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The Evil Queen

The Evil Queen

She had done many cruel deeds in her life. But she has also done these for the sake of her nation. So... does her head deserve to land on the executioner's table? Mirabelle Estella Cissy von Castano was labeled as "The Evil Queen," before she was twenty years old. But she was just a foolish youngster trying to save her country. After her death, she starts to regret everything she has ever done. Now? She has been reborn. Hell has given her another chance. Now that she is facing her past self again- she says: "What Evil Queen?" Tch. She rips it and yells: "As far as I know- I am done- whoever wants the role of the Evil Queen can have it!" All she is looking forward to is to find her Peace! Revenge? Haha... she'd rather run away! Be Kind and forgiving... oh hell no. "You stay over there- and I stay over here!" Be involved? No- she's the star behind the backstage. Be the Hero to save the Kingdom- She has done enough in her past life! Be the Villain? She'd rather go on vacation!!! Follow Mirabelle as she tries her best to get out of her sequential monochromatic past. But why do things get in her way? And why do people start clinging into her knees now that she willing to give up? *** But suddenly a mysterious masked man comes in her life, asking her for help: "Help me, and I shall give you fifty percent of my profit," he says. "Profit, you say?" Mirabelle looks at him. Tch. "The only way you profit me is to keep your damn face away from me..." And YOU ARE WHATSOEVER NOT BRINGING ME DOWN!! I want my vacation! He evilly smirked.

Tanisha_Mazumder_4401 · Historical Romance
Not enough ratings