The Dream Saga
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The Dream Saga


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What is The Dream Saga

The Dream Saga is a popular web novel written by the author wookie0_, covering ADVENTURE, MYSTERY, ISEKAI, PARALLELWORLDS, GODS, SUPERPOWER, SHOUNEN, DEVILS, FANASTY, SUPERNATURAL, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 10.2K readers with an average rating of 4.65/5 and 39 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 8 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Ever wondered how it feels to be in another world , but being in one particular fantasy world might get boring what about millions of fantasy world's getting merged into one another time to time . well this happens with Kai Reid a shut in boy who gets teleported into a fantasy world but not just one fantasy world but into a millions of colliding fantasy worlds swarming with monsters , devils,gods,vampires,urban legends,etc , so let's grab our gear and get on awesome adventure with Kai, Skylar and squad. and find out who is behind this mixing of world.

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I enjoyed the story, well done author! Character has depth, pacing is good, no glaring mistakes. Keep posting and do not give up. Let's hit 100 chapters!


Intresting Plot and good writing style. Definitely worth the time and money you would spend here. [img=faceslap][img=update][img=recommend][img=fp][img=fp][img=update][img=recommend][img=fp]


The idea behind this story is pretty cool and the concept behind it is really good. It reminds me of those types of stories where the main character has to go through all of these challenges to improve himself. This book has a great background behind it, the worldbuilding is really good, the main character is likable, and the character development is great. I think it's a pretty good book, and I think the story will get better if the author adds more chapters and updates.


It is such an interesting concept and you also have a good start. I think it will be much better if you edit it a bit to correct some grammar and punctuations. Keep up the good work, author!


well , at first the novel seems like a Thriller but as you advance you'll turn more into its fantasy side the story seems to hide many secrets and mysteries and they concept of not one or two but a million worlds is unique and will always have something interesting to represent


Great story. I specifically liked the world background, the world process really showed the efforts behind them. Character have layers, story development so far is fine. Rather than transmigrating in one fantasy world merging many is a great idea and keep the plot from getting boring. Best of luck author great idea.


First time a i seen a novel like this one and I’m impressed how you made everything work. I cant wait to see more only negative would be the pacing the chapters where pretty long 😅.


The concept of your story is fresh as the world background is quite interesting with the different countries and creatures. The sentences can be shorter as writing long sentences make it confusing.The character background is quite good but I hope more information is given as the story progresses!Overall great story:)


Seems good to me with the raw chapters. I can see its potential and so far so good. This needs edits in some parts as I have commented. Looks like it will be an awesome read if you will edits it. It will be perfecto! Cheers! For the future!


I feel totally different vibe in this story! It's a great idea! I never read such kind of book anywhere! Synopsis is too much attractive and it can drag anyone to the story! Plot is really going smoothly and I am really excited to see where the story ends with! KEEP IT UP dear author! I APPRECIATE YOU!


This story has an interesting plot. The main character is good and introduced quite well. The pacing is a bit fast. Maybe it's only me but there are too many dialogues. The MC is saying everything out loud. I think there are times that we need to see what the MC is seeing and not just hear it from him. Grammar also needs to be improved. But all in all this story has potential. Keep on improving and updating!


plot is good and unique.. it's not your ordinary fantasy story💚..the author done some good work🖤..and and and if you're interested in good story without judging the popularity of author....then you should give it a try atleast...


The plot is promising but the execution of the story needs to worked upon, maybe it's just me but the chapters tend to have some irrelevant details. Proofreading is required otherwise it's all good.


Reveal spoiler


The writing quality is good. There's very little mistake that we can ignore. the development of the story is fast, but it's acceptable. I like the interaction between Kai and Skylar but, I don't really like the keeper's personality of keeping a secret. (in my opinion only) I like spoiler. It's fine if it's a mystery that we need to search for an answer. But, the keeper has an answer but she want Kai to find the long solution by searching it himself. that's not mystery but a secret that I don't like.( again I want to say, this was from my interest, opinion and bias, not from the way you write.) So far, the characters all have an interesting traits and personality, I won't say likeable, but acceptable. Kai was a person who like to stay inside his house, so he can get awkward when meeting new people. He is kind, which is good and is a person who's easy to get excited but lazy at the same time. Skyler is hard on the outside but soft in the inside. Can come off pretty rude, but has good intentions. So far, the story is going to a good direction but, I still don't like the door keeper's personality of keeping a secret even though it won't even bring any harm if she tells Kai about his ability.


Nice story. I like the thriller and paranormal activity vibe around the story. The story will be flawless but for the many grammatical errors, tense clashes and spelling mistakes. But kudos to the author for creating such a unique world and an interesting story that sparks up the readers' curiosity right off the bat! 👏


An interesting and captivating plot. The characters are well-defined and the premise is set from the get go. A few mistakes are present here and there but can be excused.


This is some run ride of adventure. The story is captivating, characters are well developed. Looking for lots of adventure this story is for you. Have to get back to reading and see what's up next.


Decent stuff. This is a bit of a pet peeve of mine, but there were a bunch of grammar mistakes. I suggest using some sort of grammar-checking software such as Grammarly. The concept for the plot is quite interesting, in that the main character can see into the future with his dreams. I can definitely get behind this, but the main character himself wasn't developed very much in the beginning. No offense, but if you have to input exposition in the Author's Note, then I feel that you failed in presenting enough information within the chapters themselves. It's the classic "show don't tell" mantra. Still, I feel that the plot progresses in a natural function, and there is a lot of room to write a compelling story. Keep up the good work!


Good show. The concept is well enough. Characters are relatable and the dialogue is solid. Prose might be a tad windy, however, but not really enough to detract from the story. Keep on writing.


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