12 IRL - Mind your business

The sudden burst of anger from his little brother surprised Yona who blinked several times to be sure that the features depicting total anger were indeed those of Yohan's face. However, as always she decided to overlook it because she was used to him always giving in. After all, it was in his nature. He was too nice for his own good.

She smiled after a few glances around. They were still in the lobby of the company they hoped to get a partnership and an investment with, Yohan wouldn't risk making a scandal. He would undoubtedly calm down and follow them nicely.

Sure of her statement, Yona took a step forward toward him and reached for his shoulder, but the man avoided the gesture and stepped back, his features still twisted with anger. The smile that Yona displayed was struggling to remain intact and her eyes quickly scanned the expressions of the other members and the surroundings, as she took another step forward. However, she didn't try to touch him. She just lowered her voice so as not to draw attention to them.

"Yohan, we are still at work, shall I remind you that…"

"It's more up to me to remind you of your place and your role, Noona. You're CEO not a mere matchmaker in a seedy office so you should mind your business, or I should say our business. If you want me at this team dinner, tell your friend she doesn't belong here."

"But she's the owner's daughter, she'll be there because that's where she works. It would be rude to…"

"In that case, we don't have to dine at his restaurant, do we?"

The rest of the team was silent and watched the quarrel as an intense sports match where each opponent passed the ball to each other with no intention of giving up the point to the other.

Yohan's inner wolf was back on his feet and kept growling. This time, he wouldn't let it go. He was tired of being in the middle of his sisters' games and this situation where he accepted out of kindness to be treated like a racehorse good for breeding was now over. His fiery look challenged that of Yona who gulped but tried her last card anyway.

"I have already made the reservation. It's a very upscale restaurant with a two-week waiting list, canceled at the last minute…"

"It's strange that you're talking about booking when you came up with the idea just a few minutes ago. And you claim to do this for the team? From what I see, I can tell you have the intention from the beginning to impose your will without taking into account what the members want."

"That's not true!" Yona raised her voice as the atmosphere became tenser and tenser.

Seorin and Minji exchanged meaningful embarrassed looks and the woman knew she had to say something to defend herself. She had just joined the team and unlike them, she shared no background. They had all gone to the same university and they had been carrying the Salang World project together from the very beginning.

Yona was only a catapulted piece because of an opportunity and of course because of her bond with Yohan and also Seorin. Even if she was competent with her credentials and experience, nothing good would come out of an argument with the game's original creator and greatest associate. She bit her lip to find something to say because it was true that from the beginning she had intended to impose her idea to achieve her ends.

"If that's not true then you know that Minji-sunbae has an easily upset stomach and can stomach western food?"

"Ah!" exclaimed the concerned one flustered at being mentioned like that even though it was true. "Don't bother, I'll just go with the flow. Besides, it's a fusion restaurant so that should be fine right?"

She finished her sentence with an awkward laugh and Yona knew she couldn't win this battle. Yohan's gaze paused on her with a coldness she had never seen and she opened her mouth then closed it, unable to find a justification. As CEO, the team had to come first for her and despite everything, she wanted to impose the choice of a restaurant that was probably going to make one of their members sick. It was anything but leader-worthy.

Yohan's jaw clenched as he stared at his sister for a second and he uncrossed his arms that he had instinctively put in a defensive stance across his chest.

"You can have fun on your own. I'm going home for tonight."

This time it was Seorin who tried to stop him. The woman turned to him, a sorry look on her face.

"No, don't! It wouldn't be a team dinner without you, Yohan. You are the developer of Salang World and the original designer."

"Anyway, I had planned to go home early tonight. You know I pushed my limits and cut back on my sleep hours so that on be ready for today. Don't worry and have fun without me guys."

The man walked away despite the protests of his teammates without looking back once. Once on the sidewalk in front of the huge building, Yohan noticed two things.

The first is that their appointment had lasted a long time. Much more than he had imagined when he had stepped inside the huge air-conditioned room.

The chairman of Daehwa Technology was a busy man with no time to waste. This is what had been given to them as an explanation for the fact that their appointment, yet taken two months after their release, had been set up four months later. He did not expect their future investor to show such interest that he would keep them for two hours for questions after their presentation.

Night had now fallen and this brought Yohan back to his second observation. He had refused to have dinner with his colleagues but he was starving. He sighed and reached inside his suit pocket for his car keys and phone before pausing when the device's screen lit up.

Since his breakup with her ex-fiancé and because of the circumstances behind, his circle of friends had evolved. Even more than after the growing success of his game which was starting to be on everyone's lips and sticking on the top three trends on social networks with each new update.

There weren't many people left with whom Yohan didn't feel uncomfortable talking. Either he was pitied or he was invited on blind dates, but that was not all.

The worst were those who, delighted to be able to compete with him at least on the sentimental level, began to boast of their perfect love life and tried to give him advice. They made his inner wolf want to pour his beer or whatever beverage he was drinking at the moment on their head asking them what their problem was. Another sigh escaped him and he put his phone away.

Now, in addition to food, he wanted a drink. A bottle or more of soju would be more than welcome to help him recover from this hectic day.

He headed to the parking lot where he picked up his car and after researching interesting places in the area, he chose a bar that also served simple dishes and had a good rating, then started the engine.

Yohan pushed open the doors of the night establishment and walked to find a place without a care for the heads that turned in his path. The dim lighting and background music were pleasant and the man couldn't help but think that the notes about the setting he had seen online weren't lies.

He spotted an empty table and went to sit down before grabbing the menu of available dishes. He could have gone to the restaurant near his home where he used to, but he wanted a change for tonight.

The man was focused on his reading when someone placed several small appetizers on his table. He wanted to protest to say that he hadn't made his choice yet, but the smell of the haemul pajeon with shrimps made his inner wolf drool, despite being a big meat lover. He gulped at the appetizing sight of the perfectly cooked dish and looked up before freezing.

In front of him, with a beaming smile on his lips, was the stranger from the roof. Narumi's alleged boyfriend. Both him, his inner wolf, and his inner gentleman had the same word in mind.



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