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VOL 1 VAMPIRES BRIDE A princess, Diana is forced by her evil step mother to marry a vampire Lord, the king of Darca in exchange for more dark powers. Rumor had it that Torren the vampire lord kills his brides at most in three days of marriage. Diana has to try to live beyond the three days and things turn around when Torren is poisoned and she has to lead the people of Darca in order to protect their lands and life. How will she conquer the six kingdoms against Darca, she may have to seek help from Torrens kind. Will she conquer or be conquered? VOL 2 VAMPIRE WITHIN (MATURE CONTENT) The war with Luther is over, but there is an even bigger threat. The battle for Darca has just begun with a traitor in the court. Is it lord Torren's destiny to protect Darca or actually lady Diana's? Find out in VAMPIRE WITHIN sequel to vampires bride. VOL 3 VAMPIRES BRIDE REBORN Lady Diana is reborn and is ready... Cover Image from Pinterest.


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