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What is Seen Zone Z

Seen Zone Z is a popular web novel written by the author Aeipathy_02, covering APOCALYPSE, ROMANCE, ZOMBIEAPOCALYPSE, STRONGFEMALELEAD, SURVIVAL, MYSTERY, TRAGEDY, MODERN, GENETICMODIFICATIONS, SUPERNATURALS, Sci-fi Romance genres. It's viewed by 33.1K readers with an average rating of 4.69/5 and 50 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 41 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"I love you" doesn't always mean "I'll stay." But I really wish I could stay with you forever. {February 13, 11:59 pm} Lucas: It's all my fault. I'm so sorry. Remember that I will always love you my moonshine. {Sunday, 6:00 am} Erin: What are you speaking hon? Sorry, I fell asleep. Why didn't you come home? Seen Erin: Hon? Seen Erin: Why are you not replying? Seen Erin: Please say something. Is it due to work? Or something else? Erin: I'll get back. I heard some loud noise outside the house. You better have replied and explained things when I'm back. Seen ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- During the night before Valentines', Luke Maygram sent a mysterious message to Erin Beverly. The next day the world turned upside down as a break out of zombies changed everything. Left with the only text she got from her fiance and the mysterious 'seen' in her every message, she decided to look for him. But will she able to make it and see Lucas again? when the world becomes a living hell? Will love still conquers everything on end? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction. All the names and places you might find similar are purely coincidental. All rights reserved. A/N: This story is made by me, Lala_sanara, and my co-author and friend Ysaa. We are still newbies in the world of everything. So every vote, comment, and review would greatly help us. You could join our discord server here for a more engaging talk with us: https://discord.gg/u8eTaFnqjX

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Wow, both a chilling start, and very sad, I am touched. The writing is good quality, and the overall story has a good element of suspense and intrigue that made me want to keep reading on. A few occasional grammatical errors but overall, a really good read! Nice work author!


Reveal spoiler


It touched me deep.It was very sad😭😭. Very brave of you to write about such a sensitive subject. Well done and keep going. It has potential dont give up.


After reading for a while, I observed that the author improved with his writings. It was difficult at first but you will get the hang of it in the future. With few edits and finishing touches, this will improve in terms of quality! I gotta say I'm inpressed with the author's growth! What a nice feeling of your brethren improving!


It is a really good story with interesting characters. While there are a few grammatical errors, the story itself managed to draw me in. Improving your grasp of the language comes with practice, but having a good story and concept aren't that easy. This story has the potential to become a great one. Keep up the good work.


The story is quite intriguing and the progression is good. Writing quality seems to be getting better by the chapters and I find myself wanting to know more about the events that enfolds. Overall though, I'd advise author to keep up the pace and also edit the previous chapters as you progress


After reading a couple of chapters of this book I consider you say that it has a good overall tone and the author really pays attention to the details and progression of the story. There's still some room for growth but so far from what I've seen it's looking good .


Plenty of ideas on that book, and I honestly thing that there's room to develop them more. We want to live with the characters, fear and tremble with them, be happy with them. Those four chapters could be, in my opinion, at least 10. There's so much to say about it !




Great story, please keep up a good work Author. Great Great Great Great Great... Wish u to achieve what ever you striving for. The potential is not limited:)


Overall was a solid story, I would mention that some words are repeated and the descriptions are a little weak. Also more adjectives could be used in the story to draw the reader into the story more. World background so far is a little incomplete but it could just be that way for the mystery. Looks good overall, keep up the good work :)


A Science Romance that in its first 5 chapters already has 2,228 Views. What the author raises. Author: Aeipathy_02, in Seen Zone Z, in genre. Sci-fi Romance. The synopsis has this romantic premise: "I love you" doesn't always mean "I'll stay." The family routine changes from one moment to the next, even in the notions of the reality of the children, some say they robbed us, others it is a kidnapping. Being sold over and over again, they arrive in fields where they will work as farmers, with uninhabitable places to sleep. A harsh reality, mentionable as science fiction to digest the reading, if I encourage to cry or reproach fate.


This novel is awesome! I have been already hooked up with the beginning of this novel. The plot is also exciting and entertaining. Can't wait for more chapters! I would recommend you to give this novel a try, it is definitely worth it! Good Job, Author.


Interesting plot, and it's very addicting to read. I love the book so far and I hope the author keeps up the great work! I'm glad I got here in the early stages of this story because I know it'll be famous in the fututre


From just 4 chapters, it's hard to determine where the story is going, but so far, it was easy to understand, and I think the novel definitely has potential. Keep up the good work!


I was wondering why "Seen Zone Z". It synopsis does explain that the world they're living in, turns hellish when Erin received a message from her fiance. A journey in where all reader will be curious whether love still able to conquer all or not? Follow the story to found it out


Good work. It's easy to follow and to imagine what's going on. Maybe the romance thing happens too fast but this is only the beginning of the story. This will turn well with the time of course.


Well....I was hooked when I read the synopsis. It was something new, mysterious and made me curious. Then, I started reading. The story development is too good. Lucas and Erin.....aww so sweet💖😍 Loved how they met, how they escaped, how they remained together and how they became engaged. I would love to know more about them. Now let's get into what puts me off about this book: language. Grammar is a mess. Hope u will proofread it soon. After all the book has just got started. The story has great potential. As soon as you fix the grammar, imo this book will be super✨👍


The story has a fascinating plot; writing quality gets better with each chapter. Doing great this is amazing!! keep it up!! Has a great concept, with more chapters I believe this book would be a very interesting read!




First of all, this is a great first piece of writing material, great imagination and took me straight into the scene with some descriptive world building. Very diverse with characters mentality who share the same situation which is good, very realistic. Author just needs a little more work with sticking in past tense or present. Keep up the good work! I'll look forward to your improvement and the rest of the series!


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