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Never Judge

Cedric Reyes has a secret, he is the heir and eldest son of the rich and powerful Reyes clan. As tradition all heirs of their family have to go through a form of poverty training at the age of fifteen. They are left to fend for themselves with no contact and barely any money. Since leaving, he's gotten married to Adrianna Herandez, the Treasure of the Hernandez clan. Adrianna's family had always looked down at him due to his humble origins, but Adrianna has always stuck by him. Treated badly by his classmates in the past, and his in law in the present. They are about to encounter the shock of their lives. The Reyes Heir rules the country with his friends, the four princes, who are each from powerful and well respected families. **Cover by Mozzamello** **Typography by sendaline_16** Join my discord server: https://discord.gg/PXnT6AcQWH Follow me: @wounded_warriorauthor on Instagram

wounded_warrior · Realistic Fiction

Re: Life - Business & Technology

From middle-class to running the most valuable corporation on Earth. Join a tired yet talented 23-year-old man working in the IT industry during the pandemic, who suddenly received the chance to relive his life a decade in the past (2011). Follow the story of Vince Dalton to pursue prosperity and fulfillment for himself, his sick mother, and friends. Money and power will not be obstacles; learned technical skills and future knowledge will prevail, not even hidden organizations and aliens can stop him! Science Fantasy, Bitcoin, Video Games, Business, Military, Politics, and more! Inspired by novels like Extraordinary Genius and God of Money "I discuss concepts such as different industries, globalization, armed conflicts, modern monetary theory, humanitarianism, mixed in with a slice of life, and sci-fi fantasy themes." -Viincentt Read the chapter titles to get a better idea of the themes and concepts in the novel. Check the comments for customer 3D characters I created Watch my Webnovel Writer Reacts to Comments on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNo71gJqg8E https://discord.gg/K337HaZXec Check out the companion website here! www.relife-businesstechnology.com

Viincentt · Sci-fi

Sweet Military Marriage: Mr. Jing, Please Spare Me!

Jing Mo Chen fell in love at first smell when he smelt Mu Xi Xing's scent Jing Mo Chen: Youngest General in the Military, God-like figure in the business world Mu Xi Xing fell in love at first sight when she looked into Jing Mo Chen's eyes Mu Xi Xing: Pervert-like genius, Incredible senses How did the two of them meet and how would their love story be like? Mu Xi Xing only wanted to find her birth parents but ended up finding a whole lot more conspiracy. Jing Mo Chen helped her along the way and the two of them helped others. What else would they find out and what would they get at the end? Honest Reviews: "The development is very happy-go-lucky to me. There is not much depth to situations or conversations and a lot of things are just placed in peoples laps. A lot of the wording of the sentences sounds basic with not much description- like it is what it is because I said so i.e. 'the cat felt sad because the cat felt sad' or the situation goes the way i want it to or people react in a positive way or negative way but not much in between." "Picked up this little gem recently. Spent about 5 hours reading continuously to catch up. Great book, great character design, great everything. There are a few hiccups with the grammar and vocabulary but there is significant improvements in each chapter. The author never fails to entertain. Keep up the good work author." Disclosure: Most readers that don't like this story falls into the following two categories: 1. Grammar mistakes 2. Illogical Most readers that love this story falls into the following two categories: 1. Alpha male and female lead with their love for one another 2. A new type of story There are good and bad reviews. So, it is up to you to decide.

EvaOrlando14 · Contemporary Romance

Idol Dream

The synopsis made by a reader called Lecc Daeho reincarnates into the body of someone of the same name just 16 years old. The body he is in is actually a failed idol that debuted too early, for strange reasons he dies. MC used to be an aspiring musician that never really realized his dream, now he has a system, a younger body, and a chance to become an actual idol, and climb the ladders of the industry.

ForeignSign · Realistic Fiction

The Clichéd Story of My Life

"We can make memories together... Be it happy or sad, unlike feelings, memories will always be there." He told her when she said that feelings could not be trusted. "And with me... I assure you, each memory we make, would be a happy one." ☆☆★★ As the name suggests, it's a cliché BUT different story of our female lead- Maya Parker. Maya had once dreamt of building a beautiful future with someone she had been together with since ages. Unfortunately, it turned out that she had to wake up from this dream; he was cheating on her! But, never did she think that she could fall in love with someone so soon, only after a few days of her breakup!♡♡ This time you are going to see that not everyone in this world is a jerk!! (^~^) Your Checklist- •cheating boyfriend. ✔ •Beautiful leads. ✔ •family drama ✔ • scheming mother✔ •first crush✔ [No Major misunderstandings! No Abuse!] (3 updates a week) (The book cover is made by me using references from the net) Connect with me in the Comments, I reply to almost all of them {I think (~_~;)}... or on my Instagram- @nanoree_wn. I post there sometimes if not always. ヘ( ̄ω ̄ヘ) This is an original story by me & I'm not a professional author so please excuse me for my not-so-professional writing!(●__●)

nanoree · Contemporary Romance

Rebirth: Hollywood

Countless people came to Hollywood with dreams, most of them fell on the road and finally became ordinary people. In the process of climbing up, the role of talent often exceeds that of hard work, but opportunity is more important than talent and hard work! ♤♡◇♧  •••••••••••••  ♧◇♡♤ NOTE : New chapters will be released Everyday. Ignore the Grammar mistakes of the first few chapters. I will try to edit it when I got some time. ♤♡◇♧  •••••••••••••  ♧◇♡♤ PATREON : https://www.patreon.com/Soulless_King ♤♡◇♧  •••••••••••••  ♧◇♡♤ DISCLAIMER : This is a Translation. All the rights and credits go to the original author. The cover page is edited by LordValmar.

Soulless_King · Magical Realism

My Neighbor’s Dirty Secret

Who knew a package could change someone’s life? Inside the box, contained her neighbor’s dirty secret. A secret that would change her life forever. Warning: Mature and threesomes.

valeriex · Contemporary Romance

The Ace

The story of a boy overcome with pain, that suddenly isn't. ********** The story is about a boy, Ace, who is suddenly healed from his pain. He decides to make the best out of his god (?) given gift. You can expect politics, show business, videogames, sports, and much more. I hope you enjoy the novel, Happy Reading! The image does not belong to me, full credits to the creator, if you wish for me to remove it, contact me at: insidiouswebnovel@gmail.com

_Insidious_ · Magical Realism