1 Chapter One

Maxine's Point of View

I am here walking and running so that I can escape and run away from my home. I don't want to see them anymore, they lied to me! I thought they're my real parents and sisters but it's not. I was adopted since I was 3 years old, I wouldn't know if I didn't heard them talking about the past. It hurts, knowing that they hid the truth from me in 16 years! No wonder why they treat me as their pet. Arg!

I'm crying while I'm running. I can't stop my tears from falling. Where do I go now? I don't know who is my real parents, I don't know their names nor where they lived. I am alone now.. I am alone. I hope I dump into someone related to me so that I can find my real family. I want to know who and where they are, I want to hug them and feel what is the feeling to be loved by your parents, that I have never experienced.

Wait, where am I? I don't know this place, am I lost? Oh my ghad, I'm lost!

I saw a bench not far from me, I walked toward there and sit, I look around then I cry again. Cry and cry until there's no tears falling down from my eyes. Oh, its raining. What a great day! I don't have money with me, even clothes to wear. I'm such an idiot, how did I forget about the important things. Arg, should I go back and get money, clothes and foods? No! I'm better off dead than to go home and see those liars.

I am homeless now. I don't have any friends here.. Yooown, I'm sleepy. My eyes are getting heavy I think it is because of earlier, I cried too much that makes my eyes swollen. The rain is getting heavy and heavy that makes me wet! Arg it's cold. Where can I find shelter here? Wooh, I hugged my self because of the cold I am feeling right now. I have to find a shelter before go to sleep.. I stand and when I am about to walk, I fell down. Damn.

Gosh, I feel weak. I forgot that I didn't eat before run away. Damn. Now, I'm hopeless! Please, someone please help me...

Harold's Point of View

Oh, the rain is getting heavy and heavy. I was driving back to the mansion when the heavy rain falls down that cause traffic on the road. It's already 7 pm and I'm still here because of the traffic. I will visit my grandsons today, I missed those idiotic guys. I left my work at 5 pm but now is 7 pm I still can't get home due to traffic accompanied by heavy rain. My goodness.

I set the radio on to comfort my self from being bored, I also look out of the window while listening to music until my eyes caught a woman lying down and sleeping on a bench. What the heck is she doing there? Is she not feeling cold? She was already wet because of the rain. Should I wake her up? But what if the traffic went up and the car infront of me slip forward? Arg, I don't mind it's better to help someone.

I got off to the car and went to the women's place.

"Miss" I shaken her shoulder but she didn't wake up. So, I did it again in.

"Hey, Miss" I did it three times but she still doesn't wake up.

I repeat it again but nothing happened so I decide to carry her and put her inside of my car. I sat her beside me so I can checked her everytime, I grabbed her seatbelt before coming in. I will take her to the Mansion first, she may need a medicine. I think she's not feeling well, I feel her body a while ago, it feels hot. You got it, she's sick. Ghad, what happen to this girl? Is she run away from their home? Where's the parents of this girl? Are they not looking for they child? What might happen to this girl if I'm not the one who find her?

I looked at her face and I saw her angelic face. She has an angelic face! I didn't recognize it earlier. I'm sure that my grandsons will be shocked if they see me carrying a young girl, later. They might even think that girl beside me was my girlfriend, and if they think that I will punch their faces, how could they think of me like that! I'm already in mid 50's how can I find a girlfriend from this age? And I couldn't ever think of having a wife or girlfriend again since the death of my wife. Oh damn, I missed her.

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