Sin of Kin Book

novel - Fantasy

Sin of Kin


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  • 119 Chs

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Is it Sin that makes one a sinner? Or is it Kin that makes one a sinner? Many say we are born innocent and untainted, and yet in Sin we are all related to one another. For we are one Kin, and with this Sin we share that we are born with. And even a certain doctrine holds that one's Kin, through the fact of birth, inherit a tainted nature with a proclivity to sinful conduct in need of regeneration… "I was brought forth in iniquity, and in Sin did my Mother conceive me." …or so the doctrine says, "We are all born sinners because of Kin that brings us together." …and so we think: we are born with Sin inherited from our Kin, But, should that hold us back from acting with virtue? No, we should not hold back, even when Sin entered the world through one Kin, and Death through Sin, and in this way, Death came to all beings, because all sinned, But even so, we all have freedom to be a being we want when we embrace Death, To be a fraudulent Human, To be a violent Angel, To be a benevolent Devil, And what one wants to be, neither "Sin" nor "Kin" should define what "Self" one is going to be, let "Journey" instead that defines one "Self"

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