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Stone, a young man on his 16s was abandoned at a very young age, forced to live alone until he was 4 years old. At that time, he was adopted by a loving family and grew together with their son. In this life where he experienced many harsh problems before and after his adoption, his mind was full of questions and mysteries, and the biggest one of them was his identity. In this world where one's Fate is everything, watch as our MC grows, experience, and explore this Huge World while walking his unknown path. ---------------------- So, A little Author's Note here: The Real Story only begins after chapters 10-15, As before that it's only awakening stuff and the world and character intro. After that comes some epic battle Scenes which am proud to say can easily make it to the Top 10 of the whole of web novel, Although the MC is Op, he starts like everyone else, and he got higher difficulties than your average guy. So, yeah he's OP but that will only come later as he enriches his mind with experience and goes through a lot of battle and stuff, right now you can only say he's talented. Most of the time the story goes around common sense, Not the world but the story like plots n stuff, you are free to give me ideas or even constructive criticism which is welcome. I like to make stuff where the Readers participate like some kinda Events, which I've already made one you'll find it if you read and... Hope you like the story as much as I do! Also, you will also not find many grammar mistakes which are, unfortunately, a huge trend on Webnovel. So yeah, the story makes sense and you'll find it fun if you actually make it to the actual spicy stuff. As the chaps go it only becomes better and better. Anyways, I just made a Patreon, If you want you can go and check it: https://www.patreon.com/StellNem Discord: https://discord.gg/WkPT4GXk2E ----------------- The Cover's not mine, all credits go to: AkiZero1510, https://www.deviantart.com/akizero1510


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