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What is Unusual world

Unusual world is a popular web novel written by the author Loyalscum, covering EVIL MC, SMART AND RUTHLESS MC, REINCARNATED IN ANOTHER WORLD, CULTIVATION, ACTION, MYTHOLOGY, TRANSMIGATION, WEAK-TO-STRONG, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 602K readers with an average rating of 4.66/5 and 31 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 148 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


What is the truth? What is reality? Could the end actually be the beginning? In a world were ancient beings walk beside you, guard people against the uniqueness of the world and powerful creatures around them. While trying to obtain the truth of everything and reach the pinnacle of magic. They face new contenders that make there already harrowing world that much difficult and strange. Resulted from a battle of immense proportions against beings incomprehensible, as they clash the void shatters cracks are left all over souls from all across different worlds and dimensions are free once more. This is were our story beings this is the journey of a man who leads to the spread of uncertainty. Disclaimer: I don't own the image provided.


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Hi guys author here just wanted to let you know that i am working on 2 books at the same time whitch is very stupid of me considering im an ******* writer but you know YOLO. I just really that his second on would be an intresting and uneque take on an over saturated plaid out idea were people put little effort into making it uneque. Ill update once every other day sunday and monday less likly to update. Plz leve comments and check out other book just started publishing 3 days ago. So not much but it the other book as a uneque direction i see no one else taking so be patient and keep visiting.


I love the way its written. Author has a way of immersing you into the story... Language is good. There is no grammatical errors. But can actually capitalise the 'I' in there... it doesn't make a diff but its just pleasing to eyes I guess.. Anyways keep up the good work. You have the ability to make people imagine exactly what you want them to.


Ok here is my review: this story is well writin, the characture( specifically) the main one-is very relatable. Very well fleshed out- as you feel like your trying to survive with him. I love that he comes up with all these ways to survive with the things and abilities and tricker pies he had available. Uploads are consistent but it's never enough for me because the story is so fun to read-but it's all good. All around super story telling -very ruthless world-love the different relationships the main character has made.


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How this has got so many 4-5 stars is shocking. The main character is completely useless. After 100 chapters he is still the same sniveling idiot coward that he started out as.


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So here goes my review: I like how the way the prologue was made. The Author definitely had a good grasp on English, although there is some typo here and there but who was free from it? The premise of the story is interesting and unique. Although for me, I prefer a shorter paragraph. Yeah, definitely recommend this novel to be read.


I don't really even right reviews, but here goes. This is one of my favorite books in the whole site, which is saying something because I read alot of books. It has an amazing world building, Great characters, and it's very well written. There are some small gramatical errors, but the writing quality is still very easy to understand. The character develpment is slow but steady and doesn't seem forced. The only thing I could complain about is that the MC isn't overpowered enough. The fact that I like the overpowered MC but still read this book even though it doesn't have one just proves the books quality. I would rate this very highly and recommend that it should be read.


The writing it self isn't that bad but it constantly switches between first and third person, quotation marks are often missing and it is impossible to tell when someone is thinking something or saying it aloud or when sentences are a character's thoughts or the narrator's. There is a few grammar mistakes as well that make it very jarring to read.


This web is great for many reasons such at this time there is 26 chapters When you make a evil MC it is evil a reason and will stop anything to get and will be swayed by love, friends ect Two it magic system is great Three over all just give it a read Four the author replays when you say something


Hey there! Here are some web novel recommendations for whom share the same taste with me. If you like this story, my recommendations are worth a try! https://docs.google.com/document/d/19R5KkqHOOHSMDkF4fHscVmxWcYGh0OntYsv8NglzsQo/edit?usp=sharing


By far this is amazing and it deserves as much love as the author gave this. The MC is completely tortured by the world and it seems as if everything is against him. You feel bad for him and everyone feels so real and besides how beautiful the world is it's completely crazy.


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Hi there really like your story. It's well written it's well developed and really like the main character he's not like other novel's were mc is just stupid and gets his powers out of nowhere. Well that's my review keep up the good work.


This novel has tonnes of potential. First of all it's the entire grind. You, as the reader will not only be going through step-by-step of the MC's rise to power, but also about how his journey affect him as a person. Every incident changes a part of him, he doesn't stay the same. That's something I really like about this novel, the characterisation when it comes to the protagonist is on-point! Hmm, as for vibes I'd say it's close enough to Warlock of the Magus World. General world building is same too, but the author takes his own creative license on it, making it unique in several others. Maybe consider it as WMW with a dash of D&D and Warhammer. Best of all, the author has promised us a truly evil MC. I'm looking forward to following the author all the way until the MC is swallowing entire worlds for power!


Loving this book as of chapter 39. I find it pretty unbelievable that it only has 184k viewers as of now. This story is worth reading. Ironically, I started reading this book because it had the "overpowered" tag, but this MC starts from just about the lowest point I've ever seen. I'm glad the author wrote it that way though. We get to see what the MC goes through which will affect what kind of person he becomes. If you're wondering whether to read this book or not, I'd definitely suggest you give it a shot.


It'll really be nice if you don't justify his evilness and for there not to be a lot of character building. Fictitious u uh uninhibited oni 8n uh I'm


Honestly enjoying this book. The mc’s life is really good. Going from fear to mad to normal(sometimes sounds naive). But it’s fun watching him grow. Just hope the book doesn’t get dropped.


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