Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System Book

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Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System


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Orphaned at the mere age of seven and thrown out on the streets with no place to go. Kana lived the life of a street rat. She did what she could to survive from digging through the trash and stealing what she could. But even after almost ten years of surviving, her life still ended short. Holding her head feeling slightly dizzy, her lips slowly curled up into a sinister-looking smile as she let out a laugh. "Maybe someone was listening to me after all! I do not know which god heard my last dying wish, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I, Nagano Kana, owe you a debt of gratitude." In a new world, reborn as a dragon, Kana will begin her new journey. She will experience many things along her path as she struggles to grow stronger to evolve and survive in this new world. "That's another one!" Kana spun around in a circle, put her left paw on her hip, and gave a V sign with her right claws while winking… It was a strange pose indeed. --- Updated Daily New Voting Goals And Golden Ticket Goals! Want more chapters per week!? Then vote and reach the goals! ***Voting Goals!**** 1000 Power Stones = 1 extra chapter a week! 1500 Power Stones = 2 extra chapters a week! 2000 Power Stones = 3 extra chapters a week! 2500 Power Stones = 4 extra chapters a week! 3000 Power Stones = 5 extra chapters a week! 4000 Power Stones = 6 extra chapters a week! 5000 Power Stones = 7 extra chapters a week! For each month we stay in the top 50 I will do 6 bonus chapters per month. 12 if both Power Stone and Golden Ticket are in the top 50. For each month we stay in the top 10 I will do 8 bonus chapters per month. 16 if both Power Stone and Golden Ticket are in the top 10. Huge thanks to my supporters: Grangel Cole Draconis0kelly Gapir58 Join my Discord! https://discord.gg/79yyJSD Show your support and buy me a coffee! https://ko-fi.com/invayne Follow on twitter: https://twitter.com/AuthorInvayne Follow on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/invayne/


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