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The midnight musician


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Trapped in a cultivation world amidst immortal wannabes and spiritual beasts, all because of one stupid book that Liu Fu Jie didn’t even want. Liu Fu Jie, a.k.a., The Great Mo, is a world-famous pro-gamer who has achieved all his dreams. All he wants now is a particular gear he had fallen in love with. The crimson gear that he thought he would finally be able to get after winning the super-sky event but instead of giving him the gear he wanted, the gaming company sent him a book...? A stupid book about a man called Bai Ling...? What the hell is wrong with this game?! What the hell is wrong with this book?! And... Why the hell am I hanging down from a tree?! Cultivation || Adventure || Potty-mouth MC || Character development || Suspense || Mystery || Story-focused || Bromance || Politics || Not a pure hero || Story by: Cherlyswan Cover art by: Cherlyswan


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