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    the lonely gut who played Minecraft called technoblade

    SomethinGirlygamer · War
    Not enough ratings
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    An Orphan and A King

    A king, an anarchist, a friend, and an orphan's second worst nightmare. He is known to abolish any governments that stand in his way. However, he is also known to protect his friends and seems to never die in order to protect them. But what if he met an orphan in a world filled with murder, betrayal, trauma; or what we know it as: the Dream SMP. Will he do what he is known to do? Will he really be Technoblade, the orphan obliterator? A/N Hello everyone! This is my first time writing a story so please dont judge! I have dyslexia so if you see any grammar mistakes, please don't point it out.  I have a hard time spelling and with my grammar. My sister Dani (dubbii_) in Wattpad and she is helping me check my errors! I hope you like my story and I will try to update each chapter every weekend. This is an original story I made in my head and I hope you guys have an amazing day! Also this is not lore base! This is just a story I created in my head! It is lore from the past but with my twist! :D ENJOY!!

    RedRobin_ · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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    It Doesn't Matter, 'Cause Nothing Matters

    Back home, War-torn!Tom (Mid-20th century Brighton), only fourteen, would've had his family to build him back up if it weren't for the zombie apocalypse and the jarring teleportation to another universe. He was a teenager, and he came as an imperfect package to the Watsons, with a crackwhore birth mom and genetic, hormonal depression because of her. They didn't even learn of his condition before he was forcibly separated from them, his mom, dad, and two brothers, in a crowd of panicked people. He makes friends, plenty of them, and survives as best as he can, just holding out until he finds every member of his family, safe and sound, hopefully. All he has is hope, which is thin in a war-torn world. Until he's transported another dimension. Back home, Vampiric-sight!Thomas (18th century Great Britain), sixteen, would try to escape his possessive family at any cost, but they wouldn't even give him the mercy of killing him. He was handicapped from birth, blind and regarded as weak, until he met a strangely kind and warm Wilbur. He only learns that him and his kin are cold-blooded ones when he's forcibly turned and hoarded in their coven. The Micrafes are a powerful family, and he has no chance of escaping, even with his new gift of sight. Sight of truth. He knows that his new family are not lying when they say they love him, but not in a way anyone would prefer. They use violence and manipulation as means of getting people to stay, and even Tommy sees that Wilbur and Technoblade used to be like him, that Phil used to be like all of them. He's too scared and focused on his survival to sympathise, though. Who he becomes because of them is broken, and not bright, and who he once was starts to fade. Until he's transported somewhere he doesn't know. In the here and now, Aishite!Tommy (22nd century Manburg), seventeen and counting, would give anything to see his family look at him. Truly look at him and see who he is, and love him for it. He lives a modern life in a futuristic world, with advanced technology, space exploration, and even superpowers granted by government issued scientists, to create better (or perhaps more efficient) law enforcement. Unfortunately for them, criminals get ahold of these experiments and serums and turn themselves into supervillains. Soon everyone with money or means to steal can become powerful, and passed through genes, generations become more enhanced and powerful. His family, with no recorded last names in order to remain hidden, are government issued heroes, and he's cannon fodder, adopted in order to appear kind and gracious in public eye. But Tommy has only ever felt love from the Crafts when they first met, and wants it back, deep down. He puts on the suit of a vigilante and tries to live up to becoming a hero, disguising himself as a hero in training and gaining their favour. They have no idea who he is, and don't keep tabs on their black sheep in order to figure it out. But as stakes rise and Tommy begins to realise they'll never see who he is under the mask without hating him forever, he loses hope of having a family.  Until two kids his age who look a lot like him appear out of nowhere in his secret base (which is really just a small backyard shed one of his vigilante friends procured for him). Both as scared as him, both with similar names and derivatives, and similar family, yet so different. As Aishite-Tommy struggles to keep them secret and get them back home, they eventually have to work together and better understand each other in order to juggle everything that's going on, on top of the government's dictator, or President Schlatt, planning to tip the economy in favour of the rich, mostly himself, and destroy anyone that gets in his way.

    NotASnaccImAMel · Sci-fi
    Not enough ratings
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