Divine Physician, Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor, Your Wife Has Fled Again!
novel - Fantasy Romance

Divine Physician, Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor, Your Wife Has Fled Again!

Xiao Qi Ye

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What is Divine Physician, Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor, Your Wife Has Fled Again!

Read Divine Physician, Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor, Your Wife Has Fled Again! novel written by the author Xiao Qi Ye on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Feng Ruqing was a spoiled princess with a hideous countenance in Liu Yun Kingdom. She used to ride roughshod over anyone who stood in her way, backed by her father the emperor who loved her with all his heart. Not only did she force the chancellor's son to marry her by breaking the existing loving couple up, but her mother-in-law had also passed out from rage because of her. In the end, she took her own life after the heartbreak and humiliation of being dumped. When she opened her eyes again, she was no longer the bratty princess who was a good-for-nothing. * * * Rumor has it that spirit beasts have become servants in princess’ manor and the princess is devouring precious spirit herb dishes every day. Rumor has it that the chancellor’s son who pleaded for reconciliation after divorcing the princess was thrown out of the princess’s manor. Rumor has it that some good-looking young masters went to the princess’s manor in hope of being her servants were nearly killed by the state preceptor. Rumor has it that the charming state preceptor was looking for the princess eagerly as he wanted to hold her responsible for sleeping with him.

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Rumours has it that this book is one of a kind so I'm quite looking forward to reading it 😉☺️. Novels with strong FL has always been my cup of tea. Let's see how this one goes huh ✌.


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Wahhh.... It came!! It came!!😍😍 Hope they can release like 500 chappies at once..hahaha 😂😂 The synopsis makes it seem interesting. I wanna read a lot of chappy now.😆😆 😎😎


Nice story line and the climaxes per episode creates unusual events which include unpredictable moments The story creates therefore more and more story line to be read with gusto and interesting that you could not cease reading and desiring to move on and on... More importantly it is a readable story which we could relate our lives


OK I know I might sound annoying or wat not but pls webnovel we need female leads in SciFi, real fantasy,historical,horror and action. Not only romance, fantasy romance,SciFi romance,historical romance. I'm really tired of seeing almost every female lead have romance tagged to their name here. Its always romance wtf. Not everyone likes DAT genre pls be diverse I want to see real badass chicks. Not girls DAT become strong after being cheated on or being killed by a loved one or in fact girls DAT have strong personality but after meeting the ml becomes weak and dependent on him. I'm tired of seeing clichés. Any who I'm sure this novel might be gr8 but it seems its going to ave the same format. I'm still giving it 4 stars 4 the translator and author's sake. But pls we also need female leads in pure action,horror,fantasy,scifiand historical. Pls


So far it's good. Sounds interesting. Can't wait for her to develop her skills and meet ML. but I hate it when it's implying fat is ugly. Fat isn't ugly. Plz don't support Bodyshaming through this.


Hey this is very interesting. One of the few novels that makes me want for many more chapter!! I like how the female lead starts as a fatty princesa hahaha oh and how her imperial father dote on her xD Hoping for more chapters!! Is there someone who knows where i can find the raws?


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Yes..its finally here Based.from the chapters I've read ,the plot is quite interesting. FL have a strong character,repentant of her mistakes ans is clearly looking to betterment of her character. Cant wait for more interaction with the ML/ state preceptor..


Beautiful story. Nice choice of diction. It's not easy to put up such suspense and in the end, wow every body. I must commend this writer. Kudos


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I usually love this author’s novels but they drag the story on for waaaaaaaay to long. I guess that common for most web novels and all but still. I like that this one is a bit different since she has a less “ruthless” personality so far. It gets tiring reading the headstrong fl novels where they go offend me and I’ll hurt you 1000x more and when the villain cannon fodder uses the stupidest reasons to be enemies with the fl. I hope this one won’t go too far with these stuff but so far it’s decent.


The face slapping on this novel and level of Lols is just epic. The villian becomes a hero and she disciplines her enemies. And her lust for handsome men is just questionable🤣🤣🤣


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Satisfying!!! This kind of FL really suit my taste... Her character development is great.. (until 136chapters).. I'm a bit impatient to read how everyone react once she fully shed all her fat!! Sleeping with state perceptor?? Will it happen soon??? Will it be a reverse harem???? Ahhh... I really can't wait to see more of this story unfolded about our princess...


Strong female lead? I'm in! Thanks for translating the novel, chapters are a bit shorty ngl but the story is advancing pretty quickly, which is nice. I'm laughing/crying at how shameless the FL is but hey~ don't blame her, eheheh. From what I'm reading, ML's pretty handsome >~< - Anyways, keep up the great work :)


I really love the author's other books and finding this book was exciting for me. I love the characters a d world background and the cultivation style. I appreciate the translator's hardwork and effort to bring us chapters everyday. Looking forward to what happens next


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I’m excited to read this book, it sounds promising 🤦‍♀️👍🤦‍♀️😒💪😂😝😏🤪🙃🤪🤣😂😉😗☺️😜🤣🧐🤣🤨🤣🤓☺️😉😛😉😛😉😉🤨🙃🤣🤓😉😛🤣😋😝🤣☺️😗☺️😝☺️😝☺️☺️🧐😉🤨🤨🤣☺️😝☺️😉😝😛


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