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One Piece: Path to Power


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Rework in progress. If you see any other work with the same title, it is STOLEN! ---------------- His family, his home, his future; it was all robbed by those with power and authority. The Law was against him, the World was against him. So he decided to take matters into his own hands. Now reborn in the One Piece World before the Age of Pirates, a World teeming with corruption and injustice. Damien must find a reason, a reason to continue. A reason to live. Will his past repeat itself? Will he finally give up once and for all? Or will he grit his teeth and reach for the impossible? Join him as he goes against all odds in the world of pirates, marines, and revolutionaries, sailing on the Path to Power! ------------ All pics and even other fic details here: https://discord.gg/aJHHHPvb6q There is a Patreon open by a clown who was copying my work, claiming that he has 200+ chapters on it. This is absolutely FALSE, do not pay anything for it as there is NOTHING beyond chapter 119 as of now. 


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