Your Highness, Why Are You Being So Shameless? Book

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Your Highness, Why Are You Being So Shameless?


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Aelia had always been just a regular girl with a cold personality. Devastated by the death of her mother, all she wished was to finally be understood by someone. Who would have known that her wish would come true in a way that she had never dreamt of? Follow Aelia along her journey towards her rightful fate, with an extraordinary Spiritual Aide, as she discovers her true self, face slapping those who underestimate her, and even finds herself in a political marriage with a shameless Crown Prince. What to expect in this novel: • Major face slapping by our cold FL • Moderate scheming by the bad guys • A sis-con brother • A grumpy yet adorable Firebird as FL's Spiritual Aide • A shameless crown prince who can't literally stay away from our FL • Less angst, more fluff What NOT to expect in this novel: • Rape • Extremely violent and gruesome scenes • Asshole ML • Major misunderstandings between the two leads that go on and on for many chapters ——————————————————————— Excerpt: Seeing the curious look on Aelia's face, Asher, who was leaning on the office desk smirked and suddenly stepped towards her. Aelia was flustered by the sudden proximity and quickly stepped back. Asher took another step towards her and Aelia retreated again. Soon, she was trapped between the wall and Asher. Seeing Asher's intense gaze on her face from such close proximity, Aelia's already flushed face turned even redder and her heart started thumping loudly in her chest. Asher put his right hand on the wall beside Aelia's head and leaned towards her. Aelia felt extremely nervous and she licked her dry lips. After gathering a little courage to meet his eyes, Aelia looked up to find Asher's darkened gaze on her lips. Aelia gulped and asked nervously, "W-what are you doing?" Asher's only wish then was to devour her lips and to completely possess his sweet angel. With enormous resolve, he restrained his blazing desire for his angel and instead picked up a twirling lock of her golden hair. He put his lips on the strand of her hair and kissed it reverently while gazing back at Aelia. ——————————————————————— THE COVER PICTURE DOES NOT BELONG TO ME. IT'S TAKEN FROM [https://pin.it/1xYg1YK] Update schedule: 1-2 chs per day (usually)


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