Perverted Cultivation
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Perverted Cultivation


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What is Perverted Cultivation

Perverted Cultivation is a popular web novel written by the author Dao0fPerverts, covering R-18, SEX, PERVERTED PROTAGONIST, HAREM, CULTIVATION, PERVERTED MC, BEAUTIFUL CHARACTERS, Eastern Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 730.9K readers with an average rating of 4.61/5 and 22 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 69 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


The mixture of yin and yang is a union that cannot be underestimated to normal cultivators, or what some would call dual cultivation. However, in the Distaff Clan World that got overcome by Yin due to the extreme amount of females that dominated the planet, there came a time where men from a faraway place became needed to help balance out the world! Yun Che had been a medical student training to be a doctor when his girlfriend took his virginity on the night of the new moon. This special timing however happened to be a play, for an asteroid that approached once every hundred years had just started to pass their planet! In the morning, he woke up after indulging in the pleasures of celebrating his girlfriend's flesh only to find that his home had been somehow transported to the asteroid like a flaming missile! Even more perplexing is that he will now be forced to leave his world in order to make sure his dear Yun'er doesn't die to the wretches trying to overtake her planet! Come join Yun Che while he engages in using his wits, looks, and abilities to completely challenge the status quo on this all female's planet. However, if he fails, the worst that will happen is he'll be forced to make lots of babies with dozens of beautiful women. What's the worse that can happen with the invasion of the planet from the other forces around the strange cultivation star in their galaxy? A road of mystery and adventure awaits!


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What if all your wildest dreams came true?! Would you want a thousand women in your life to do whatever you commanded, and completely give up all what they hold dear just to spend their entire days pleasing you endlessly?! Well, that isn't exactly this story, after all, things like plots are necessary, however, some of it indeed will is definitely considered 'wish fulfillment.' If you want to enjoy the fruits of this author's labor, come check out what he wrote! And remember to support hardworking authors with things like power stones, and other gifts if you have a few to spare!


Good work keep it up————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————


Well, the novel still don't have a review so I put one. The story is great but i'm confuse of what is the realm of the cultivation and how carefree the mc is when someone threaten him taking his woman. But everything is good, keep up the good work bruh.


Your story premise is fine, world building and character development are okay except the main character. For someone who is super smart and a doctor he acts like a f*cking moron. I get his desire to be doctor n such but he doesn't seem to be adapting or more like he is deluding himself and be willfully ignorant, it makes it hard to read the story. And what happened in the cube with the girl, the cube gave him info about what he could do to d girl n d potential negative effects 4 her and being a doctor he still couldn't get himself under control... I mean seriously?! With all d harping he's done about his dream of being a doctor n d reason he gave why, one would think he would have more self control...smh. Anyways good story but cos of d mc I doubt I'll be able to continue reading


Reveal spoiler


This book has alot of potential and is professionaly writen. The grammar is superb, I would recommend this book. I am supprised more people haven't read this masterfully written book.


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Dropping a 10th review so those beautiful stars can show up next to the story. Please feel to enjoy the story, and thanks for any kind words, comments, and appreciations.


Reveal spoiler


5 stars for the synopsis alone. *huhuhu*


I dunno how should I say this...the concept of your story is really something new that I've read.I've read upto chapter 6 so far. The story is great...u've given a decent info about the world background and cultivation too in a sense I guess but it just seems kinda bland to me I don't know why! The mentality of MC seems kinda weird to me (in my opinion atleast) one moment he is feeling betrayed and tries to deny the whole thing and in the next he is determined to be the best all of a sudden, and it's not bad but it did feel strange. All in all its a good story with potential I think, u have good chapter length and great grammar. So keep up the good work man. Cheers!


This is a great story. Keep it up! P.S > How do you come up with eastern names? I'm trying to figure out names for my novel. Thank you.


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Really great novel. it's hard to come by this type work. Author you should keep writing. I wish web novel promote new authors a little. But, I believe readers will find it and move it upwards. To Author: please post at least 1 chapter a week or people will think it's inactive.




Love the story hope to see more would be great if you added more to the story I can’t wait to see what happens next hope you don’t drop this book it has a really good plot to it and would love to see how powerful the Mac gets




In short this novel is confusing! And MC is an Idiot not a genius!In short this novel is confusing! And MC is an Idiot not a genius!In short this novel is confusing! And MC is an Idiot not a genius!In short this novel is confusing! And MC is an Idiot not a genius!In short this novel is confusing! And MC is an Idiot not a genius!In short this novel is confusing! And MC is an Idiot not a genius!


This book has great potential and I love the story so far the development of the story is great hope it isn’t dropped like other books or is just forgotten


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