The Ultimate Transmigration {Completed}
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The Ultimate Transmigration {Completed}


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What is The Ultimate Transmigration {Completed}

The Ultimate Transmigration {Completed} is a popular web novel written by the author SomeSpookyGuy, covering OP, SYSTEM, ANIME, WORLD TRAVEL, NARUTO, TRANSMIGATION, COMEDY, HUNTER X HUNTER, MY HERO ACADEMIA, 7 DEADLY SINS, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 1.5M readers with an average rating of 3.38/5 and 39 reviews. The novel is completed and can be read all 82 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Before you read this fanfic, Ill just say this is a wish-fulfilment kind of fanfic. It’s absolute garbage, so if you don’t like it, just leave. I dont have time for hate comments or reviews. Ren is an average teen that died from drowning in water when the bus driver fell asleep and drove towards the water. He wakes up in a white, plain room with a table and 2 chairs. He finds god and gets to get 2 wishes from the positive karma he got from donating to the poor, helping the homeless and helping the sick. Watch Ren travel to all sorts of different anime and novels. Anything I use in my story is not mine besides my character. Also, the cover is not mine. Heavily inspired from against the gods with an anime system, Traversing the Anime Multiverse with a System, a Saiyan from the multiverse, and a few others. I recommend to check them out. Warning - If you don’t like the M.C being op, I recommend you drop this novel. You have been warned.

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it is almost the same as Traversing the Anime Multiverse with a System Here the name is Ren and at the other one SoRen..... .... .... ....😑😑😑😑 😑😑😑😑 😑😑😑😑 😑😑😑😑


Reveal spoiler


Well its good,not too shabby but good Just kidding,Its awesome I hope that it doesn't get dropped There are a lot of good books that get dropped these days PLS DON'T DROP IT


Why does your title look like Killua is flossing? Plus it's Rinnegan not Rennegan.


I really cant read this unrealistic **** any further 1 and a half year old kids are walking and talking like some normal adults right. I recomend not to read this if you dont want to lose your braincells. My opinion well your free to give it a shot.


I tried reading but I'm sorry I just quit for a while I came back to see more development but it just got worse it started and but somehow degraded by chapter this is my personal opinion it has so many plot holes and parts that make no sense I'm sorry if this hurts you but it's the honest truth I hope your writing style can improve I'm sorry but I can't be bothered to care for or read this anymore now good day


I like the OP mc.


This story is a mess. 1/3 of the story is the MC reviewing his stats. 1/3 of the story is the MC training on his own and talking to his system. 1/3 of the story is actual plot. The grammar is not great but the writing style of the author can get annoying. Sometimes its written in the style of a script sometimes its proper English. Every time a “wish” comes up, please pay no attention to the amount of wishes. 1 wish can easily turn into 3 on a whim with random extras thrown in. Time skips. They are pretty random. Some time skips are for power ups, some are to skip until interesting plot points and some I feel is just because the author loses interest at the current plot point and skips the events. The OP MC is somehow no OP. Even after getting tons of god like powers for other universes, his in system ranking system doesn’t put him at the top. The MC has beyond Super Saiyan Blue form which would put anyone at the top of 99% of the universes out there but for some reason he’s not and there’s no explanation. The system, oh god the system. It seems to change every few chapters. The author could get away with this if there was some kind of unlocking function but there’s not. Different functions just gets added in at random times like the ability to merge skills/bloodlines/powers and a skill point system after 20 chapters while the MC was rearranging his stats screen. As a summary, if you are still interested then go ahead and read this story. Note: review at chapter 58


You know why your novel doesn't be a populer novel? Look at your novel. .. A good concept but ruined by yourself .. .. Already op but MC always choose rebirth than transmigration .. .. .. Always follow the plot there. .. .doesn't want to do anything in anime world ..........this novel is really have a good concept but ruined to trash by your Fucking self!!!!!


It is interestin in the beginning but gets boring over time.................................................................................


Novel idea is good but poorly executed. Common!!!! A child under 2 year old doing assassination job?? Be realistic to the anime norm here!! Also the status contradictory is too much!! Fighting Hisoka and barely winning but his leader board and status is way stronger?! Then saying he is 12 years old and next few paragraphs having status showing that he is 6.5 years old? And then after waking up from fight with Hisoka at the hunter exam status and leaderboard shows he’s even stronger than Netero?? Like wtf??? Too much inconsistent here. Author needs to review and rewrite.


Is gud I hope you don't drop this because so far it's been fun to read....,.,.,.,.,.,..,.,.,,.,..,,.,.,,.,..,,..,.,,.,.,..,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.


Boring as fck. Boring as fck. Boring as fck. Boring as fck. Boring as fck. Boring as fck. Boring as fck. Boring as fck. Boring as fck. Boring as fck. Boring as fck. Boring as fck. Boring as fck. Boring as fck. Boring as fck. Boring as fck.


Overall pretty good novel so far so good. Grammar better from most of the novels here also if you are a fan of the books author mentioned in the discription you will like this




Aku tidak tau apa yang difikirkan penulis, MC benar benar idiot, dengan latar belakang yang baik dan sistem yang baik, Tapi dengan karakter MC yang buruk dan Kesombonganya Hanya merusak pengembangan cerita yang harusnya lebih baik, Seperti telalau tergesa gesa dalam sebuah cerita, setidaknya tambahkan 1 atau 2 wanita itu akan lebih baik, agar lebih bisa menikamati setiap latar belakang cerita, daripada tergesa gesa menjadi kuat tanpa tujuan.




this is one of the best books ive read the book was exiding fun funny and over all it had lots of anime in my opinion in gets a 1000 out of 1000


Well I'm reading this when it's already completed and so stability of updates is pretty much irrelevant. anyways this story doesn't have much world building, it does have a little to provide context and etc but other than that none that I can really recall. Story was indulgent in a good way... hard to explain but essentially story revolves around mc as he literally is a god among man. not sure about character design as he is sorta briefly described. but would be real cool if someone were to draw him out with all his abilities (at least the visually cool ones). Anyways enjoyed the story personally.


...........very fast paced and no story and character development the story is not too shabby itself but the grammars bruh overall the story sucks


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