Tale of the Unknown Daughter of the Demon King Book

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Tale of the Unknown Daughter of the Demon King


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Myrene reincarnated as Fourteen, the unknown daughter and part of the villainous family of the demon lord of the novel,  Chaos Arise. A novel she once read in her previous life. In order for her and her newfound loved ones to survive, she would need to follow the demon lord's evil ways. Will she comforms? Or fight back against her fate? ---- During the tragic earthquake that struck their nation, Myrene Villaforte died while saving the mother of a young girl. God was pleased with her acts and told her that she may choose the place where she would be reincarnated as a gift. And she wished to be reincarnated in a world where either of her past life parents had also been reincarnated. But what awaited her there was a far worse life than she could have imagined. ---- Word count: 1000-2000 words per chapter. Update Schedule: No particular date set yet. It may change in the future or if some unexpected events occur. Author Notes: 1. English is not my first language, so please tell me if there will be grammar errors. 2. The story might be slow or fast depending on each arc. 3. All constructive criticisms and reviews are welcome! 4. This is my second account, if you find this story to your liking you may check my other story Voyage of the Villainess. 5. All the best to the story and have fun reading.


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