My Omni-Ability System in a Parallel World Book

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My Omni-Ability System in a Parallel World


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I'll be rewriting this book all over. There are lots of mistakes in it. The next few chapters that I'll be uploading is to complete the plot I made for the new story. Please ignore this book and check out my second book. Xin, a sixteen year old kid who is the rightful heir to the throne of Erica kingdom, faced an unexpected predicament as he was on his way to save his father and mother, who were the king and queen respectively, from being killed by his father's cousin. On his way to rescue his father and mother, Xin discovered that he had been transported to a parallel world where abilities were being used and a world crisis of alien invasion was occuring presently in their world. Xin is a smart genius who spends all of his time proving formulas and theories that scientists of the past had discovered. Of all discoveries, he tend to love the discovery of a parallel world and he had read millions of books that proves the existence of parallel worlds. But what surprised him was that his parallel self whose name is also Xin, used to exist in the parallel world he's in, but scientifically, he also might have been transported to Xin's world. The 'Xin' was said to have been in a month Coma but upon seeing the real Xin, everyone thought that 'Xin' had woken from Coma. And Xin had no other option but to pretend to be the previous 'Xin'. But there's a war going on in this world, A war between Aliens and Humans. And every human had been told to learn an ability inorder to win against the savaging beasts. Surprisingly, Xin got a system which was activated by the Omnitrix (a watch created by his father and said to be able to store different types of abilities), and with this system, Xin would learn how to control many types of abilities, and the tide of war would shift in favour of all humans. But still, there is an enemy that Xin had to defeat. That is his father's cousin, the controller of time and worlds.