3 Being born... Again?

4 hours ago..

[Hey Alfred, when will I be born?] Said Ren

[You will be born in 4 hours, while killua, your twin, will be born in 3 hours and 58 minutes, making him older than you by 2 minutes.] Replied Alfred

[Hmm, ok. Before I get born, can you inprint the info about the inner world and Saiki k's powers?] Said Ray

[Ok] Replied Alfred







[Done.] Alfred

[Ok, can you now put me to sleep until right before my birth?] Said Ren

[Ok, tal-err, i mean, see you later.]

And like that the novel en- *cough cough* and like that, Ren sleeps until suddenly.. *BAMM*

[ARGH, who hit me!!] thought a slightly angered Ren.

'Anyways, I should find out how much time has passed.' Thought Ren while saying:

[How long until my birth, Alfred?]

[3 hours and 59 minutes, Ren.] says Alfred, barely containing his laughter.

[...] Ren

[...] Alfred

[Could you put me to sleep again Alfred?] Says ren, calming down slowly.

[Ok, nice tal- thinking with you.] says Alfred, while thinking 'How many errors am i going to have today?'

[Wait wha-] says Ren, but before he could finish, he fell asleep, never to remember this ever again.

Short time skip

'URGH, why do I feel like I'm covered in blood, plus i feel pain at my legs.' Thought Ren, as he asked Alfred:

[Whats the pain about Alfred?] says a slightly lazy Ren

[You are being born. There was a miscalculation before, and ended up waking you up now.] Replies Alfred.

And just like that, our beloved Main Character is born.. again.

While Ren was thinking about the torture that he has to be prepared about, he hears a few interesting things.

[Hey, kikyo, you can name the younger one, ill name the older one.] Says the person that appears to be Rens and killuas dad, Silva

[Ok, I will name the younger one Ren Zoldyck. What will you name the older one?] said what appeared to be killuas and rens mom, Kikyo.

[He will be named killua. Killua Zoldyck.] says Silva

And just like that, a year and a half passes, in the blink if an eye. Currently, we can see- err, imagine 2 little, small gir-boys walking down a hall way talking to each other. Yes, you guessed it, it was Killua and Ren.

[Hey Kill, what do you think dad wants from us?] Says Ren, slightly interested in what their father called them.

[Proberly to get our first mission, we aleardy mastered most of the family moves, so we will properly get our first mission.] says Killua.

Ren then says [HEY, HEY, wanna get some ice cream on the way back?]

[Sure, why not. But lets go in first and get our supposed mission.] says Killua, slightly excited.

And that they do as they open their fathers office door and walk in.

[Now, Killua and Ren, I am going to give you your first mission.] Says Silva, handing 1 sheet to the each of them.

[Now go.] Says Silva.

On the way, walking in the hallway, Ren suddenly got an idea.

[Hey, Kill, whoever gets to the ice-cream shop first gets free ice-cream, ok?] Says Ren

[Ok. When we are done, let's meet up at xxxx xxxxx xxxx] Says Killua

[Ready, set, go!!] says both Killua and Ren at the same time.

A couple of minutes later, we see a kid, observing a house that is tightly secured, trying to find a way in.

'Ok, lets see.. AH, found a way in.' Thought Ren, as he found a slightly opened window. Going in, he quickly goes to find the target and kills him. Quickly leaving, he decides to ask Alfred something.

[Hey, Alfred, how come I don't feel anything from killing someone?] Ren

[Ren, you have a few skills that you have gained throughout these past 1 and a half years.] says Alfred

[Oh, ok, open them.]


Killers instincts - Passive

Never show emotion when doing killing, suicide, or other acts that evolve life and death.

Phantom steps - Active

When moving in a creation rhythm, the user makes phantoms. This is an essential skill for assassins.

Elemental resistance - Passive

Like the name says, gives resistance towards the basic elements.

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Poison resistance - Passive

Gives resistance to poison.

Physical resistance - Passive

Takes away some of the pain that the user has.

Dagger mastery - Passive

Helps is controlling daggers.

Throwing mastery - Passive

Helps in throwing small objects like knifes, rocks, etc..

[Wow..] Said Ren, feeling slightly overwhelmed.

but just as he was about to rejoice, he suddenly remembered something.

[NOOOOO, I NEED TO HURRY UP, ALFRED, SHOW ME THE WAY TO xxxx xxxxx xxxx QUICKLY!!] said Ren, panicking because of having to buy ice-cream.

And just like that, Ren finally fell down cliff-kun. Jk, cliff kun kidnapped me then sneezed on me.

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