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Almas Gemelas

They say, “When you are young, you fall in love". And those memories of the lost come chasing after you. They say, ‘Dreams come true’. But it always sounds more like a warning, maybe this could be a grave mistake or a mystery solved? ……… Here, this is a Story of Samantha & Jennifer, two best Friends trying to decode Samantha's recurrent dream. In her dreamscape, she is visited by a Stranger who plays piano to her every night and telling her, “Celestia, my love come be with me.” He disappears every time, she tries to get close enough to demask him. It's been like for years when she saw him first since she turned sixteen. A symphony so mesmerizing, alluring rendition of his presence and that piano work piece never heard before and a place that never exists, calls her every night to come and join the music of endearment .A Stranger who asks her to stay a little longer in his dreamscape with him. So, who is this Stranger, so known but still unknown? Is this a hallucination or do really soulmates exists through the eternal plane of time and cosmic universe? Embark on this wonderful Journey of Friendship, Love, Betrayal and A whole new universe of dreams waiting for you to find your soulmate. Would you cross the Bridge of Destiny and Faith, just to find your soulmate? Would take that risk? Samantha did. Would You? An Important Note- All Copyrights Reserved @2020 - author

Robina_Singh · Fantasy Romance
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