPERSTAR, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 3M readers with an average rating of 4.78/5 and 93 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 180 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


She barged into his office ignoring the secretary who was trying to stop her. He looked up and frowned seeing the girl who just barged into his office. “ What are you doing here?” She smiled and flipped her hair back as she said, “ What do you think I am doing here? I am hungry, take me out for lunch.” He knitted his brows and said coldly, “ Why would I? I have paid the compensation, and I have zero obligation to feed you. Go away.” The corners of her lips turned in an evil smile as she responded, “ Do you think that you can get away from me so easily? Tsk, tsk. Mr. Han, you have really underestimated me.” “ I will hunt you down even if you try to hide away from me in a faraway mountain,” she said while snickering evilly. ... She is a member of the most popular girl group and has lived her life with fame and glory. But what happens when she dies because of an accident and wakes up in the body of the hidden heiress of the Gu family? Xu Nuan who is obedient, timid, and introvert suddenly becomes sharp-tongued, bold, and fearless after the accident. Can the people who have always looked down on her accept her strong and brazen attitude? Han Zihao, who is leading the business world and was known for his cold and mysterious aura was forced to yield in front of the stubborn girl who jumped in front of his car. How will he able to react to Xu Nuan’s bold and brazen persuasion? …. * NO RAPE OR MAJOR MISUNDERSTANDING* Update: 1 chapter a day except for Thursday Instagram: @kamlyn_love Discord server: https://discord.gg/NTPCE7YZm7 Note: The cover has been taken from the pinterest. Credits to the owner. If it is your work and wanted it to be taken down, write about it in the comments. Thank you


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So here is the shameless author with self-review. In this review, I will answer a few questions about this novel and why you should read this one. Q. Is this an original story or translation? Ans. This is my original story which I am posting it on webnovel only. So it’s not a translation, if you have any problems or questions regarding the novel, you can directly contact me using my discord ID or Instagram. Q. Why transmigration novel again? Ans. The transmigration genre might be old and cliche but it can never get outdated. This fantasy genre comes with suspense, mystery, and lots of comedic encounters. Also, it’s always fun to read and write. Q. Does this novel have two-sided transmigration just like in Eternal Love? Ans. Unfortunately not. This one only has one-sided transmigration and only one female lead. However, I can assure you that this one is gonna be a fun ride with no major misunderstanding. Q. Does the novel have villains and white lotuses? Ans. Of course. Without them, the story will become tiresome. We need an antagonist to make our leads protagonist. But thanks to these people you will get to see many face-slappings. Q. Does the character formation is based on the reader’s taste? Ans. I will say Yes. Before publishing this story, I asked my old readers a few questions about the formation of characters and framed them according to your taste. The female lead is bold, badass, and of course talented. You can get to see her character development as the story goes. The same goes for the male lead. So don’t expect everything in a few chapters. Haha, try to be a little patient. Q. How many chapters this one is going to have? Ans. Hmm...I am not sure about it yet. Maybe 300-500? However, it depends on the story of how it proceeds. Q. Is this related to Eternal Love in any way? Ans. The background world is the same but they are both different. If you haven’t read the eternal love, you can still read this one. However, I still recommend you to read Eternal love because it has a very distinct concept. Haha, promoting the other one as well. Q. Does this novel is part of WPC? Ans. Yes. The votes will be counted till 17th august only. So I request you to show this one some love just like you did to the other novel. Q. Will this one be dropped after WPC ends? Ans. The answer is no. Either I win or not, I am not going to drop this novel. Since I have started this one, I am going to complete it. I am not a reckless person to start a novel just to win a contest. Q. What is the update schedule? Ans. One chapter a day except for Thursday. The authors need some rest as well. But till the contest, the updates will be regular and the mass releases will be given frequently since it’s a new novel. Q. Can the author take criticisms? Ans. Of course. I can take all the criticisms happily unless it’s not a personal attack. I believe every reader has a right to make comments or reviews about the story and it also helps in the development of the story. It will be better if you can tone down your harsh tone and be respectful while reviewing. Haha, otherwise I can take criticisms well. Also, one more thing, I hope you won’t write reviews only to get exp points. The reviews which only have emojis with zero reading status will be deleted. I don’t want to fill the review section of this one with spams. Q. Is writing style different from the previous one? Ans. The writing style is not different but I will say it has gotten better compared to the first novel since it’s my second novel and I have got some experience in writing as well. I am trying to focus on grammatical mistakes and even if you find any, do point it. I will try to fix it as soon as possible. In the last, I hope you guys give it a read. It took me a lot of courage to start a new novel since it will be a lot of work but I had a story in mind that I wanted to share it with everyone. Also, do give a read to Eternal Love if you’re a binge reader and haven’t read that one yet.


Nice novel ,author..... Can't wait for more... The plot is refresh and absolutely my type....The FL is brave and what just lacks her is power and money to put that fake princess in her place ....Can't wait to see more scenes between both of the FL and ML ....


I would love to read your second book author. I'm hooked with first one. The story plot of this novel is to my liking. After reading the synopsis, I fell in love with it. Can't wait to start the novel. But unfortunately exams are going. I'll start to read after my exams finishes. I'll be there with you till the end author. I'll support you go ahead and give us a good novel.[img=recommend]


To be fair, 6 chapters is not enough for me to give a complete review. However, what I have read so far, I like and in a way there are some similarities with your other work Eternal Love, I'm just hoping there will be a fair amount of differences as well. As long as there are more chapters, and it remains interesting I'll continue to read. Just keep the timeline as real as possible to match the actions that are happening or are about to happen. I've noticed of late novels that push a lot of real time activities in 1-2 months when you actually think about it would be around 6 to 7 months is starting to annoy me. Make it align to be more believable. You cannot have a situation whereby in the space of 1 month the FL and supporting characters have done e.g. - got out of the hospital - 100% super healthy, married, become star of the show, have the ML in love with her, become a medical/martial artist to the nth degree, save everyone from a car accident, got new BFF who are loyal to her, got rid of the white lotus and suddenly receive all the love from her birth parents etc. etc. It does not make sense and its a turn off. Since she is in the hospital let the FL use the time wisely and not so much drama, when she and ML fall in love give them 4 to 6 months to do so. They can show some interest in each other at the start. Wish you all the best.


Hi author nice job nice story so far.. would like to request if can to have a happy ending for the FL n ML.. will they have their own little sweet home n child.. also the Manager seem quite pity background too .. can he have nice ending.. tqvm..


Hello Evil Genius Readers(present and future)😈 I read the author previous book Eternal Love❤ which is really good and wonderful novel. I become addicted to it. After that I started reading this novel from the first day and believe me this is the best novel. You will crave for more chapters.🤩 I never thought that reincarnation novel will be like this. Mostly in reincarnation we found the revenge story. But in this story you find revenge😡, comedy🤣, romance😍, cuteness😊, and what not everything we can enjoy every chap whole heartedly. The author potrayed each and every character neatly and clearly. The way she wrote makes your heart flutter when there is love scene❤, it makes you cry when there is emotional scenes😭, makes you laugh hard when there is a comedy scene🤣. Her overall writing is simply superb. I observe this from her both novels. The story development is really good. The characters, locations, makes you feel it as a real.😯 The character design is the most interesting thing you will find each and every character worth in the story. Every character has a meaning in the story. Author has a way with her character design. The updates of this novel is stable and you can join privilege to enjoy advanced chapters. You will be mesmerised by the FL charm and her attitude. She is a rare gem. I love ML a lot. I know Xu nuan will kill me but it is worth it. He is really a handsome hunk. I am not saying this simply. I read her novels and you all know writing long reviews are very rare. If they wrote then it means they definitely read the novel and showing their interest and love in reviews. Occasional short reviews are also best 😁🤣😍 Keep reading, Keep voting and support the author. More love and strength to you Kamlyn. Love you❤😍😘


This novel is intriguing! Can’t wait to unlock all chapters and read it! I like how each character are solid and consistent with their roles. I like the flow of the story... not too fast.... not to slow... just about right... thanks dear Author for keeping the storyline alive and the characters not too overwhelming!!!


A transmigration novel ! How different can it be from the others ? That's what I thought , but this one here is awesome ! This is not a cliche one so if u want a cliche one get out of here ! It's unique ,new , the element is totally different ! 💜💜💜 Do I really have to say more? Just start reading already ! 😂😂💓💓💓


I already love your other book The Eternal Love And I really liked the synopsis of this book. I m sure this will be amazing so I am gonna write the first review after you 💜... I really look forward to this book 🥰 All the best to you 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜


ahhhh the story is A M A Z I N G. I literally cant stop to read.the storyline is so nice and refreshing.the ml is the among the best i have read so far.he is shy but mature.he is a alpha male but not a possessive dominating jerk.and woah our heroine is the cutest.she is silly abd do loads of funny and stupid things but she is definitely not a dumsel in distress.she is sass queen🥰🥰


at first, i don't really like the story and i think it is just like any other transmigrating story. but it turns out to be good. it have its own uniqueness, i like how consistent the fl's character is and i also like how useful ml's character (unlike any other books that have a useless and overly op ml). i like how the story develop. i thought i will hate the drama but it turns out good. i honestly don't like drama but the drama in this story is good that it leaves me a different view about drama. chapter length is also cool not too short unlike others i hope this will keep up. overall, it is a good read.


it wqs so unexpected that i would read his humorous novel. it really makes my day. am really hooked i even buy coins for this story cause i cant stop reading. keep up the good work author. i was mesmerize by your style.,so funny and it lightens my mood. make some more like this. my only request please don't make story too long since readers lost track once the story is ignored for a few for finanacial reasons that itis too expensive to continue reading


Highly recommended!!!!! ❤️ First I want thanks our shameless author for her high-level of shameless mind. This is not a simple transmigration novel. Our female lead Xu Nuan is a truly Queen of her own shameless world. She is not a naive dumb girl. She is very strong and confident woman. I really like her attitude. Im really enjoyed every chapter. This novel is damn good. You should try it. Worth for my time. 👍❤️❤️❤️


*Ahem* Long review alert (my love for Han is endless) First of all, it's Kam's story so obviously it's gonna be good (duh!) Now The writing style is so good. I love thats it's simple and not overly descriptive. Grammar is fine too. There are errors but who cares about that when the author can sell the story so well to the readers Now coming to the characters. Xu Nuan is totally crush material. She's feisty, smart, independent and resourceful. Her beauty is in her actions and she truly is unique FL in the worls of webnovel. AS FOR THE ML, I CAN GO ON AND ON ABOUT WHY HE'S SO ADORABLE! HANNYYYYYYY He's not the usual cold and aloof ML. Yeah he's a little cold at first but then as you read more, you'll realize he's just an introverted bunny. He's quiet, supportive and will be in for all of xu nuan's craziness. They're like a perfect mix of yin and yang. THIS GREEDY READER WANTS MORE 😭😭😭 Romance is slow but worth it. It buulds up so much if their natural chemistry that you wont even realize when you've finished 100 plus chaps! Don't give this gem a miss ♥️


I wrote my review at the very beginning but now I m gonna do it again 1. From the name we all get the idea of what type the book will be BUT I m telling u all that this is not a Reincarnation book alone it has a lot more than u expect it to be. 2. The writing style of the book is easy and very understandable. Well I already expected this as from the author 😉. Updates were mostly stable which is my most favorite. 3. Story development flow was not to fast neither not to slow. It was P-E-R-F-C-T. First few chaps might make the reader confuse but that's how the base is made before the actual story begins. 4. All the characters and the background introduced in the story is amazing. Each character has it's own features and are different from the other. The world background used kind off give u a feel of Korea. ( So all the kpop and kdrama lovers I m sure u will love it 😉😍) ________ More about FL As said in the synopsis FL is a famous kpop idol until she dies. After her reincarnation she starts her new journey from scratch. She is a living, caring, sharp tongued, strong, cool minded and also a possesive person. In start u might not like her straight forwardness but as the story continues u will come to understand her more. More about ML HZ is a kind, caring and loving person. His character design is same like other CEOs. By this I mean he is cold and evil to his enemies but he is a sweetheart to his loved ones. Due to the incidents in his childhood, he grew up to be more cold to others. Yet after meeting FL his cold behavior starts to change for good. He smiles more than before. But this change is not instant. It takes time for him. For now he is the shy one but I know it will change to her sooner 😉 One important thing about him HE IS A DAMN SLOTH He is tooo slow what I mean by this I won't say here for that u gotta read the book 💜 (Author there might be typos sorry for that)


You won't regret picking up this book. I especially love the quality and contents that keeps me drooling for more. Can't wait to for my coins to build up. Keep it up Author you're great.


I really loved the author and the way he/she describes the characters, well I am totally in awe when I read the chapters...all of them are fabulous and the best thing I loved was the FL's characters. She is not that delicate fragile and shy women but the bold, strong and a leader (well I like every FL But Xu Nuan is special), she has all the qualities I want to have in every women who can stand for herself and full fill her wishes. She is not at all Shy but a cute little pervert😁 and I liked her. And Mr. Han...Nuan please tell your man everything babe..plzz ❤❤❤Lots of love❤❤❤ keep it up 😘😘😘


Firstly thank you so much for giving us reader this opportunity to read this novel I mean it's really out of my expectation that this novel can be soo good to read i just can't even stop myself from reading it and believe me I am not exaggerating it by saying that this novel is the best amongst best the readers who is reading my comments please do try it I can guarantee it worth the time and coins and author seriously there is nothing to complaint about it but only admiration and love from me you are writing this novel in such a great way and the humours in between I just can't stop from praising you just keep up with your good work it's rare to read this type of well written novel to read seriously you are great love from india


It's really is an interesting novel I am seriously hooked and believe me I am saying it for real I thought that readers were bluffing but not it's really will give you the thrill to read more thanks author for this novel love from india


I left a review a couple of weeks ago but I can't help leaving another one. This story is a breath of fresh air. The FL is so hilarious! 😂😂 I just love her optimism in going after the ML 😜. I know it's hard for the author but I'm still hoping to see more than 1 chapter per day 😁😁😁. I'm sure I'm not the only one. 😊 Thanks dear author for this wonderful piece. Goodluck! 🙂


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